• OnlyFans Creators You Should Be Following October 2021

OnlyFans Creators You Should Be Following October 2021

Thanks to our platform, content creators and influencers from all industries have the power to monetise their talents and passions on OnlyFans. In addition to this, it’s a site where museums can present fine art! All in all, big creators, celebrities, stars, brands and institutions can achieve success while showcasing exclusive content to people with similar interests. Here are the OnlyFans creators you should be following October 2021.

Gracey Kay OnlyFans

Gracey Kay

Gracey Kay is a sexy content creator and adult actress. Since joining OnlyFans last year, the former hairdresser has been thriving on the platform by sending custom content, exclusive photosets and private direct messages to her massive fanbase. So, if you’re interested in racy content that is tailored for you, check out her OnlyFans page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a content creator and how the platform has boosted her life, Gracey Kay says:

“OnlyFans is an amazing platform that not only allows me to express myself and interact with people from all over the world, but also [allows me to] work anywhere [at] anytime, such as the beach. It’s given me the opportunity and chance to have a life I could only have dreamed of.”

LALoveTheBoss OnlyFans


LALoveTheBoss is an actress, singer, rapper and glamour model. A Maryland native, she grew up singing and performing in her mother’s salon, and decided to pursue a career as a music artist. LALoveTheBoss has successfully created her alter ego, known as “The Boss” to define her music career, and she’s built up a following of loyal and supportive fans online, thanks to her lyrics, performances, fashion styles and humanitarian efforts. On her OnlyFans page, you can find extra and exclusive music and sexy content from LALoveTheBoss.

Talking about her experience on OnlyFans, LALoveTheBoss said:

“My OnlyFans experience has been great thus far. Being able to connect with my fans on a deeper, more intimate level without any restrictions with being myself and entertaining my fans. My fans are not just people who love and support me, but actually people who I love back and they understand who “LALovetheboss” is on the inside. I’m able to share my music, do my live “Pajama Party Conversations” shows every Monday night, along with creating personal content [and] having fun in my everyday life. I wouldn’t choose any other platform to be connected with but OnlyFans – beating the odds and changing the narrative each day at a time.”

Cormac Murphy OnlyFans

Cormac Murphy

Cormac Murphy is a personal trainer, online coach and ‘Love Island’ contestant from Ireland and based in Manchester, UK. He appeared on the hit reality TV show in America and is now using his OnlyFans page to connect closely with his fanbase from around the world and share his passion for fitness and wellbeing. So, check out his page if you’re into reality TV and need some fitness tips to help you reach your goals and achieve results.

Speaking about his love for OnlyFans and sharing a message with his fans, Cormac Murphy said:

“Been loving connecting with everyone on a personal level on OnlyFans. I can’t wait to get to know more of you soon.”

Elizabeth Oceans OnlyFans

Elizabeth Oceans

Elizabeth Oceans is a musician and model. She’s released her singles – ‘Easy To Remember’, ‘Deep In Love’ and ‘Everyday With You’ – via online streaming platforms, and delights her followers by sharing photos of her trips around the world and exclusive content on her OnlyFans page.

Talking about what she loves about OnlyFans, Elizabeth Oceans said:

“I love how much I can connect with my fans about my music, my bikini collection and all my cool modelling shoots.”

officialjt OnlyFans


JT is a fitness enthusiast, brand ambassador and model. Having amassed a huge following on social media, he’s joined OnlyFans to share personal content that you won’t be able to view anywhere else. So, subscribe to his page if you want to view exclusive content, get to know him, view more of day-to-day life and chat with him!

Discussing what he’s gained from joining OnlyFans, JT says:

“OnlyFans gave me my flowers for the hard work over the years and a place to connect with my loyal supporters and show my kindness in return.”

Who are your favourite OnlyFans creators? Let us know in the comments!

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