• OnlyFans Creators You Should Be Following April 2021

OnlyFans Creators You Should Be Following April 2021

Once again, we’ve been proud to introduce some of the biggest stars in the world of celebrity to OnlyFans – from TV personalities, to macro and mega influencers, to sporting and fitness champions. Rest assured, we’ve got plenty of top OnlyFans creators sharing their exclusive content, and closely connecting with their loyal fans to provide the best social media experience. To check out and subscribe to some of these top accounts, here are the OnlyFans creators you should be following April 2021.

Karla Marie on OnlyFans

Karla Marie

Karla Marie is a content creator with many skills and talents! She is a model, dancer, foodie, fitness fanatic, writer, actress, artist and former pageant queen. As a proud Latina woman, she won Miss Arizona Latina in 2016. As an actress, she directed and acted in the YouTube show ‘Living Latinos’. Also, she’s passionate about animals, kids and giving back to society in any way she can.

Now, you can be a part of her world by subscribing to her OnlyFans, where she shows herself cooking, dancing and working out. And as a wellness advocate, she shares her top tips on boosting your mental health. Talking about her decision to join OnlyFans to share her exclusive content, Karla Marie said:

“I am so happy I finally decided to join OnlyFans, it has been such a fun and unique experience for both my followers and I. OnlyFans has helped me connect with my top fans in the best ways. I love being more personal with them and most importantly, having the freedom to express myself in whatever way I please. This platform gives you clarity in knowing that your fans will love and appreciate anything you create. It has sparked so many new ideas that I am beyond excited to bring to life. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me and subscribed. Thank you for the constant love. Expect a lot of love and new exclusive content from me in return, coming soon…”

Dr Alex George Love Island OnlyFans

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George is best known for his appearance on the hit reality TV show ‘Love Island’, starring in the 2018 series. But by day, he’s an A&E doctor. As a TV doctor, he often makes media appearances on ITV shows ‘Good Morning Britain’, ‘Lorraine’ and ‘Loose Women.’ Also, he hosts his own healthcare podcast, titled ‘The Waiting Room’.

Dr Alex George is using his social media presence – including his OnlyFans – to raise awareness on mental health and wellbeing. Speaking about using OnlyFans, he said:

“I love the community feel that you get with OnlyFans and the feeling it’s a space that you can share thoughts and ideas. My page is focused on mental wellbeing and sharing how I take care of my mental health. It’s so good to see people sharing their ideas and experiences with self-care and I look forward to growing the community further.”

Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew is a WBC (World Boxing Council) Cruiserweight World Champion. As a former professional boxer, he competed from 2007 to 2018 and has achieved many light-heavyweight titles. Outside of professional boxing, Tony Bellew appeared in the 2015 sports drama film ‘Creed’ and as a contestant in the 2020 series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. Plus, he’s turned the lessons learned in his career into a book, titled ‘Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face: 12 Things Boxing Teaches You About Life’.

Now he’s on OnlyFans to share exclusive content of his current life, as well as sharing pictures from his life as a boxer. Sharing his experiences on the platform, Tony Bellew said:

“I have found my time on OnlyFans very enjoyable so far! I’ve enjoyed interacting with people through various conversations and fully appreciate all the support I’ve received from old and new fans! It’s truly humbling.”

India Reynolds on OnlyFans OnlyFans Creators You Should Be Following April 2021

India Reynolds

India Reynolds is a reality TV personality, best known for appearing in the 2019 season of ‘Love Island’. She’s a vegan, model and fashion influencer who uses social media to share her passions and interests, and she’s on OnlyFans to showcase a unique insight into her life and to give back to society. Sharing her thoughts on using OnlyFans, she said:

‘So far OnlyFans has been super easy to use! I’ve loved having the freedom to create content I love and share it with my fans exclusively. I really love the tip campaign feature on posts. I am going to use it to raise money each month for a charity chosen by my fans.’

Who are your favourite creators for this month? Let us know in the comments section below!

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