• OnlyFans Creator Goals for 2021

OnlyFans Creator Goals for 2021

2020. Where do we start? A year full of ups and downs, but we did it. We made it through, and we’re now preparing for a new start in 2021. We saw some missed opportunities, and forced changes meant that many people were unable to achieve the goals that they had set out for themselves this time 12 months ago. However, although faced with adversity, online creators have been able to push through and set themselves up wonderfully for a new start in 2021.

We took the time to chat to some of our creators to get an idea of what they wish to achieve this year. Whether that be within OnlyFans or in their lives in general. Here are some of the OnlyFans creator goals for 2021.


Eimanne El Zein

“If 2020 was the year to go inward and rest, 2021 is the year to let all that energy out and put it to good use! For me, that means directing a short film every month for the entire year. I like to challenge myself with big goals and this is one that will fuel me forward and bring me into connection with so many more collaborators and creators. I’ll be bringing my OnlyFans exclusive first looks at those films, but even more special, I plan on connecting with my fans by getting out into nature and using that as a canvas for exclusive photoshoots that will be found only on my page. I’ve already shot in Vegas, LA, and soon Mammoth! Getting raw content that will bring art and elegance to 2021 for my fans.”



“My goal this year is to be happy, but also have as much fun as I possibly can. As long as I have my board underneath my feet, there’s nothing else I would enjoy more.”


Ria Parker

“For 2021, my community and I have made goals such as equipment and production upgrades when it comes to the content I put out for them on the platform. One of my goals includes having a space where I can do regular tutorials for them with my projects, as well as having the video professionally done and edited. On top of doing bigger armour builds and photosets that will require me to put in more time and materials with building the sets! I would say the theme for my community and I with content would be “unapologetically go big or go home” and that’s the main focus for all of our projects this year.”


Blake Savoie

“My 2021 goal is to replace my income completely with OnlyFans, as well as growing all of my social media platforms and impact more lives.

My 2021 goal is to also use OnlyFans as a platform to help people grow into the best version of themselves.”

We hope these creators featured have given you some inspiration, to set yourself goals for this year. What are your OnlyFans creator goals for 2021? If you have any, let us know in the comments section below. At OnlyFans, we love to see our users set their sights on gold, and we hope to see you all achieve the success you deserve and meet the goals you’ve set for yourselves this year.

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