• OnlyFans Advice From successful content creators

OnlyFans Advice from Successful Content Creators

Getting started and growing your OnlyFans profile is an exciting experience, but not something that comes without its difficulties. Maybe you feel as though you’d benefit from some hints, tips and tricks from our top creators, so we have some OnlyFans advice for you.

As with any time you start something new, you will always have some questions on how to best progress. How do you gain fans? How do you maintain growth? What features will best help me earn? All valid and frequently asked questions, but not questions that necessarily have only one answer. All creators will have different strategies they use that work for them and will have found their success using their own methods.

Today, we have compiled OnlyFans advice from a range of creators who have found great success on the platform, with their own techniques when it comes to posting, use of features and promotion. Have a read, and hopefully, you will gain some inspiration on how to get started on OnlyFans or how to take your existing profile to the next level.


Julian Shaw

“Rapport is everything. When you say slide into the DMs, you can’t be looking at it just as a business transaction, there are people on the other end of this payment gateway, and if you forget about the people on the other side, you’re not going to have longevity on the site. You might blow up but I really don’t think people are going to stick around, and keep re-bill on. You are offering a genuine human connection, and arising from that are the needs that people will have, the kind of content they want to see.”

Scarlett Howard

“I find that engagement is key to a successful page. I make sure every fan has their DM answered at least once a day, and I stay online chatting as much as I can. Creating a personal bond is what the fan loves! Make sure you’re not interacting as much on free platforms to encourage them to join your OnlyFans page instead.”



“You’ve got to make sure you post your links on whatever platform you find the most engagement, for me I post it on Instagram because I think it converts well.”

Stephen Voyce

I use my Instagram as the place to promote my OnlyFans. I jump between using my regular posts on my feed, and my stories, but I think probably the most effective are the stories because your stories are really a way for people to get introduced into your world, and obviously there is the swipe up feature.”

Post Frequency

Scarlett Howard

“Consistency on your page is key. Make the most of the ‘schedule post’ tool to ensure you always have fresh content being posted, even when you’re too busy to get online. I ensure that my page has two pieces of fresh content going up each day.”

Stephen Voyce

“I use the strategy from my Instagram on my OnlyFans, and I post on there once a day. With how frequently you post, just get yourself into a routine that you’re comfortable with, don’t try and force something that doesn’t work or gel with you. For me posting once a day doesn’t really bother me, but if it’s too much for you just figure out what works best for you and that’s it.”

Favourite Features

Kaila Troy

“My Favourite feature on the OnlyFans Platform is the vault, the live and the pay-per-view messages. The PPV messages are where you can message all of your fans your exclusive content, and you just press one button, click all of your fans and then it sends a mass message out to all of your fans, and you add your price for your exclusive content for them to see.”


“Personally, I love the pay-per-view messages, you send something here, you send something there, and you know, surprise them every now and then, and the polls, I love the polls, spark some questions, a little debate, it never hurts.”

We hope today’s OnlyFans advice has given some inspiration that you will be able to take and use to further your own career as a content creator. And who knows, maybe before long you will be giving advice yourself.

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