OnlyFans 2023 Year in Review

By OnlyFans Editor

December 31, 2023

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There’s no denying that 2023 was an incredible year for OnlyFans. From record-breaking cash prizes, to new top-shelf OFTV original programming, we’ve doubled down on giving our growing community opportunities to thrive. And don’t worry, we’re not slowing down any time soon. Let’s look back on some of our highlights from the last 12 months in our OnlyFans 2023 year in review.

January 2023

Comedy Edition Pays Out £150K

How do you follow up 2022’s Creative Fund: Fashion Edition? You bring together hosts Jack Guinness and Sofie Hagen, judges Mae Martin, Jamali Maddix, and London Hughes

And award the largest cash prize in U.K. comedy history.

Mary O’Connell won a life-changing £100,000 for taking first place, while runners up Zoe Brownstone and Dom McGovern each won £25,000 to jump start their standup careers.

It was a fitting start to the biggest year for comedy at OnlyFans yet. In 2023, OFTV also ramped up production on LMAOF, highlighting comedy creators in Vegas, Miami, L.A. Austin, Denver, Chicago, London, and Atlanta.

Iggy Azalea Becomes an OnlyFans Creator

While Iggy’s not the first high-profile rapper to join OnlyFans, she’s definitely delivering on what she promised to fans: exclusive content of her life on and off stage.

In September, Iggy caused a stir when she released a mini-documentary showcasing the making of “Money Come” exclusively on OnlyFans/OFTV.

February 2023

OF Merch Drops an Exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection

The OnlyFans Store leveled up its game in 2023, expanding its inventory of stylish everyday apparel and even branching out into limited edition items and specialty collections.

We knew creators would appreciate the fun new merch, but nobody was prepared for how overwhelmingly popular our 2023 Valentine’s Day collection would be.

The undisputed stand-out of the Valentine’s Day collection? The “Burning Love” Crop Tee. And if you managed to snag one in February, congratulations. If not, there’s always 2024.

And as the Valentine’s Day collection was flying off the shelves in February, we were also finishing up something for April Fools’ Day: the OnlyFans NSFW Hot Sauce.

March 2023

Nathan Webb Wins the First This Is Fire Superfinals

What’s not to love about OFTV cooking competition series This Is Fire? It’s got all the kitchen excitement you’d expect from a show on The Food Network, but with OnlyFans creators. Plus, Grandmaster Chef Jojo makes a terrific host.

Case in point: Nathan Webb. Nathan absolutely dominated the second season of This Is Fire, taking home $20,000 cash in his final lamb challenge against Emma Magnolia.

But like season one winner Kazumi, Nathan proved to not only be a top-tier home chef, but a genuinely entertaining reality TV personality. That’s why Chef Jojo decided to pit Nathan and Kazumi against each other for a chance to win an extra $10,000 in the This Is Fire Superfinals.

It was close, but ultimately Nathan’s surf and turf beat out Kazumi’s. And in December, Nathan returned to defeat season three champion Riley Reid in the Superfinals.

Plus, now you too can enjoy cooking in the official OnlyFans Apron that dropped in November.

April 2023

Whitney Cummings Presents The OnlyFans Roast of Bert Kreischer

When the iconic comedian Whitney Cummings first joined OnlyFans as a creator, we knew we had to collaborate for OFTV. And before long, Whitney had the perfect idea: comedy roasts.

She called up legendary comedians Jim Norton, Big Jay Oakerson, Tony Hinchcliffe, Rachel Feinstein, and Donnell Rawlings to join her in roasting the great Bert Kreischer.

Throw in some surprise guest appearances from Tom Segura, Jeff Ross, Kesha, and Miranda Cosgrove, and you have a record-breaking OFTV release.

The “Bert Roast” went so well that Whitney put herself in the hot seat for The OnlyFans Roast of Whitney Cummings on Mother’s Day 2023. And in November, Whitney chose to release her sixth stand-up special Mouthy on OFTV.

It’s no wonder the L.A. Times asked, “Will OnlyFans prove a new hub for comedy?

May 2023

House of Sims Premieres on OFTV

After nearly a year of headlines and speculation about Chloe Sims leaving The Only Way is Essex to star in her own show, House of Sims officially premiered May 3rd on OFTV.

House of Sims Season One followed the entire Sims family– Chloe, Charlie, Frankie, Demi, and Georgia– as they headed to L.A. to establish themselves in Hollywood.

Over the course of five hilarious, devastating, and heart-warming episodes, viewers got to know a whole other side of the Sims family than what they saw on TOWIE. From hunting down lost passports, to tearfully navigating Hollywood setbacks, to celebrating small victories, the Sims exuded honesty, relatability, and genuine love in the first season.

Fortunately for fans, the family will be back for season two of House of Sims in 2024.

And speaking of second seasons, there were plenty in 2023. In May, viewers got a second season of Model Farmers, followed by season two of Miss/Match hosted by Antje Utgaard in August.

June 2023

Charles Oliveira Joins Team OnlyFans

OnlyFans wasn’t just focusing on comedy, merch, and OFTV shows in 2023. In fact, some of our biggest headlines this year were about Team OnlyFans’ growing roster of athletes.

When Brazilian UFC Lightweight champion Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira announced that he’d be sharing exclusive training, travel, and pre-fight content on OnlyFans, the public response was massive.

Perhaps it’s because the announcement came one day before his highly-anticipated UFC 289 rematch against Beneil Dariush.

OnlyFans’ 2023 collaborations with some of the world’s top athletes extend beyond the world of combat sports.

In fact, this year Team OnlyFans has teamed up with golfers, motocross racers, mountain bikers, and GT racing teams… just to name a few.

July 2023

Paulo Costa Joins Team OnlyFans

Obviously, it was a busy summer for MMA athletes announcing their collaborations with OnlyFans.

One month after Charles Oliveira made his announcement, fellow Brazilian UFC fighter Paulo Costa’s decision to join Team OnlyFans went viral across social media.

Like Oliveira, Costa timed his announcement ahead of a major fight, promising fans unprecedented access to his life both inside and outside of the cage.

Understandably, UFC enthusiasts across the globe jumped at the opportunity to subscribe.

But it’s Paulo’s promise of sharing his “secret juice” (his unique fighting techniques) with fans that really got everyone’s attention.

It’s a good thing Paulo has a sense of humor, because these posts are hilarious.

August 2023

Renee Gracie Wins the 2023 GT World Challenge Australia Title

After a long hiatus from racing, Renee Gracie found her way back on track this year to compete in the GT World Challenge Australia for the 2023 season. And the best part?

She ended up winning the championship title.

Renee’s victory, which was captured in an excellent episode of OFTV’s Rise & Grind, is a pointed reminder never to underestimate women in motorsports, or any sports for that matter.

In fact, 2023 has been a remarkable year overall for female athletes on OnlyFans. From rally racer Rebecca Busi’s finish at Dakar 2023, to Cris Cyborg’s pivot from MMA to boxing, to WWE champ Mandy Sacs’ decision to join OnlyFans, there’s much to celebrate.

September 2023

OF Creators Steal the Spotlight at NY Fashion Week

Is casual the new couture? According to the guests at September’s 2023 New York Fashion Week it is.

That’s because more than two dozen extraordinary OnlyFans creators put on an unforgettable fashion week runway dressed entirely in OF merch. In fact, not a single piece of apparel that walked the runway cost more than $12.

It looks like Creative Fund: Fashion Edition mentor Rebecca Minkoff was right when she said, “OnlyFans is the future of Fashion Week.”

A special thank you to creators Alysha Nett, Araqueenbae, Ashley Ray Cushman, Britt Fit, Claire Lush (Surfer Girl), Coco Bliss, Colleen, Cristiana Love, Julia Burch, Julia Sandoval, Kristina Santa, Lamar Chairez, Lauren Burch, Leah Mifsud, Lexy Panterra, Megnutt, Megan Marie, Mika Lafuente, Mila Camila, Mimi, Nala, Paige Niemann, Sam Frank, Spencer Knicks, Steph Landorova, Tiauna Riley, & Vanessa Munley for pulling this one off.

October 2023

OnlyFans and the Professional Fighters League Team Up

In October, we announced OnlyFans’ biggest and most ambitious combat sports collaboration yet: a partnership with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

As an immediate perk, MMA fans were able to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes content from PFL’s Biaggio Ali Walsh, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, Amber Leibrock, Kaytlin “Katniss” Neil, and Impa Kasanganay as many of them prepared for the 2023 PFL World Championship in November.

Congratulations to Olivier and Impa on their million-dollar wins, by the way.

Now that the 2023 PFL World Championship is over, there’s still plenty of great content being shared on these athletes’ OnlyFans profiles. After all, many of them are already back in the gym training for 2024.

And while not a PFL fighter, we were also thrilled to welcome UFC Heavyweight Stipe Miocic to OnlyFans in October.

November 2023

In Real Life Releases its 40th Episode

OFTV’s longest-running original series, In Real Life, hit a major milestone when it dropped its 40th episode.

And it was only fitting that host Casey Boonstra be front-and-center to recap some of the IRL’s most memorable moments in IRL: The Casey Cut.

From twerking to surfing, fire-breathing to bug-eating, hosting IRL has led Casey on some downright bizarre adventures. We can’t think of anyone better for the job.

On November 21, American Racing Team (ART) dropped a major announcement: it was officially being renamed OnlyFans American Racing for the 2024 Moto2 season.

With top-rated drivers Joe Roberts and Marcos Ramirez leading the team, there are already high expectations for 2024. But we’re confident that Joe and Marcos will live up to the hype, especially after Marcos’ podium win at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

December 2023

Nick Kyrgios Joins Team OnlyFans

A big year needs a big finish, and it doesn’t get much bigger than tennis pro Nick Kyrgios. Famous for his powerful serve, flashy shots, and antics on the court, Nick turned heads once again when he announced he’s joining Team OnlyFans.

His Instagram announcement immediately went viral and comments from tennis fans and fellow players alike started pouring in. But if there’s any tennis pro who likes to disrupt the status quo, it’s Nick Kyrgios.

Our Holiday Sweater Sells Out Instantly

And finally, an update to all the fans of the OnlyFans Holiday Collection: we’re working to get the beloved Holiday Sweater back in stock for next year.

Trust us… we love it just as much as you do.

Thanks for a great year!