OFTV’s Model Farmers Recap: Season Two

By OFTV Editor

May 25, 2023

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OFTV’s hit original series Model Farmers is back for a second season– with a new cast, new host, new livestock, and even a new hemisphere. This time around, host Susana Downes has brought six glamor models deep into the Australian outback and put them to work at Mt. Gipps sheep farm. With soaring temperatures and 100,000 acres of rough terrain to contend with, these ladies will have to get down and dirty if they want a shot at being crowned Model Farmers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

E1: We’re Baack

Air Date: April 20, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

Before the contestants arrive, Susana introduces us to farm owner (and guaranteed fan favorite) Richard “Dick” Maiden who will be helping Susana keep score of the ladies’ progress as sheep farmers. Dick takes his sheep very seriously, and warns that he won’t tolerate any foolishness from his amateur farmhands.

Next, it’s time to meet the hopeful Model Farmers one at a time: Phoebe Thompson, Lara Gya, Millie Fuller, Natty Zach, Kate Laidlaw , and finally Henny Moody.

Despite the blistering 114°F heat, Susana and Dick don’t even let the new farmhands change clothes before sending them into “The Sheep End.”

The challenge is to move and sort 700 sheep into rams (males) and ewes (females), in a process called drafting. The ladies are left to figure out how to accomplish this task.

Lara makes the first move by opening the gate, and suddenly they’re off. While Henny holds on for dear life, the rest of the ladies scramble to chase the sheep through the gates.

Both Susana and Dick agree that Lara and Henny demonstrated the most leadership potential. Millie and Phoebe get dinged for their inconsistency, and Kate and Natty are criticized for a lack of effort.

At the woolshed, Susana announces the teams: Lara, Phoebe, and Millie on the Blue Team; Kate, Natty, and Henny on the Pink Team.

Lara receives the Farmer of the Day award for her leadership skills and tenacity. As a result, the Blue Team receives a total of 11 points; the Pink Team trails far behind with four.

Blue Team: 11    |    Pink Team: 4

E2: Be the G.O.A.T.

Air Date: April 27, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

The Pink Team tries their best to brush off yesterday’s defeat, despite Lara showing up in her bright yellow Farmer of the Day award.

Susana explains how the rest of the competition will go: each team will have to face a new challenge every day.

And in a new twist for season two– if a team ever finds itself in a bind, they can “phone a farmer” and help will arrive. The catch is, each team may only use “phone a farmer” once during their entire stay at Mt. Gipps.

The Blue Team’s challenge, Be the G.O.A.T., is to round up as many of the wild goats that wreak havoc around the farm as they can in 30 minutes, and load them onto livestock trailers to be sold at market. For a pro like Dick, a good muster will clear thousands of goats in a couple of days.

When the timer starts, Millie, Phoebe, and Lara make as much noise as they can to startle the goats into running. Although the Blue Team manages to move all the goats into a holding pen, they hit a snag when trying to back the trailer up using a stick shift.

Dick helps them with the truck, but it’ll cost them points.

While the Blue Team relaxes, Susana explains the Pink Team’s Baamegeddon challenge: scrub the revolting trailer from the goat muster… until it’s clean enough that you can eat off the floor. It’s an important, but supremely crappy job.

Kate, Natty, and Henny calmly strategize how to approach the job: move the muck from the back to the front, get it out of the trailer, and then powerwash.

The Pink Team feels extra motivation to make up for yesterday’s loss. Even Kate is able to keep her germaphobia at bay in the face of some unpleasant splashback. They finish the job so quickly and efficiently that they have time to wash Dick’s car for bonus points.

Back at the woolshed, Susana congratulates both teams for jobs well done. After deducting some points for needing Dick’s help with backing up the trailer, the Blue Team earns five out of a possible ten points.

Susana lets the Pink Team know that Dick is thoroughly impressed by how well they cleaned his trailer (and his car), and awards them nine points.

For her bravery in the face of a truly disgusting challenge, Kate wins Farmer of the Day and the Pink Team receives an extra five points.

Blue Team: 16    |    Pink Team: 18

E3: Pretty in Stink

Air Date: May 4, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

It’s one of the hottest days of the year on the outback, but the competition promises to get even hotter. That’s because the Pink Team has decided to use their “phone a farmer” to call in Kate’s identical sister Bec Laidlaw to help with the Be the G.O.A.T. challenge.

The team chooses Natty to maneuver the stick shift and back the trailer up to the gate. After stalling out multiple times, the Pink Team ultimately sacrifices points and asks for Dick’s help. Just like the Blue Team.

Despite having a tough time overall, the Pink Team manages to load most of the goats into the trailer.

Susana calls the Blue Team together to give them their challenge Glow Up. They’ll need to transform Reba, one of Mt. Gipps’ highland cows, from a filthy, hairy mess into a camera-ready prized heifer.

With only 45 minutes on the clock, Millie, Phoebe, and Lara instantly get to work giving Reba a much-needed bath. But before they can move on to the glamming phase, Millie has to unstick some caked-on unpleasantness from Reba’s fur.

By the time the Blue Team is finished with Reba, she’s covered in bows, blue hearts, and even a pair of gold earrings. But will that be enough to impress Dick?

Both teams meet in the woolshed to hear what Susana and Dick think about their work for the day.

The Pink Team was only able to load 34 out of 40 goats in the trailer, performing slightly worse than the Blue Team did at the same challenge. For that, Dick awards them four points.

And although Dick doesn’t think that Reba’s makeover from the Blue Team is enough to win her best in show, they still earn eight points for their effort.

Millie’s tangle with Reba’s mucky fur earns her Farmer of the Day, and the Blue Team regains the lead.

Blue Team: 29    |    Pink Team: 22

E4: Ewe Can’t Touch This

Air Date: May 11, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

Despite the Blue Team’s recent victory, there’s still plenty of time for the Pink Team to pull ahead in their next challenge: Sex, Tags, and Rock and Roll.

They’ll have 30 minutes to sort a pen of young lambs by gender by picking them up, putting them on their backs, and taking a close look at their genitals. But if that doesn’t work, they’ll have to get extra hands-on.

Kate, Natty, and Henny get to work right away and handle the lambs efficiently and carefully. Even a kick to Natty’s head doesn’t keep the team from working through 46 lambs.

Next, it’s time for the Blue Team to get their hands dirty in a completely different way: the Baameggeddon challenge. They’ll have 45 minutes to deep clean the crap-covered goat trailer until it’s clean enough that you could eat off the floor.

After some initial protests from Millie, Phoebe is the first to get in the trailer and start working. Soon, Millie and Lara join her and they’re off and scraping.

At one point, Phoebe begins to feel overwhelmed. But she’s able to find the strength to power through the power washing, and the Blue Team finishes with enough time to give Dick’s truck a wash too.

Back at the woolshed, Susana tells the Pink Team that Dick had only expected them to sort 30 lambs. The fact that they got through 46 earns them a perfect score: ten points.

Although the Blue Team did a reasonably thorough job with the goat trailer, Dick noticed some residual muck. They earn eight points.

Henny wins Farmer of the Day for her expert handling of the lambs, and the teams are now tied.

Blue Team: 37   |   Pink Team: 37

E5: Ram Sack’d

Air Date: May 18, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

With the scores tied, the Blue Team decides to “phone a farmer” in hopes of earning their own perfect score. Once again, Bec appears… this time to compete against her identical twin.

The Blue Team prepares to take on Sex, Tags, and Rock and Roll. It will tough to beat the Pink Team’s 46 lambs sorted, but an extra set of hands will help.

Lara, Millie, Phoebe, and Bec quickly find their stride. Lara in particular seems especially good at determining the sex, while Phoebe has the lifting and loading part down pat.

Ultimately, the Blue Team manages to obliterate the Pink Team’s performance with 84 lambs sorted.

Meanwhile, the Pink Team prepares to give a Glow Up of their own… this time to a crusty cow named Dolly.

Early in the makeover, Kate discovers a trick to keep Dolly calm during her bath: feeding her slices of white bread. Everything seems to hum along smoothly until Dolly threatens to undo the Pink Team’s hard work by relieving herself after her bath.

Fortunately, some quick scooping and spraying salvages Dolly’s clean fur, and in the end the Pink Team has Dolly looking pretty in pink– hooves, ribbons, hair extensions, highlights, and even pink earrings to match.

Back at the woolshed, the Pink Team is a bit annoyed to learn that the Blue Team blew their Sex, Tags, and Rock and Roll score out of the water. Naturally, the Blue Team also earns a perfect score on the challenge.

But the good news for the Pink Team is that Dick greatly prefers their Glow Up on Dolly to the Blue Team’s on Reba. They also earn ten more points.

With the scores still tied, it all comes down to the Farmer of the Day to see which team pulls ahead.

It’s Phoebe’s sheer strength and stamina with the lambs that earns her the win.

Blue Team: 52    |    Pink Team: 47

E6: Masters of the Ewe-niverse

Air Date: May 25, 2023 | Watch on OFTV

It all comes down to this… The Sheep Trials. Three head-to-head challenges that put everything the ladies have learned to the test.

By the end, one team will be crowned Model Farmers and leave Mt. Gipps with bragging rights and an awesome trophy.

The first of the three challenges, Don’t Bale Out, requires a member from each team to get behind the wheel of a heavy-duty forklift and move as many bales of hay onto a pallet as possible in 15 minutes.

Henny from the Pink Team is the first up, and quickly maneuvers two bales on her first lap. At one point she needs help shooing some cows out of her way, but manages to move a total of four bales of hay.

Phoebe from the Blue Team goes next. Despite a slow start, she soon has four bales stacked as well. On her third trip, the forklift begins to wobble and Phoebe’s confidence is shaken.

But she’s able to bring two more bales to the pile as the timer runs out, for a total of six bales and ten more points for the Blue Team.

Blue Team: 62    |    Pink Team: 47

Time now for the second leg of The Sheep Trials: Sheer Madness. One member from each team will have to shear as much sellable wool from their Merino sheep as possible.

Millie from the Blue Team is up first; after a quick demonstration from Dick, she goes in on her sheep’s fluffy coat. When she’s finished, her sheep happily gets up and walks away. That has to be a good sign.

Next up is Kate from the Red Team. Despite her slow and gentle approach, her sheep starts to squirm and fight back. But Kate remains calm, the sheep relaxes, and she finishes the rest of the job without incident.

After evaluating both teams’ piles, Dick awards 20 points to the Pink Team.

Blue Team: 62    |    Pink Team: 67

The Blue Team and the Pink Team go into the final challenge more determined than ever. That’s good, because Ewe Can’t Be Serious requires a member from each team to single-handedly herd 700 sheep to pasture.

The team that can do this the quickest will receive 30 points… as long as they remember to shut the gate behind them.

After Susana sends the Pink Team back to the woolshed to wait, Lara from the Blue Team springs into action. She opens the gate, jumps into her buggy, expertly chases the sheep towards the pasture, and shuts the gate.

With the Blue Team waiting in the woolshed, all eyes are on Natty from the Pink Team. Like Lara, Natty swerves her buggy from side to side to move the sheep along towards the pasture and remembers to lock the gate behind her.

Both teams now back at the woolshed, everyone waits for Susana and Dick to give the final results. But first, Susana has one surprise award to give to the farmer who showed the most growth, improvement, and potential at the farm.

Susana hands a golden pitchfork to Natty, but the celebration is short. Everyone is dying to know which team takes it all.

Finally, it’s time for Susana to reveal each team’s Ewe Can’t Be Serious times. Remember, the team with the shortest time wins it all.

Blue Team: 5 minutes 19 seconds. Pink Team: 7 minutes.

Congratulations to the 2023 Model Farmers: Lara, Phoebe, and Millie!

Blue Team: 92    |    Pink Team: 67

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