On Sale Now: OF x LRC Merch Collection

By OF Editor

February 28, 2024

1 Minute Read

When we caught up with Creative Fund: Fashion Edition runner-up Lee Rickie in 2023, he was deep into designing pieces for a collaboration with OF Merch. Now, the much-anticipated OF x LRC Merch Collection is on sale and ready to ship, showcasing the stunning results of Lee’s vision. Scroll down for an up-close look at three bright and versatile pieces from the collection, each infused with Lee’s signature “quiet luxury” aesthetic. If you love what you see, head to the OnlyFans Store ASAP—these limited-edition items are bound to sell out quickly.

OF x LRC Merch Collection

Danny O Sweatshirt

$47 | Buy now

OF x LRC Merch Collection: Danny O Sweatshirt - up close

“I wanted to fuse fashion/lifestyle elements into the Danny O set. You can wear it in everyday life.”

The cropped Danny O Sweatshirt strikes the perfect balance of fleece-lined coziness and asymmetrical elegance. Plus its striking color palette and embroidered logo put most other sweatshirts to shame.

Danny O Pants

$65 | Buy now

OF x LRC Merch Collection: Danny O Sweatpants up close

“Named after my Creative Fund castmate Dani Odom, my muse when I was creating this design.”

These fleece-lined, relaxed leg sweatpants with elastic waistband and pockets pair perfectly with the Danny O Sweatshirt! Fun fact: Lee Rickie named this sweat set after his muse and Creative Fund castmate Dani Odom.

Jodi Skater Shorts

$60 | Buy now

OF x LRC Merch Collection - Jodi Skater Shorts - up close

“The Jodi Skater Shorts are inspired by the 1980s roller skate era.”

Live your 1980s roller rink fantasy in the Jodi Skater Shorts. They’re bright, comfortable, and classy with contrast piping and embroidered OF logo.

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