• November 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

November 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

As the end of the year draws near, more than ever content creation is paramount. And as always, there are plenty of creators and influencers that are up and coming and flourishing on our platform. So, if you’re looking for more accounts to subscribe to this month, then we have a list of creators that are making major strides. Here are the November 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Cat Ce OnlyFans

Cat Ce

Cat Ce is a standup comedian, storyteller, actress, fitness model and filmmaker. After getting into performing arts at a young age (she studied dance, music and martial arts), the Los Angeles native has carved out a successful career in comedy by performing in numerous clubs in California. As an actress, she’s appeared in ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, ‘Vigilante Diaries’, ‘Snowfall’ and ‘Jennifer Day TV’. She’s also turned her hand to becoming an author by releasing a novel titled ‘The Favored Son’. In addition to this, she loves animals and is passionate about volunteering at her local animal shelter. For more comedy from her, check out her OnlyFans page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans to share her comedy, Cat Ce says:

“How awesome is it to [be able to] share my comedy content on OnlyFans! I’m so glad that I can reach more [of my] audience through the language of laughter here on OnlyFans, cause the world needs more comedy and laughter now!”

Astrid Tanton OnlyFans

Astrid Tanton

Astrid Tanton is an accomplished singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto. She started writing songs from a young age and knew that music was her dream career. Now, she’s pursuing her musical ambitions by establishing herself as an independent artist, owning her own publishing company, taking complete creative control and preparing to release her first album, titled ‘From My Eyes’. As she navigates the music industry and shares her everyday life online, she’s taking her fans along her journey via her OnlyFans page, where you can view behind-the-scenes footage.

Talking about how she’s happy to have signed up to OnlyFans, Astrid Tanton says:

“Being on OnlyFans has shown me a whole new community of supporters who are interested in my music and what it is like to be a musician, and I am so grateful that I can be a part of this platform.”

MK Vlogs OnlyFans

MK Vlogs

Mikey, also known as MK Vlogs, is a lifestyle vlogger and storyteller, captivating her audience with her life experiences. As a ‘regular girl in a crazy fun world‘, she inspires her fans on her OnlyFans page to be their unique selves. She likes sharing her stories and the things she loves, including anime, Asian soap operas, raves, music and everything entertaining and amusing.

Speaking about how OnlyFans has helped her as a content creator and has been a life-changing experience, MK said:

“OnlyFans has helped me reach lifetime goals that I didn’t think were possible at my age. I couldn’t be more grateful for this platform and the amazing fanbase that’s come with it.”

Keela OnlyFans


Keela is a vlogger from Sweden. As a true Rising Star, she’s flourished online by posting lifestyle vlogs and fashion content. With OnlyFans, she’s been able to showcase exclusive content for her fans who want to see more from her, so check out her page for extra photos and videos.

Discussing the benefits of using OnlyFans as a content creator, Keela said:

“I love that OnlyFans has created a whole new world for me! I feel so much closer to my followers and I really feel appreciated on a whole other level. For me, OnlyFans is a super positive place to be and I’m so happy that I decided to join this community.”

Theresa Longo OnlyFans

Theresa Longo

As an individual who wears many hats, Theresa Longo has accomplished many things in her career! She is an actress, writer, ambassador, fitness expert and musician. Thanks to her talents, she’s been able to collaborate with brands, star in numerous roles in television and film, and make music cameo appearances. Determined to bring positivity to her fans, she helps motivate and empower women to be their best selves through social media and her OnlyFans page, so check out her content.

Speaking about how useful OnlyFans is for her, Theresa Longo said:

“OnlyFans is a unique way for me to interact with fans. OnlyFans allows me to get creative with fun ideas to involve fans. I enjoy using the platform.”

Who are your favourite November 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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