How To Offer your Fans Promotional Discounts

Promotional Discounts Work

One thing is true in this world: everybody loves a discount. That’s why we’ve rolled out a way for OnlyFans creators to offer promotional discounts of their own! 

Through Profile Promotion Campaigns, you can offer your fans a discount on their paid subscriptions to your OnlyFans. Extending promotional discounts is an effective way to attract new subscribers and reward existing ones for their loyalty. Take control of your account and offer your fans a promotional discount!

To get started, navigate to your profile page and select ‘Start A Profile Promotion Campaign’. 

So, How Big Of A Discount Are Talking About?

As an OnlyFans creator, you can offer discounts ranging between 5% to 100% off your normal subscription rate. Once you click ‘Start A Profile Campaign’, you’ll see all the options available to you!

All offers can be adjusted to anywhere between 1 and 30-day subscriptions, unless of course it is a 100% discount. You always have the option to set the length of the subscription and the discount amount. Additionally, you can cap the number of subscriptions at the discounted price and how long the offer is available. This signals to potential subscribers that they’d better act fast!

How Does This Work For My New Subscribers?

From the experience of a new fan, subscribing through your ‘Profile Promotion Campaign’ works identically to subscribing at full price. They’ll just select which promotion they want, and the length of their subscription.

Keep in mind that at the conclusion of promotional period, the subscriber won’t automatically be re-subscribed at your full price. They will have to subscribe again to regain full access to your OnlyFans profile. This is a great opportunity to reach out and remind them what they’ll be missing!

Why Offer A Discount?

Think of these promotional discounts as a way to push potential subscribers off the fence and into your fandom. Maybe a few dollars off the first month is all they need to check out your content and decide they’re sticking around. Sometimes, sacrificing some subscription earnings on the front end can lead to more earnings over time!

This is what a potential subscriber sees after you’ve set up a promotional discount!

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