New Feature: Offer your Fans Promotional Discounts

Where can you find it?

A new feature that has been unveiled, is the ‘Start a Profile Promotion Campaign’. This feature will allow you to offer a discounted price to new and expired subscribers. You will have full control over the number of subscriptions available at this price, the discounted amount and the expiry time of the offer.

The feature can be found when you go to your profile page:

What offers are available?

As the content creator, you are able to offer a discount from 5% – 100%. If you click the ‘Start a Profile Promotion Campaign’ button, this screen will come up for you:

All offers will be set to 30-day subscriptions, unless a 100% discount is given, in which case the subscription can be set between 1 and 30 days. As well as setting the length of subscriptions and amount of the discount, you will be able to choose the number of subscriptions available at this price, and how long this offer will be available for. So, for example you could set the subscription limit to 50, which will mean the first 50 new subscribers will be able to subscribe to your profile at the discounted price that you set. As well as this, if you set the expiration to 5 days, then this offer will run for those 5 days, before automatically reverting back to your original subscription price.

When you go to a user’s profile that has a discount offer set up, this will be what is shown:

How will it work for the subscriber?

Subscribing via the ‘Profile Promotion Campaign’ will work in the same way as when paying for a standard subscription to a content creator. You will need to click the box saying the discount, and the length of the subscription, and the usual subscription process will occur. So, any 3D secure verification etc, will need to be carried out. After the, for example 30 day trial, the subscriber would not be automatically subscribed at the full price. So, the discounted trial will expire, and the subscriber will be required to manually re-subscribe at the full price to regain access to the creators profile.

Prior to the new feature being implemented, the free trial and discount features allowed the creator to give this offer to select fans, but with this new all-in-one feature, any new subscriber that finds the page will have the chance to receive the offer given. This new feature allows the creator to offer a short glimpse into their profile and the content they are posting. It, in an overall sense, allows the creator to promote their page and bring in new fans. Working in a similar way to the free trial, and discount features already in place on the site, but now all these features are in one place. Making this an easier process for the creator to give offers out to new fans.

Overall, the new feature creates a simpler process for the creator, and more accessible offers for subscribers.

If you’re still confused, watch this video to learn more:

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