• More OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know

More OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know

OnlyFans has many fun features that are useful to creators and fans alike, and more are added each year. You might have read last year’s blog post, OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know, but that didn’t cover all of the great features the platform has to offer. Here are more OnlyFans features you might not know and why creators should be taking advantage of them.

Post a poll- Content ideas 2021


Engagement is key to being a successful OnlyFans creator and nothing says engagement better than a fun poll. Creating a poll encourages your fans to take part and voice their opinion on something. You can debate whether cats are better than dogs or let your fans determine if your account should be free or paid etc.

Neil Patel, Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and New York Times bestselling author, has stated that “a well-designed Facebook poll is one of the most powerful Facebook marketing tools today’s social media marketers have available to them.” If that’s true for Facebook, the same can be said for OnlyFans too.

To start a poll, compose a new post and click the “Add poll” button. From there you can add as many options as you like.

Vault Feature


The vault stores all of your previously posted photos, videos and live streams and allows you to repost them at a later date. This is a great way for your new fans to see exclusive content that they may have missed the first time around.

Your vault can be found in your main menu by clicking on your profile picture, or by following this link if you are logged in. Select your images and videos and repost them onto your feed or send them directly to your fans through messages.

You can also access your vault in your direct messages. In the message composer, the vault icon is the second from the left. Click it to add media from the vault to your message.

Story Feature


Stories are great for sharing the highlights of your day. It’s a quick and easy way to provide fans with their daily dose of content without the need for post-production. Stories are temporary too; they only hang around for 24 hours and then they’re gone.

You can add a story at the top of your homepage. You will be able to select a photo or video and add captions, stickers, overlays and much more!

24hr Statistics OnlyFans

Page Statistics

You are now able to track traffic to your OnlyFans profile. This lets you know where the majority of your audience comes from e.g. what country they come from and how they are finding your OnlyFans page. This information can help determine who your target audience should be. If you are European and most of your fanbase are US based, for example, try publishing your content to cater to their time zones. The scheduling tools on OnlyFans could help you with this.

To find your page statistics, go into your profile page and click the three vertical dots on your cover photo. Select “Statistics” and you’ll now be able to see fan traffic from the last 24 hours.

Congratulate Your Top Fans

This feature enables you to see who your top fans are. At the start of each month, any subscriber that is between the top 1-5% of a creator’s top fans will receive a congratulatory message from OnlyFans. You can turn this option on in your settings. In addition, the creator will be notified who their top fans are and can take it upon themselves to congratulate their fans via a personal message, a friendly shoutout or even a prize!

Wait, There’s More!

There are plenty more OnlyFans features to discover. Check out part one of OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know for more features to play with.

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