OFTV’s Miss/Match Recap: Season One

By Eunji

December 6, 2022

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Making new friends can be hard to do when you’re a busy adult. That’s why we asked host Antje Utgaard to come aboard our newest OFTV creation: Miss/Match. Part reality show, part social experiment, Miss/Match brings together two very different OnlyFans creators each week for an afternoon of icebreakers, physical challenges, and some deep conversations. After spending hours in the hot seat, these perfect strangers have to decide whether they’re a miss, a match, or maybe even something more. 

No two episodes of Miss/Match are the same. Some pairs hit it off instantly. Some pairs need a couple of Antje’s challenges before they warm up to each other. Some pairs may be perfectly happy never speaking to each other again. Each episode is full of fun, adventure, and plenty of surprises! 

Warning: spoilers ahead.

E1: Amber Diamond/Thompson

Air Date: Sept. 28, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

Antje introduces TV personality and model Amber Diamond to Australian musician THMPSN. The two hit it off instantly, and it seems like Antje’s experiment is off to a great start. Amber isn’t even put off when Thompson reveals that he owns more than 100 snakes.

But, there are three rounds of challenges before the two strangers will have to decide if they’re a miss, a match, or maybe even something more.

In the first round of challenges, the “Icebreakers”,  Antje quizzes Amber and Thompson with true or false questions about their potential match. Although they’ve never met before, the two manage to guess some pretty specific details about each other. 

Next, Antje has Amber and Thompson sit back-to-back and try to remember specific details about what the other is wearing. This proves to be more difficult for both of them.

For round two, the “Physical Challenge”, Amber and Thompson have 15 minutes to complete an escape room.

Thompson has never attempted an escape room before, so Amber is happy to take the lead. The two manage to complete the challenge with time to spare.

In the third and final round, the “Deeper Dive”, Amber and Thompson change into their bathing suits and hit the hot tub for bubbly and conversation and open up about their goals in life and relationships.

They soon discover that they’re on the same page, for the most part.

Finally, it’s time for Amber and Thompson to decide whether they think Antje created a miss, a match, or something more when she paired them together.

Thompson goes first, and enthusiastically reveals the “something more” emoji on his iPad. Amber wavers a bit, but ultimately decides that the feeling is mutual. 


E2: Chase DeMoor/Mikey

Air Date: October 5, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

In this episode, Antje pairs comedian and vlogger Mikey Estrella with Chase DeMoor, a professional football player and former contestant on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

Despite Mikey’s nervousness at the beginning, she’s immediately put at ease when Chase walks through the door.

In the Icebreaker round, things get off to a bit of a rocky start. The two seem to surprise each other with their answers, but not in a good way. 

Things go downhill again when Mikey playfully roasts Chase’s sense of style. Despite some initial hurt feelings, they turn it around when Mikey remember’s the number on Chase’s necklace. They finish the first round in a better mood and with some points on the board.

For their Physical Challenge, Antje presents Chase and Mikey with an obstacle course which they’ll take turns guiding each other through while blindfolded. Chase struggles at first, but ultimately manages to guide Mikey to victory using only his voice.

When the roles are reversed, Mikey becomes frustrated with Chase’s unwillingness to listen and follow instructions. The pair finish the obstacle course, but only after spilling all the liquid they were supposed to carry.

After the clashes in the previous rounds, Mikey and Chase seem to finally make a real connection during the Deeper Dive in the hot tub. They share their vulnerability while talking about past relationships and how important family is to each of them.

When it’s time for Mikey and Chase to choose what the future might hold for their relationship, Mikey thinks that she and Chase are a match. Unfortunately, Mikey is a miss for Chase because she was “...not [his] cup of tea.” 

Mikey: MATCH

Chase: MISS

E3: Caylee Trent/Peter Vigilante

Air Date: October 12, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

When Antje first introduces wellness-focused introvert Caylee Trent to fitness trainer/Too Hot To Handle star Peter Vigilante, their mutual shyness (and Peter’s height) seem to doom any possible match. 

Nervousness aside, the Icebreaker round starts strong with Caylee and Peter scoring high on the true or false questions. Peter even manages to earn some brownie points with Caylee for admitting that he cries during movies. Plus, they discover they’re both Italian. 

The memory portion of the game ends with mixed results, with each only scoring one point. 

In the Physical Challenge, Caylee and Peter have to pitch a camping tent while handcuffed to each other. They’re both so far out of their comfort zones that Antje has to step in and give them the instructions.

They still fail miserably at the challenge, but manage to share some laughs.

Things go much smoother for Caylee and Peter in the hot tub during the Deeper Dive, when they find out that they have similar attitudes towards relationships, self-improvement, and their goals.

Caylee even has to admit that her preconceived notions of Peter as a player were wrong.

Both Caylee and Peter go into their final decision optimistic that there is at least some kind of connection between them.

At the end of the afternoon, however, Peter’s something more was met with only a match from Caylee.

Caylee: MATCH

Peter: MORE

E4: Sumner Stroh/Kristian Barbarich

Air Date: October 19, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

Things start a bit awkwardly when New Zealander and self-described “serial reality show dater” Kristian Barbarich first sits down with Texas model Sumner Stroh.

After a few moments of less-than-breezy small talk, Antje comes in to explain what they’ll be doing for the rest of the afternoon. Even after admitting that they find each other attractive, Sumner and Kristian remain apprehensive as they go into the Icebreaker round.

Despite the awkwardness, Sumner and Kristian end up scoring the most points during the Icebreaker round than any pair before them. Not only did they have the most lucky guesses during the true or false round, they also got an (almost) perfect score on the memory portion. In fact, Antje had to insert a bonus question just to try to throw them off their streak.

After getting to know one another a little better, they both loosen up a bit as they head into the main challenge.

Just like in the Amber Diamond and Thompson episode, Sumner and Kristian’s Physical Challenge is the escape room. With their nearly-perfect performance in the first round, it’s easy to have high hopes for Sumner and Kristian in this challenge. Not to mention, Sumner seems to be especially fond of escape rooms.

Sumner takes command early on, but Kristian catches on quickly. Soon, the two are communicating and working together so seamlessly that they complete the escape room with minutes to spare. Sumner, who can be slow to warm up to people, even admits that her opinion of Kristian grew after the escape room.

In the hot tub during the Deeper Dive, it’s clear that Sumner and Kristian both appreciate the one another in a swimsuit. But the conversation goes even deeper when they share their philosophies towards family and money.

Sumner and Kristian can’t help but be blown away by how much they have in common.

At the end of the day, they both decide that they’re only a match. But who knows what the future will bring?

It’s a MATCH!

E5: Miss Lexi/Eric Guilmette

Air Date: October 26, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

Model and self-described “New Age hippie” Eric Guilmette is hopeful that he’ll find a romantic connection when he sits down with model Miss Lexi. Instantly, Lexi is disarmed by Eric’s attractiveness and the two waste no time making flirty chitchat.

As soon as Antje’s Icebreaker challenge starts, Eric and Lexi’s chemistry goes from flirty to compatible. Not only are they both brainy athletes, but their intuition games are strong too as they breeze through many of the true or false questions.

Their memory skills are slightly less impressive, but they manage to get some points on the board.

It’s not a surprise that Eric and Lexi started strong during the obstacle course in the Physical Challenge. It also gave Eric the opportunity to showcase his impressive patience, communication skills and athleticism.

Lexi struggled a bit in the communication department when it was her turn to navigate Eric (maybe she was distracted by his hair?), but they still completed the challenge in time.

During the Deeper Dive, Lexi and Eric bond over their love of working out, especially when it comes to leg day.

Their common ground extends beyond the physical too– both are avid meditators, and have similar beliefs when it comes to relationships and soul mates.

When it’s time for Eric and Lexi to register their verdicts to Antje, Eric reveals that he’s open to something more.

However, Lexi feels that it’s only a match for now. But, she’s open to working out with Eric in the future and seeing what happens.


Eric: MORE

E6: Paige Woolen/Jay Gould

Air Date: Nov. 2, 2022 | Watch on OFTV

LA influencer Paige Woolen is open to meeting more than just a new friend when she sits down with midwestern model Jay Gould.

There’s definitely a mutual attraction brewing (and a shared love of dogs), but it’s still unclear how Jay’s Michigan politeness will gel with Paige’s resting Palisades face. 

Antje can’t help but notice how well Paige and Jay are hitting it off at the start of the Icebreaker challenge. Even if Paige isn’t a fan of Jay’s cow-print shorts, there’s still plenty of flirty giggles to go around.

Antje’s anatomy-themed true or false questions (even the ones about webbed feet) just add fuel to the flirtation fire and the pair leave the first round with a few points on the board.

In the Physical Challenge, Jay’s rugged midwestern upbringing shines through when they’re tasked with pitching a camping tent while handcuffed together. Paige couldn’t be more thrilled to let Jay take the lead on this one: “The more you do, the happier I am.”.

To nobody’s surprise, Paige and Jay pitch the tent with minutes to spare. They even manage to exchange some tent-related double entendres along the way.

Paige and Jay’s flirtation continues in the hot tub during the Deeper Dive. However, Paige starts to notice a shift in body language from Jay when they begin discussing relationship red flags.

Things go downhill even further when Jay reveals that he only tips 15% to food delivery drivers. It’s pretty clear Paige isn’t interested in anything more than a friendship with Jay at this point.

Paige and Jay enter the decision feeling far less flirty than when they started. Paige decides that she thinks Jay’s a good friendship match.

In a surprise twist, Jay shoots his shot by selecting something more, but for Antje before agreeing that Paige was also a match.

It’s a MATCH!

Miss/Match season two has arrived!

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