Miss/Match Recap: Season Three

By OFTV Editor

July 3, 2024

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After two must-see seasons, OFTV’s Miss/Match Season Three delivered even more excitement, surprises, and romance! With host Antje Utgaard working her match-making magic once again, each episode featured two OnlyFans creators sharing one unforgettable blind date. Antje added some brand-new challenges to her bag of tricks to keep these singles on their toes. So read on for our exclusive recap of Miss/Match Season Three.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

S3E1: Genevieve Shawcross/Joseph Abell

April 19, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Joseph Abell, a first-time dating show participant, is looking for a woman with a high emotional IQ and “big bright eyes.”

Will he find what he’s looking for in Genevieve Shawcross? This reformed Miami party girl has gone for “hot guys” in the past, but now claims to be totally over f*** boys.

While blindfolded, Joseph and Genevieve bond over a mutual love for travel—particularly in Bali. And when the blindfolds come off, both are pleasantly surprised.

In a new challenge, Lie to Me, the two must guess if their date is lying about topics picked out of a bowl.

Joseph opens about his decision to leave his law career to become a full-time creator. Meanwhile, Genevieve convinces Joseph that she’s Mark Cuban’s daughter (she is not).

In another new game, Melt My Heart, the two attempt to melt an ice sculpture using only their body heat. However, Antje is standing by with helpful tools (like a blowtorch), but only if they can correctly remember facts about their date.

Genevieve’s sharp listening skills save the day, and they successfully melt the heart before time runs out.

Moving onto the Deeper Dive, Joseph and Genevieve instantly discover common ground with their travel and relationship goals.

Joseph admires Genevieve’s passion and sense of adventure, while she appreciates his work ethic and intelligence. Although they share a lack of “real” relationship experience, they both claim to want to date their best friend.

On the balcony, Joseph and Genevieve reveal their decisions, and it’s a match! Joseph wastes no time and plans a romantic hike and late-night dinner for their first date.

It’s a MATCH!

S3E2: Lizzy Capri/Jesse Posey

April 25, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

After a year of being single, YouTuber Lizzy Capri hopes to find a passionate partner who embraces new challenges and lives fearlessly. Actor Jesse Posey is looking for an open and honest woman with great banter.

Unfortunately, Lizzy and Jesse first encounter is beyond awkward. Although Jesse’s attempt to break the ice with some questions is commendable, Lizzy seems completely preoccupied with being blindfolded.

However, there’s definitely a spark when the blindfolds come off. Jesse is impressed with Lizzy’s kind eyes and cool aesthetic, and Lizzy thinks Jesse is pretty cute as well.

During a round of Lie to Me, Jesse reveals that he loves to cook and learns that Lizzy shares his love of Rao’s pasta sauce. Lizzy amazes Jesse when she reveals that she’s gone on 50 dates in 50 states.

Lizzy is encouraged by his seeming inability to lie convincingly. However, both privately confess that they’re still not sure of their connection.

Next, Antje introduces another new game: Slide Into My DMs. Lizzy and Jesse put their text/emoji-based flirting skills to the test while showcasing their unique personalities.

At one point, Jesse impersonates a cow… It’s a lot of fun.

After an afternoon of mixed feelings, Lizzy and Jesse hope a stronger connection will surface during their Deeper Dive.

They bond over their passion for their careers and discuss past relationships. However, Lizzy notices how much Jesse talks about himself, and how much he uses the word “dude.” It’s giving her friend zone vibes.

When it’s finally time for the big reveal, Lizzy shocks both Antje and Jesse when she chooses “match”. This makes things pretty awkward when Jesse calls it a “miss”. 

Lizzy accepts the rejection, and in his confessional, Jesse says he’s open to a second date… without the cameras.

Lizzy: MATCH

Jesse: MISS

S3E3: Cormac Murphy/CJ Sparxx

May 2, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Love Island cast member and personal trainer Cormac Murphy is tired of hookups and wants to forge a deeper connection. Podcaster/model CJ Sparxx knows what she wants: to settle down with a man with deep pockets.

CJ is immediately into Cormac’s Irish accent, but is less enthused to learn he’s a personal trainer… with a roommate. Cormac is impressed with CJ’s confidence, but takes offense when she labels his job and living situation as “red flags.”

Fortunately, things smooth over when the blindfolds come off. The physical attraction is undeniable.

During Lie to Me, Cormac and CJ bond over their shared enthusiasm for caffeine. However, more red flags surface.

CJ criticizes Cormac for eating too much pizza. Similarly, Cormac worries about CJ’s experience with “sugar daddies.”

Despite some initial hesitation about each other’s pasts, Cormac and CJ connect over their sobriety. The game leaves them eager to learn more about each other.

When Antje then takes them outside to play Pictures of You, both struggle to describe each other for the caricature artist.

During the Deeper Dive, Cormac and CJ’s physical attraction takes center stage. They open up about their journeys to sobriety and dive into their typical romantic “types.”

But just as they’re about to get to the juicy details, Antje interrupts. Cormac and CJ must now decide: miss or match.

Both saw qualities they liked in each other, but are these enough to overcome the initial red flags?

CJ goes first, choosing match. Unfortunately, Cormac thinks it’s a miss. Despite enjoying his time with CJ, he simply couldn’t move past the sugar daddy thing.

Cormac: MISS


S3E4: Zack Larson/Victoria Jimenez

May 9, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Zack Larson (aka Thugger) knows he’s built a reputation as a f*** boy, but he considers himself to be a good man who is looking to settle down.

Victoria Jimenez hasn’t dated in a while, but is excited what Miss/Match has to offer. Even if it’s a date with Antje.

The connection between Zack and Victoria is instant. They love the sound of each other’s voices and agree that the blindfolds add an extra layer of excitement and tension.

When the blindfolds finally do come off, they’re both thrilled.

Heading into Lie to Me, Zack confesses to being a great liar. Victoria, on the other hand, claims to be terrible at it. However, as the game progresses, Victoria proves to be quite good at deception.

And although at one point Victoria calls Zack “toxic”, there don’t seem to be any major red flags between them.

As they attempt to break the ice in Melt My Heart, Zack and Victoria demonstrate their listening skills by flawlessly recalling facts about each other from Lie to Me.

This date is shaping up to be one for the history books.

During their Deeper Dive, Victoria reveals her desire to start a family soon. Zack claims to want the same thing, but is he just saying what Victoria wants to hear?

Victoria proposes a toast to “friendship,” which catches Zack off guard. But after leaving the hot tub, Zack reassures Antje that he’s ready to sweep Victoria off her feet.

Now comes the moment of truth for Zack and Victoria. As they weigh the pros and cons of their date, both admit to feeling a strong attraction.

Ultimately, it’s… a match! Zack starts planning their first date in Malibu, so Victoria can teach him how to swim.

It’s a MATCH!

S3E5: Kaitlyn Krems/Dom Dawson

May 16, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

TikToker Kaitlyn Krems is tired of being single and is ready to take dating seriously. Dom Dawson is a multi-talented creator who is over sliding into people’s DMs.

Despite disagreeing over TV show preferences at first (Kaitlyn hates Dom’s favorite show, The Office), they connect over sports and the Marvel cinematic universe.

When the blindfolds come off, Dom is impressed by Kaitlyn’s confidence and cheerful demeanor.

Kaitlyn mentions she typically gravitates towards men who resemble Dom, and she particularly likes his curly hair.

In a round of Lie to Me, Kaitlyn is relieved to discover Dom has never cheated in a relationship. She does, however, takes note of Dom’s talent for lying.

After changing into swimsuits for their next activity, both Dom and Kaitlyn admire each other’s physiques. Antje introduces another new game: Paint and Chug.

In this game, Kaitlyn and Dom must finger paint the answers to Antje’s questions on each other’s backs. If their partner ‘reads’ their answer incorrectly, they must chug a mystery drink… like bacon soda.

Kaitlyn and Dom learn even more about each other—love languages, favorite foods, past Halloween costumes, etc.

Now in the hot tub for their Deeper Dive, Kaitlyn and Dom bond over their close-knit families. The both also happen to be the youngest siblings in their families.

In her confessional, Kaitlyn admits she can see a future with Dom because he checks a lot of her boxes. Dom isn’t as forthcoming, but also sees the potential in their connection.

It’s time for the reveal, and to no one’s surprise, it’s a match!

Antje tells Dom and Kaitlyn they’re one of her favorite couples yet as they plan their first date: riding roller coasters.

It’s a MATCH!

S3E6: Kellz Ness/Cat Le

May 24, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Kellz Ness, the self-described “hottest dad on TikTok,” isn’t sure if he’s looking for love or just a bit of fun. Cat Le is a creator who excited and terrified for her very first dating show appearance.

Cat is immediately captivated by Kellz’s smooth, ‘Jack Harlow-like’ voice. Kellz wastes no time putting Cat’s spontaneity to the test with a blindfolded kiss.

It’s weird, and throws off their small talk.

But when the blindfolds come off, Kellz is drawn to Cat’s dark hair and eyes. Cat is intrigued by Kellz’s smile and tattoos.

During Lie to Me, Cat gushes over her dogs and reveals her childhood crush on Mr. Clean. Kellz continues to emphasize his fondness for a women’s backsides, which Cat finds odd.

Neither of them fall for a single lie and are impressed by each other’s honesty. Cat senses Kellz’s physical attraction towards her, but wonders if they are truly compatible.

In Pictures of You, Kellz and Cat impress and flatter each other by easily recalling each other’s physical traits.

Despite some wonkiness in Kellz’s portrait, Pictures of You is a huge success, and both are excited to move to the hot tub.

As their Deeper Dive conversation unfolds, Cat is happy that Kellz has a good relationship with the mother of his child.

However, things hit a snag when they realize their daily schedules are totally incompatible. Kellz treasures his early mornings, and wakes up at 5 a.m. each day.

Cat won’t even think about waking up before 10 a.m.

When Antje calls them over, Kellz reveals his decision first—it’s a match. It’s a miss for Cat, however.

She enjoyed Kellz, but not as much as she enjoys sleep.

Kellz: MATCH


S3E7: Ara Queen Bae/Alex Coronado

May 30, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Ara Queen Bae is looking to start a family with a funny, passionate man. Could that be Alex Coronado, who insists he’s a genuine guy, despite his “toxic” appearance?

Ara and Alex are captivated instantly by the sounds of each other’s voices. The connection grows deeper as they discover their shared passion for travel and flirty banter.

Alex takes the opportunity to get a “feel” for Ara’s foot.

When the blindfolds finally come off, Ara is drawn to Alex’s eyes, while Alex is impressed by Ara’s smile and confidence.

Alex proves to be an incredible liar when they move on to Lie to Me. To his credit, Alex recognizes that this is a red flag and their flirty vibes continue.

Alex admires Ara’s career as a chemical engineer. Ara is feeling a strong connection too, but can’t shake the feeling that Alex’s lying could become a problem.

Next, it’s time for Alex and Ara to slip into their bathing suits for a round of Paint and Chug. They manage to guess a lot of the answers correctly, and the flirtation intensifies.

What new information will be revealed in the hot tub?

During their Deeper Dive, Ara and Alex chat about astrology, past infidelities, and their goals for the future. For all of Ara’s amazing qualities, Alex doesn’t get how she’s still single.

He begins to suspect that Ara’s hiding something….

When it’s time for them to make a decision, both Ara and Alex are unsure. Antje predicts a miss.

But it’s a match! Ara and Alex simply couldn’t deny their attraction. For their second date, Ara wants to go fishing—Alex’s favorite activity.

It’s a MATCH!

S3E8: Kaili Thorne/Jahn Lemieux

June 6, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Kaili Thorne describes herself as an “introverted extrovert” on a quest for a genuine soulmate. Artist Jahn Lemieux dreams of creating a “masterpiece” with his perfect match.

Blindfolded, Jahn is immediately drawn to Kaili’s voice and hands. Similarly, Kaili instantly finds Jahn attractive and invites Jahn to dinner that evening.

It could be love at first sight, but they’re still blindfolded.

When they finally get a look at each other, their attraction only intensifies. Kaili even mentions that Jahn could be one of her twelve soulmates.

Although it’s pretty clear how this date will end, Antje still takes them through a round of Lie to Me.

Kaili shares her obsession with the movie Beetlejuice (she watched it eight times in one day). Jahn smoothly lies about speaking French and running the L.A. Marathon.

After all the lying is (hopefully) done for the day, Kaili and Jahn share the spiciest Slide Into My DMs yet. Jahn’s dirty talk is next level, and Kaili doesn’t mind one bit.

Jahn is excited to learn more about Kaili, and Kaili admits to Antje that Jahn is exactly what she’s looking for in a partner.

Kaili and Jahn find more things in common in their Deeper Dive. They both love horror movies and true crime, and value their families and creative careers above anything else.

When it’s time for their epic blind date to end, Kaili worries she’s taking it too fast. She doesn’t want to end up sabotaging a good thing.

Jahn confesses that they could make sense together “as friends… or more.” What’s that supposed to mean?

But, of course it’s a match! They can’t wait to explore their new relationship. They may even book a cruise together.

We can’t think of a more fitting end to a thrilling season!

It’s a MATCH!

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