• Meet the winners of the Creative Fund

Meet the winners of the Creative Fund

Here at OnlyFans, we’re proud to welcome a wide variety of musicians. In March 2020, we launched the Creative Fund, which started in the UK. This was an opportunity to kickstart the career of aspiring and emerging music artists, make their dreams a reality and support the digital creative community.

Now, we are really proud to announce the extremely talented 4 winners, and you can get to know them over on their OnlyFans accounts.

Meet the winners of the Creative Fund!

Ashleigh Bankx on OnlyFans

Ashleigh Bankx

Ashleigh Bankx is Zimbabwe-born, London-raised R&B and soul music artist. Having grown up listening to Zimbabwean gospel music, afro jazz and sungura, she uses these musical influences to create her own blend of unique sound and stand out from the crowd. She also takes inspiration from some of the most successful musicians in history, including Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Rihanna and Lauryn Hill. Ashleigh Bankx recently released the single ‘Angel’, and as a rising star in the music industry, there’s more to come from this self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Soul’ on OnlyFans.

Jayedee on OnlyFans


Jayedee is a rapper who makes music for the soul. Having worked hard to perfect his craft as a result of some personal life experiences, he’ll be dropping his new album ‘LIFE’ on the 9th of July. He released ‘Just A Young Dream’ in 2020 and his singles and EPs include the following tracks: ‘What Happened To Rapping?’, ‘Motivation’, ‘Home’, ‘Lately’, ‘Come Up’ and ‘Life is What You Make It’. With his new album ready to drop, we’re sure to see Jayedee thrive as a musician on OnlyFans.

Mirari on OnlyFans


Mirari (also known as Mirari More) is a rapper based in London and Cardiff. He describes music as ‘the foundation for all my creativity.’ This year, he released his album, ‘DESIRE LIVE’ on music streaming platforms and he has also released EPs ‘Practice Sessions’ and ‘2020 Freestyle’, which includes top tracks ‘La Flare’ and ‘Twice as Tall.’ He’s set to become a big star, so check out his music on OnlyFans.

Morgan Munroe on OnlyFans

Morgan Munroe

Morgan Munroe is a soul and jazz singer, songwriter and well-rounded creative from Leicester. You might recognise her vocals, which were featured in the song ‘Last Night’ by Kamakaze and Massappeals, a song that was displayed on the FIFA 20 soundtrack. And as well as being a highlight on DJ Target’s ‘BBC 1Xtra Instagram Live’ during lockdown, she’s released singles and EPs on streaming services, such as ‘Focus’, ‘Missing’, ‘Layers’, ‘Mama Taught Me’ and ‘Stronger Than Me’. With her road to music stardom clearly on the way, we’re super excited to see her next steps on OnlyFans, so check her out and follow her journey.

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