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Meet Scarlett Howard

Entrepreneurial, articulate and glamourous, Scarlett Howard enjoys a successful portfolio career.

The red-haired beauty from Essex, England, had been working as a model for over a decade when she decided to diversify. She continued modelling and started utilising her lifelong passion for music by becoming a radio presenter.

“I think it was really refreshing for me to move into radio presenting because, unlike modelling, it allowed me to show my personality,” Scarlett told OnlyFans. “Being in radio has allowed me to come through myself, talk about what I like, what music I like and listen to.” Although she has been exploring these new avenues, she continues to enjoy modelling. “I love both modelling and radio presenting. It’s nice to be who I want to be and then play a character of a model when that time comes around.”

Naturally enterprising and intelligent, with business understanding honed by a degree in the subject, Scarlett joined OnlyFans as a way to make use of her modelling talents while her free social media platforms moved further towards radio.
“When I moved from modelling into radio presenting my social media became a little overtaken by photos of me in the studio or talking about music which my followers loved, but a lot of my followers have been loyal for the past ten years and they still want to see these modelling shots of me.” While the content she posts on OnlyFans is mostly modelling related, she finds that the other aspects of her career often come into play on the platform.

“It’s interesting how many people join OnlyFans for the modelling content and then chat to me about radio presenting!”

Watch the full video interview with Scarlett Howard:

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