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The fans who cry ‘Wolfie’

The power of social media and the influence content creators possess is exciting, inspiring and incredibly lucrative. The fast-paced nature and the rise of social media over the years has allowed many influencers to thrive and flourish online, including chef, fitness enthusiast and model Jem Wolfie. And thanks to OnlyFans, the ability of content creators to connect with their fans in unique ways, has not only transformed the fortunes of influencers, but has radically and permanently altered the digital media landscape.

A marketing ‘Jem’

This is why influencers, like Jem Wolfie, are marketing gold. She has achieved ‘social media celebrity status’ by being who she is and has amassed around two million dedicated followers online simply because people want to see her content. This is the person-to-person influence in motion and both Jem and her fans are engaged on a deeper level, even though the form of their connection is virtual.

Jem Wolfie’s passion for what she does, the acceleration of her fanbase and the loyalty she has acquired has helped her to make a name for herself. Her enthusiasm has also attracted brands that recognise the power of her fan relationships. Her endorsements, whilst very selective and true to her genuine beliefs, nets her a healthy income. The inclusion of products in her content is real, personal and natural, and that approach works for Jem and the brands she represents. The loyalty of her fans is so important to her, so she’s always been focused on staying authentic and true to herself when creating content online.

This is why Jem opened her account with OnlyFans!

“I’ve gained fans because they like what I do, they like what they see and they appreciate my content. Of course, I’m happy to work with brands and include them in posts if it’s relevant to what I am doing, but I want to remain true to why I started doing this, and why fans connected with me in the first place.”

So, as an OnlyFans content creator with one of the most popular accounts on the platform, what attracted Jem Wolfie to social media and what has OnlyFans brought to her highly successful career as a fitness influencer? Let’s find out.

Why Jem Wolfie signed up to OnlyFans

“I started posting content on social media, mainly Instagram, [from 2013] as I wanted to share my passion for health, sports, fitness and modelling. I really enjoyed creating video [content] and I genuinely wanted to inspire people to lead a fitter, healthier way of life. Not many people were using Instagram at that point but I saw its potential as a way of reaching out and sharing my passions with like-minded people.”

In a virtual world that also happens to be very visual, Jem’s combination of content, physique and obvious sex appeal won legions of fans, and fast.

“I wanted to model underwear, swimwear, sportswear and all kind of things I’m passionate about…”

From the start, Jem posted daily and listened to her fans and what they wanted. Her following grew organically, and getting the balance right between what fans wanted and what she set out to do was key to her online success.

“The fans came because I listened and as long as their requests were acceptable to me, I gave them more of what they wanted. I think this is why I attract genuine fans as they understand what I do and how far I will go.”

After posting consistently Jem reached a key milestone: 100,000 fans. At this point, Jem realised there was a career in social media and the time had come to fulfil her potential.

“I always believed I had [the] potential to make a name for myself but it kind of hit me when I reached 100,000 fans. Then I knew I could make it a full-time job!” she says.

The perfect content combination

Hitting on a combination of videos and images with regular and varied content spanning her passions, the fans kept flocking to Jem and as her profile grew, so did her earning potential.

“I attract sponsorships and I do promotional content for a range of brands including gym apparel, beauty products and even record labels, but my content is still true to my origins and personal values. I believe that’s why I’ve retained fans and continue to grow.”

Having reached this point, Jem thought about her next step and gravitated to OnlyFans as a way of enhancing the value for fans and the commercial value of her social media enterprise.

“I love what I do, but being a content creator and influencer is my business too. I wanted to see how I could grow my income and, at the same time, look after my fans. I decided OnlyFans provided the perfect way to tick both boxes and after a few weeks, I was proved right.”

A success story of seismic proportions

Jem Wolfie joined OnlyFans in 2018. After a month into her OnlyFans journey, she achieved over 10,000 subscribers, each paying a subscription of $9.99 (£7.75) per month. In total, she’s earned close to $8m (£5m). And thanks to her earning potential on the platform, she’s been able to boost her lifestyle by achieving financial freedom, purchasing a Porsche, building and designing her dream home and establishing her fitness and activewear business, Workouts By Wolfie.

So, to say her OnlyFans journey has been a huge success is an understatement. Jem is delighted.

“My intention is to give exclusives to my fans who are prepared to pay a small subscription for it. I work hard on my content and I want to give something more than I do on my mainstream platforms. To give value to fans I have to make sure the quality is right and they will appreciate what I’m creating, so they feel it’s worth the money. It’s a two-way thing so everyone ends up feeling happy.”

“Being in Australia, I didn’t know a lot about OnlyFans but when I was looking for ways to build my income from content it came up top spot on Google.”

As Jem insists, OnlyFans is for all creators and she is spreading the word of her success to fitness, beauty and makeup artists who she feels can make substantial incomes from their content.

“When I see some comments about OnlyFans it saddens me because, sure some people use it and subscribe to it for [sexy content], but there are a growing number of mainstream influencers who create valuable content that fans and followers are happy to pay for. Personal trainers, makeup artists and other content creators I know are posting work outs and tutorials and having amazing success on OnlyFans. I hope others will follow and the perceptions some have of OnlyFans will be put into perspective.”

That said, Jem is not opposed to using OnlyFans to express her sexuality without judgement.

“Being a social media entrepreneur, influencer and content creator is empowering. Being a woman and expressing my sexuality is to be celebrated but subscribers have to accept that I draw the line.”

In conclusion, Jem offers words of encouragement to other content creators. Her meteoric rise from social media enthusiast to social media celebrity and OnlyFans advocate is indeed inspirational.

“I think OnlyFans is a force for good and an incredible way to make an income from your content. The bottom line is if your content is good enough, people will be prepared to pay for it and if it’s not, they won’t. Just think about how you can add something to your content that builds on what you’re good at, see the value in it and create an account. Then see how you go!”

Are you looking to become the next social media superstar, like Jem Wolfie? Sign up to OnlyFans today and make money from your content!

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