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Meet Ivy Tenebrae

Ivy Tenebrae is a true creative. Not only is she a popular alternative model, but she also cosplays incredible costumes and props that she has made herself.

Cosplay allows Ivy to combine her artistic and DIY skills, her modelling experience and her love for fandoms like League of Legends.
“I got into cosplay by accident. I used to do all sorts of modelling and started off doing car events and then I moved into latex.”
The full story of how Ivy accidentally got into cosplay is in the video interview below (it involves a snake!), but regardless, discovering cosplay was a lightbulb moment.

“This is a thing I can actually do and I love it!” Ivy realised. “What can I build next?” She went on developing her photography skills and building more and more costumes and props. “I finished a photography course and set up my own studio at home and that’s how I cosplay now.”

Ivy joined OnlyFans as a way to push the limits of her creativity without censorship. She found OnlyFans to be a great platform to connect with her fans more deeply and finance her art. “I wanted to experiment with different types of photography and unfortunately, other social media platforms don’t necessarily accept that. It appealed to me that I can do that on OnlyFans. People have been really supportive which means that I can invest back into my work from OnlyFans.”

Watch the full video:

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