• May 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

May 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an influencer or content creator in 2021, now is the time, so what are you waiting for? There are many ways to become an influencer or content creator, and you don’t need to be a major celebrity in order to do this. We have plenty of OnlyFans creators of micro and nano influence who are highly successful on the platform, which just goes to show that you don’t have to be a huge creator on other platforms to thrive on OnlyFans. And with our easy guide to getting started, you could become the next soaring star like these wonderful Rising Stars! Here are the May 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Surf with Claire OnlyFans

Surf With Claire

Claire Lush is known as Surf With Claire (and Surfer Girl.) She loves watersports, spending time at the beach and sharing her top wellness tips with her fans. You can view Claire’s surfing skills, passions and exclusive content on her OnlyFans page! Speaking about how much she’s loving OnlyFans and the best thing about the platform, Claire said:

“How cool is it that you can learn about sports like surfing on OnlyFans? I don’t know any other platform that can connect you directly with someone like that. I spend all my time on OnlyFans over all other social platforms, there [are] more genuine connections and creativity on here.”

Ahri Findling OnlyFans

Ahri Findling

Ahri Findling is a comedian and TV writer, currently writing for the TV show ‘Nikki Glaser is Obessed’ on the ‘E!’ network. As a comedian, he’s performed standup throughout the USA and has performed at festivals, including the ‘New York Comedy Festival’, ‘Brooklyn Comedy Festival’ and the ‘Pittsburg Comedy Festival’. Now, Ahri Findling is bringing his comedy to OnlyFans and having a lot of fun! Speaking about his time on the platform, he said:

“OnlyFans has been a blast so far. Having a new fanbase to entertain has really helped me grow as a comedian. So stop reading this and go follow me already…”

Chas Photographer OnlyFans

Chas Lyn

Chas Lyn is a photographer, influencer, digital nomad, podcaster and social media coach. She educates her subscribers on how to turn their hobbies into lucrative jobs and escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle. So, if you’re looking to turn your passions into profit, acquire a full-time career as a content creator, or even establish a rewarding side hustle, then check out Chas Lyn on OnlyFans and subscribe for some top tips, hints and advice.

Talking about her positive experience on OnlyFans, Chas Lyn says:

“OnlyFans has been amazing so far. I’m so grateful for every follower I have gained! Each new person that follows me is someone I can try to help escape their boring 9-5 job and turn content creation into a new career they can be proud of, so they can finally make a living doing what they love! It feels amazing to put so much hard work into my content and finally be rewarded for it!”

Tori WhoDat OnlyFans

Tori WhoDat

Tori WhoDat is a hip hop artist from Memphis, Tennessee and ‘one to watch’, according to Billboard. She’s released singles and EPs on music streaming services, including ‘Love The Way’, ‘Heather Grey’, ‘Thru My City’, ‘Beasts’, ‘The Come Up’, ‘Still I’, ‘Money’ and ‘Move Thru.’ As well as releasing top tracks, she’s on OnlyFans to connect with her ‘true crew’, showcase behind-the-scenes footage of her latest music videos and exclusively play unreleased music.

Discussing what she loves about OnlyFans, Tori WhoDat says:

“What I appreciate most about OnlyFans are the various features that allow you to connect with your following in a more intimate manner compared to social media, while using similar functions to engage your core supporters in a mutually beneficial way. Through OnlyFans, I monetize my creativity and get paid to be myself.”

Kbsteve OnlyFans


KBSteve is a kettlebell coach and movement specialist. He likes to train his clients to help them reach their fullest potential and educate people on the benefits of fitness and exercise. So, if you’re looking for fitness advice and you want to get into exercising on a regular basis, then check out KBSteve on OnlyFans.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, KBSteve said:

“OnlyFans is continuing to keep me engaged and having fun due to how much of a constantly evolving experience it is. As a natural entrepreneur, I’m always looking for opportunities. Whether that’s connecting with others and cultivating relationships or putting the pieces together to finalize a project, on OnlyFans these opportunities are truly endless. I still don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface of this platform’s potential.”

Starseed OnlyFans


If you’re searching for inspirational content, check out Starseed on OnlyFans. She’s on the platform to help share joy and positivity with others, and she’s on hand to help motivate you to boost your mindset, connect with spirituality, learn to love yourself and find happiness in your life.

Talking about how much she loves using OnlyFans to connect with her audience and create a community, Starseed said:

“I have absolutely enjoyed my time on OnlyFans and getting to spread my positivity, joy, and light into the lives of many all around the world. That is why I joined, and to hear from my fans that they are receiving my content in that exact way has been the most rewarding thing besides being my own boss and being able to work independently.”

Šarūnas Kezys OnlyFans

Šarūnas Kezys

Šarūnas Kezys is a stunt rider from Lithuania. He holds a Guinness World Record for the most circle wheelies on a motorcycle in one minute – 36 to be precise! With his crazy stunts going viral, he’s been able to build up a fanbase online and has attracted many followers on social media. Now, he’s joined OnlyFans to share more of his fast-paced, tyre-shredding content. Speaking about his love for the platform, Šarūnas Kezys says:

“OnlyFans has really inspired me to do more content for my fans, because I know they really like my crazy stuff!”

Alicia Goku OnlyFans

Alicia Goku

Alicia Goku is a rapper, comedian and influencer. Her music – which includes the songs ‘Can’t Hang’, ‘This Song’ and ‘Cut and Money’ – has gained millions of streams on many platforms. Now she’s sharing exclusive content on her OnlyFans, so check her out if you want to receive good vibes, new music releases and behind-the-scenes footage on being a social media influencer.

Discussing her time on OnlyFans and how she’s closely connecting with her subscribers, Alicia Goku said:

“Joining OnlyFans has been a super dope experience! My supporters are getting a more intimate side of me and I love it. It’s making me so happy that my behind-the-scenes work and music are being appreciated on this platform!”

Who are your favourite May 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments below!

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