• March 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

March 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

In some places in the world, spring is here! And best of all, life is slowly starting to return back to normality. As we drift into a ‘new normal’ in society, the influencer industry continues to grow and become bigger than ever. Current and emerging trends – such as value-driven content on social media – are here to stay. Also, it’s been predicted that by the year 2022, the influencer industry will be worth over $15 billion, showing how much of a powerful force it’s become. As usual, we have so many amazing and talented OnlyFans creators making the most of building an online presence that truly represents who they are. Here are the March 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Owen V Rogers OnlyFans

Owen Rogers

Owen Rogers is a clothing designer based in New York City. He runs his own clothing brand, Homesick NY. He recently joined OnlyFans to teach people how to get clothing manufactured. His goals are to provide step-by-step tutorials on how to design and advertise clothes and give resources to help those who want to create their own fashion brands.

Speaking about joining OnlyFans, Owen Rogers said:

“It’s amazing being able to help so many people on OnlyFans and it has been such a great new experience on this platform. I’ve been having a lot of fun!”

Workout With Amy OnlyFans

Workout with Amy

For those of you looking for some fitness inspiration, check out Amy Ramirez, also known as Workout with Amy. She’s living her dream life and she’s on OnlyFans to share her top tips on fitness, health and workouts. Also, she’s bringing her ‘positive vibes’ mantra on the platform to help motivate and inspire others.

Talking about sharing her passion for fitness with her fans on OnlyFans, she said:

“I’ve always had a passion for fitness, and if I knew how much I was going to be able to connect with my audience, to share my content giving them advice and motivating them every single day, I would have started OnlyFans sooner. It has allowed me to do what I love and connect with other creators that motivate me even more and I’m really excited for more to come.”

Shirley Ju OnlyFans

Shirley Ju

Shirley Ju is a music journalist who’s been in the business for over a decade. Thanks to her career, she’s interviewed some of the popular hip hop acts in the business, including Inas X, Chanel West Coast, Queen Key, DooWop, Rubi Rose, Trippie Redd, YBN Nahmir and Too $hort. She’s even interviewed musician, twerking queen and OnlyFans creator Lexy Panterra!

On her OnlyFans, she’ll be sharing exclusive content and giving advice to aspiring journalists on how to carve out a successful career in the media industry.

Discussing her time on OnlyFans, Shirley Ju said:

“OnlyFans has been such a fun journey thus far! People always told me I needed to get on the platform and I honestly wish I [joined] sooner. It’s cool to be able to monetize your posts, especially when you work as hard as I do. [I am] super grateful for the opportunity and I recommend OnlyFans to anyone out there who’s considering!”

Richelle Gemini March 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Richelle Gemini

Richelle Gemini is a multi-talented entertainer and creative from Houston, Texas who wears many hats! She’s a poet, author, singer, songwriter, rapper, artist and vegan chef.

Now she’s bringing her special skills to OnlyFans. As a poet, she’s won many poetry slam competitions. Plus, she’s performed as the opening act on tours and released EPs and albums titled ‘Survival Mode’ and ‘Sweet Gemi Jones’.

On social media, she’s organically grown her following and has now joined OnlyFans to showcase her exclusive content and inspire her loyal fans. Talking about using OnlyFans to showcase her talents and connect closely with her audience, Richelle Gemini said:

“First of all, I’m so grateful for every follower I’ve gained! The OnlyFans platform has given me a new space to be a creative and efficient way to allow my fan base to support me financially. [I’ve just released] my new album ‘As For Me and my House’ and one of my visuals will exclusively be released on OnlyFans! I can’t wait! I’m so excited.”

Who are your favourite March 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section below!

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