• Makeup Artists of OnlyFans

Makeup Artists of OnlyFans

As a makeup artist, establishing an online presence to showcase your skills is very important and a brilliant way to ensure success in your career. Utilising digital media as a makeup artist means that you can display more of your work, reach a wider audience and attract potential clients. On OnlyFans, we have plenty of makeup artists that are showcasing their passions on our platform and making use of the extensive tools and monetisation features on offer. Here are the makeup artists of OnlyFans!

Chase Runaway OnlyFans

Chase Runaway

Chase Runaway is a New York City drag queen, makeup artist and self-proclaimed goddess of love who loves to showcase the most colourful and glamorous makeup looks and outfits on social media. In addition to this, Chase Runaway uses social media to bring awareness to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Trans Lives Matter’ movements. On OnlyFans, you can find more of Chase Runaway’s makeup looks, as well as merch and tickets to drag shows, so subscribe now to Chase’s page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a makeup artist and drag queen, Chase says:

“My time on OnlyFans as a makeup artist and queen has been a constant metamorphosis for those who love to watch an artist develop and grow.”

Charlie Hernan OnlyFans

Charlie Hernan

Charlie Hernan is a makeup artist from Devon, UK. She displays the most detailed, creative and extravagant looks for her fans, including characters from famous films and seasonal looks. She also owns her own handmade jewellery business, ‘Charrings’. On her OnlyFans page, you can enter exclusive giveaways, gain tips and tricks if you’re a budding makeup artist, and get advice on how to grow your social media and receive free products from PR agencies.

Talking about her experience of using OnlyFans so far, Charlie Hernan said:

“Since I’ve been on OnlyFans, I’ve met so many new people and have really enjoyed having a space to post all the behind-the-scenes [content], sneak peeks and before and afters of my looks. Looking forward to continuing my time on OnlyFans, and [I] can’t wait to meet more people and share more looks!”

Rebecca MUA OnlyFans

Rebecca MUA

Rebecca MUA is a self-taught makeup artist from Sweden who’s passionate about cruelty-free beauty. As well as creating the best artistic looks for her fanbase, she’s a lover of creating natural makeup looks. On her OnlyFans page, you can find Rebecca sharing more exclusive makeup content that you won’t be able to find on her other social media channels.

Discussing her time as a makeup artist on OnlyFans, Rebecca MUA said:

“I started [my] OnlyFans [page] just a couple of months ago and the love I’ve received is amazing! Being able to share my artwork on yet another platform makes me feel so connected to my fans and what I do! Helping out people who are just starting out, or just being able to give advice makes me even more inspired! [I] can’t wait to see what more OnlyFans has to give for my growth and success.”

Jessy Malone OnlyFans

Jessy Malone

Jessy Malone is a makeup artist and content creator from Ireland. With her creative makeup looks ranging from hot to horror, Jessy’s not afraid to experiment with different applications and techniques to achieve the best looks. Now, you can learn all about beauty and makeup tips and tricks by checking out her OnlyFans page, as well as viewing her makeup masterclasses.

Talking about why she loves using OnlyFans as a makeup artist, she says:

“I love using OnlyFans as a makeup artist because it’s a great social platform to showcase creativity and to be more personal with your followers.”

ShimycatsMUA OnlyFans


Catherine Shim, also known as Shinycatsmua, is a makeup artist, digital content creator, beauty blogger, influencer and social media consultant. She’s also best known for appearing on the Lifetime Network television show ‘American Beauty Star’ in 2017. With her artistic talents, over fifteen years’ worth of experience and over three million followers on social media, Catherine has made a name for herself in the industry with her alluring makeup tutorials and beauty hacks. So, subscribe to her OnlyFans page for more makeup masterclasses and top tips and tricks on the best makeup application techniques.

Shimycatsmua loves using OnlyFans as a makeup artist, and here’s why:

“I love using OnlyFans as a makeup artist because of the creative freedoms you have on the platform. I can share exclusive tips and tricks available only to my true fans.”

Cody Jay MUA

Cody Jay MUA

Cody Jay MUA is a certified professional makeup artist, beauty guru and full-time content creator. He posts product reviews and swatches, makeup tutorials and skincare tips and recommendations for all skin types. He’s super passionate about his work, so if you’re a beauty lover, subscribe to his OnlyFans page for more content that will keep you feeling positive.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a certified makeup artist and beauty content creator, Cody Jay said:

“In the time that I’ve been on OnlyFans as a professional makeup artist and beauty content creator, I’ve received nothing but support from my followers and the OnlyFans team. Sharing my passion for all things beauty is super important to me, and I’m grateful to have another platform like OnlyFans to post my tips, tricks, tutorials and reviews on! It’s been a great experience!”

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