Liam O’Neill Is Keeping Golf Fresh

By Andy K

October 4, 2023

3 Minute Read

Ever since going pro, Liam O’Neill has been winning golf tournaments all over the world. As the first pro golfer to join Team OnlyFans, Liam has the opportunity to introduce his sport to a whole new audience. With an OnlyFans profile filled with behind-the-scenes footage of his career and genuinely helpful golf tips, Liam O’Neill is keeping golf fresh. Liam spoke with us about his early years, his professional accomplishments, and how OnlyFans can play a role in the future of golf.

How did you start out playing golf?

I started when I was 10 years old and I got a set of golf clubs for Christmas. Ever since I picked up a golf club, I’ve been obsessed with it, to be honest.

I pretty much played every single day until I was 16. And then I left school, played full-time golf and international golf, and traveled the world as an amateur. Then, when I got to the age of 19 or 20, I turned professional.

I think initially it did come quite naturally, probably from playing other sports– ball games, tennis, football, which I played when I was young.

Obviously, it’s taken a lot of work to improve my skills over the years, but initially it came quite naturally.

Did you have a golf hero early on?

It was always Tiger Woods. Even to this day, it’s Tiger Woods.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’ve won a number of times as a professional. I think that, like most sportsmen, I’m quite critical of myself. I’d like to be further developed and to accomplish more.

In the short term, I’d like to look at playing on the LIV tour with everything they’re doing. Their movement in golf is obviously progressing at quite a speed.

So I’ve got some short term goals, which I’d really like to accomplish in the next six to twelve months.

You clearly hold yourself to a high standard. What does success look like to you?

The place every golfer wants to play is the PGA tour. It’s where Rory’s playing; it’s where Tiger plays. But now, we’ve got other opportunities globally, which is fantastic.

Can you tell us how you prepare for a tournament?

That’s a good question! You’ve got different courses, you’ve got different climates, so obviously the ball reacts differently.

Depending on where you’re playing around the world, your practice is obviously very much focused on those specifics.

I was in Scotland playing St. Andrews in windy, firm conditions. And I was working on keeping the ball out of the air essentially.

Whereas if I traveled to America or Asia, the ball’s very much “through the air”, so everything is soft and there’s not as much wind.

What do you wish you knew when you were first coming up as a pro golfer?

There are many golfers around the world that have the ability. Your physical capability can get you so far, but the biggest challenge is mental.

Once you’ve got the capacity to hit the shots, play golf to a certain standard, it’s 75% mental from there.

And just being resilient and focusing on yourself– your own game, your own career. Just being headstrong I would say is important.

I think stoicism is a huge thing, especially in golf.

What’s been the reaction in the clubhouse to your OnlyFans profile?

There’s been a lot of reaction, yeah!

I’ve had a lot of questions, you know, daily. The barista will see OnlyFans on my top and ask, “What’s OnlyFans? Do you work for them? Are you on OnlyFans?”

And I’ll say, “Yeah, I’m on OnlyFans, I’m a professional golfer. And alternatively to just competing, I’m sharing content on the platform. Practice sessions, workout videos, I’ve got a couple of miniature dogs on there as well!”

You do get a lot of questions, but you get used to it. People are interested, which is a good thing.

The natural misconception is probably that OnlyFans is an X-rated platform and essentially the only creators that are on there are creating that sort of material.

I obviously know that’s not the case.

I first figured out I could use OnlyFans and monetize my content when I saw that Derek Chisora was on the platform.

Then I saw a lot of the MMA fighters were on OnlyFans, the UFC guys. And once you start delving in, you realize OnlyFans is making big moves.

What makes your OnlyFans content different from what you share on other platforms?

There’s definitely more of a behind the scenes and a day-to-day lifestyle that I share with my OnlyFans subscribers.

On Instagram, it’s more about driving attention to tournaments and creating content for that.

OnlyFans is more personable.  I’ve had a couple of people reach out and say, “Look, I’m struggling out of the bunker. Could you just send me a tip or show me how to do this?”

And I’ll just make a quick bunker video, send it across, and they’re really thankful for that.

On other social platforms, you really won’t get that level of interaction. But on OnlyFans, the direct messaging interaction is much more personal, which is great for my subscribers.

What does OnlyFans have to offer professional golfers like you?

More athletes now see themselves as a brand, not just an athlete, which I think is huge. And OnlyFans lets us monetize our content, and create another revenue stream.

You’ve got golfers who maybe go out and compete well, but sometimes that’s their only revenue stream. Whereas if you expand your mind and be creative, you can use OnlyFans to give out lessons or tips.

You can monetize your content and still focus on your sport. And that’s probably true for any sport.

Speaking of tips, do you have any for athletes new to OnlyFans?

I’d say consistency.

Post numerous times a day and mix that content up between video footage and photos.

Be open to letting people in on the lifestyle. Whether it’s pets, partners, family, whatever it may be.

And again, give tips and pointers. People obviously want to delve into the technique. If they think you can give quality advice, that’s priceless for your subscribers.

Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Thanks for subscribing, and stay tuned. I’ve got some exciting things coming in 2024.

“I won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s going to be good.”

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