Waters Emerges Victorious at OF’s LFA 156

By OF Sports Editor

April 29, 2023

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April 14’s LFA 156 saw two formidable fighters– Trey Waters and Jalin Fuller– square off for the alliance’s welterweight championship. What followed was an unforgettable evening for combat sports, and one that OnlyFans was proud to sponsor. Read on for a recap of LFA 156, and how Waters emerged victorious from the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD.

A Shocking Second Act

Waters and Fuller went into LFA 156 looking to win the first title of their careers. And when the fight began, Fuller established early dominance by landing a swift kick to Waters’ torso. After sending Waters to the mat the first time, Fuller continued searching for takedown opportunities.

Both known for their guillotine chokes, Waters and Fuller were careful not to overcommit in their attacks. It’s common for muay-thai style fighters to be more reserved early in a match; and while Fuller was decidedly more aggressive, both spent much of the first round feeling one another out.

The momentum picked up in the second round, with Fuller landing another blow to Waters’ lead leg. Shortly after, Fuller found an opening to strike with a high kick to Waters’ jaw. With Waters stunned, Fuller followed up with a clean combination that drew a huge reaction from the crowd.

There’s no doubt Fuller believed the title was his as he prepared another round of strikes. But when lunging forward with a left hook, Fuller created an opportunity for Waters to land a blow to the head.

Waters seized the moment, connected with Fuller’s head, and won the LFA’s welterweight title with a KO.    

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