Kash Doll, Ivorian Doll Land on OnlyFans

By OF Entertainment Editor

February 22, 2024

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In 2023, OnlyFans welcomed two dynamic rappers, Kash Doll and Ivorian Doll, to its roster of talented musicians. While both use the moniker “Doll”, they each have their own distinct personalities and styles. Much like Iggy Azalea, Kash Doll and Ivorian Doll are showing fans around the world why OnlyFans is a premier destination for big-name artists. Wondering what these rappers have in store on OnlyFans? Read on, listen, and subscribe!

Kash Doll @kashdoll

Born and raised in Detroit, Arkeisha Antoinette Knight (aka Kash Doll) started out in entertainment as a dancer. However, after rapping on stage at the club where she worked, people took notice of her extraordinary lyrical talent.

Local record label BMB was quick to sign Kash Doll and give the emerging artist her first record deal. While signed to BMB, Kash connected with many other rap artists from Detroit, including Big Sean.

In fact, it was Kash’s feature on Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s 2017 song “So Good” that propelled her into rap stardom.

Soon after, Kash began opening shows for Drake and eventually joined the artist roster of Republic Records. In 2019, Kash released her first bonafide hit, “Ice Me Out”, which has since racked up over 26 million YouTube views.

Following the success of “Ice Me Out”, Kash recorded “Ready Set” with Big Sean, collaborated with Summer Walker on “No Lames”, and released “Doin’ Too Much”. She has also landed acting roles on Fox’s Empire, and Starz’s BMF.

Needless to say, we’re excited Kash Doll is sharing her talents on OnlyFans.

Ivorian Doll @queenivd

Back in 2017, Vanessa Mahi (aka Ivorian Doll) was a well-known YouTuber, often stirring up online controversies with her unfiltered honesty.

However, Vanessa gradually found her way into the music industry when she began collaborating with her friend Abigail Asante. Their 2018 debut, “The Situation”, took the U.K. drill scene by storm and raised both artists’ profiles significantly.

After releasing a slew of successful follow-up tracks (“Spare Me”, “No Bae”, “Bouji”), Ivorian’s confidence as a rapper grew to the point that she began working as a solo artist.Her solo debut single, “Rumours”, instantly solidified Ivorian’s place among London’s legendary rap artists.

Now firmly established as the “Queen of Drill”, Ivorian Doll has collaborated with Duran Duran and continues to create unapologetically powerful music for her adoring fans, collectively known as “the Dollz”. She’s here to prove that drill music isn’t exclusive to male rappers.

Plus, Ivorian is slated to appear on MTV’s Celebrity Ex on the Beach this season, so tune in and cheer her on.

Subscribe, and you’ll become one of “the Dollz” in no time.

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