• July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

What a month it’s been! Recently, there’s been a lot going in the worlds of sport and entertainment, and as usual, the influencer industry has been thriving. With many creators posting content on a regular basis on OnlyFans and soaring up the ranks, many nano and micro-influencers are achieving success on the platform by doing what they love and engaging with their special audience. Here are the July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Beauty and Body by Bre OnlyFans

Beauty and Body by Bre

Bre is an independent hairstylist, beauty lover and fitness fanatic who’s on OnlyFans to showcase her passions. So, if you check out her account, you can expect to view beauty and hair tutorials, fashion styling posts and fitness videos to help motivate you to look your best and get moving.

Speaking about her time on OnlyFans, Bre said:

“I’ve been loving my time on OnlyFans. The energy and community is amazing. It’s so fun to make content I love for my fans! Everyone is so welcoming, I feel like it’s a place to be completely 100% myself.”

Jayedee OnlyFans July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans


Jayedee is a musician and one of the winners of the Creative Fund! He’s a rapper who makes music for the soul and he recently released his latest music project, an album titled ‘LIFE.’ Thanks to OnlyFans, he’ll be showcasing his music creation processes and exclusive content for his loyal fans. Speaking about using OnlyFans as a musician, Jayedee said:

“OnlyFans has enabled me a closer interaction with those who are fans of my music.”

Morgan Munroe OnlyFans July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Morgan Munroe

A soul and jazz singer-songwriter and Creative Fund winner from Leicester, Morgan Munroe has had quite the musical journey so far. Now, she’s ready to enter the next chapter of stardom by publishing her music content on OnlyFans! Her career highlights include being featured on the song ‘Last Night’ by Kamakaze and Massappeals, appearing on DJ Target’s ‘BBC 1Xtra Instagram Live’ and releasing singles and EPs titled ‘Focus’, ‘Missing’, ‘Layers’, ‘Mama Taught Me’ and ‘Stronger Than Me’.

Talking about her time on the platform, Morgan Munroe said:

“I’m really enjoying my experience on OnlyFans so far. All my subscribers have been really welcoming and supportive! I’m looking forward to dropping some really special exclusive content and watching my OnlyFans presence grow!”

Mirari OnlyFans July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans


Mirari More is a rapper who’s released music on streaming services – including his album ‘DESIRE LIVE’ and EPs titled ‘Practice Sessions’ and ‘2020 Freestyle.’ As an OnlyFans creator and Creative Fund winner, he is definitely one to watch and keep on your radar, so expect to see more of his exclusive tracks and creative adventure on his account.

Detailing his experience on OnlyFans so far, Mirari said:

“My experience on OnlyFans so far has been deeply rewarding. It has allowed me to connect with my fans and those with a deep interest in my music in ways I didn’t think possible. The community is also very welcoming and supportive, with content creators being friendly and open to sharing advice. I wish I had known about OnlyFans sooner with all the benefits it is providing. That said, I’m happy to be here now and can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Ashleigh Bankx OnlyFans

Ashleigh Bankx

If you’re looking for a music artist whose sound is a unique fusion influenced by R&B, soul, gospel, afro-jazz and sungura, then look no further than Ashleigh Bankx on OnlyFans. Having recently released the single ‘Angel’, the London-based musician, self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Soul’ and Creative Fund winner is on the platform to ‘inspire souls’ with her tunes and make her mark in the music industry. Advocating for OnlyFans as a music artist, Ashleigh Bankx said:

“OnlyFans has been a great platform for me to manage my content and connect with my fans. It’s a platform which allows me to express who I am as an artist.”

Jen Ferguson OnlyFans

Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is a social media influencer, personal trainer and chef. She specialises in creating lifestyle, fashion and food content. Now, she’s on OnlyFans to provide healthy lifestyle tips, demonstrate her amazing cooking skills, display her fashionable outfits, share her goofy personality and interact with her fans on a personal level.

Talking about how OnlyFans has brought her plenty of benefits, she says:

“OnlyFans has created a whole new and exciting world for me! As a social media influencer, personal trainer and healthy chef, it’s nearly impossible for me to interact on a personal level with all my followers on the daily. By joining OnlyFans, I now have a special place where I’m able to “meet up” with my followers, interact and allow them to get to know me so much better than what they see on my other platforms! If you’re looking for a fresh, fit and funny mom to get to know, subscribe to my page for free! Xo”

Richie Jordan OnlyFans

Richie Jordan

Richie Jordan is a musician, brand ambassador, DJ and events manager. His songs include ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Ride or Die’. Now, he’s now taking the next step of his music career by posting exclusive tracks and content on his OnlyFans page. Talking about using OnlyFans as a musician, Richie Jordan said:

“OnlyFans is such a dope platform for me to broadcast my music, fitness, travel and daily lifestyle to all my fans worldwide. I look forward to growing even bigger and showing my fans more amazing content.”

Barbara Aleks OnlyFans

Barbara Aleks

Barbara Aleks is a personal stylist and image consultant. She’s a big believer in living your life with style and looking your best. As a fashion expert, she’s gained a significant following on social media by giving women top tips on how to dress well, define your personal style and feel confident in your look. So, if you check out her OnlyFans page, you can be sure to find some inspiration to help you update your wardrobe and get you looking chic and swanky.

Talking about joining OnlyFans, Barbara Aleks said:

“Even though I’ve just recently joined OnlyFans, I love that I feel free to share content and parts of myself that I wouldn’t share on any other platform.”

Toby Chung OnlyFans

Toby Chung

Toby Chung is a professional videographer and photographer “with a passion for capturing emotion and cinematography.” Based in Los Angeles, he has collaborated with a variety of brands to create excellent video content. Now, he’s on OnlyFans to share his expertise and give advice and feedback to budding videographers and photographers. Expressing his love for OnlyFans for mainstream content creators, Toby Chung said:

“I find it absolutely amazing that I have found an audience who appreciates my work while being considered safe for work.”

Holiday Sidewinder OnlyFans

Holiday Sidewinder

Holiday Sidewinder is an indie-pop singer-songwriter and performer, best known for her songs ‘Carousel’, ‘Tra$h Can Luv’, ‘Leo’, ‘Stay Another Day’, ‘Baby Oil’ and ‘Forever/Whatever’. She’s also a writer, detailing her vibrant and colourful life and career in her online memoir ‘A Hot Mess.’ On her OnlyFans page, you can expect to find Holiday’s exclusive access to unreleased songs, digital concerts and sneak previews of her memoirs – as well as enjoying a high-spirited vibe from her content. Speaking about her love for OnlyFans, Holiday Sidewinder said:

“OnlyFans has been a game-changer for me. Absolutely love having a fan club for the die-hards where I can share whatever I want.”

Who are your favourite July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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