• July 2020 Rising Stars

July 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Much of the world is slowly easing out of coronavirus-induced lockdown, but many people believe that the changes 2020 has brought to the digital landscape are here to stay. 2020 is a year unlike any other and many OnlyFans creators have been flourishing in the current environment this summer. Artists and influencers of all kinds have been moving their craft online, live-streaming events and creating top-quality digital content. Let’s celebrate some of them! Here are some July 2020 rising stars to look out for on OnlyFans.

July 2020 Rising Stars Bastian Baker

Bastian Baker

Bastian Baker is a singer-songwriter and composer from Switzerland. He comes from a family of professional ice hockey players and showed promise on the ice, but he felt more drawn towards a music career. Clearly, it was the right choice: his debut album was certified platinum in Switzerland and won him the Prix Walo award for best breaking act. Since then he’s released three more albums, collaborated with esteemed songwriters and producers, been a judge on ‘The Voice,’ and joined OnlyFans.

Hi guys my name is Bastian Baker, I’m a singer-songwriter from Switzerland. I’ve been touring internationally for 10 years now. On my OnlyFans page you’ll find a lot of great content. You can chat directly with me, ask me to cover your favorite songs, see exclusive footage from behind the scenes, like backstage hangouts. You can hear new songs before anyone else and check out pictures I don’t post on other platforms!

Scarlett Wilson

Scarlett Wilson

Scarlett Wilson is a British born Bollywood actress, dancer and model. She made her acting debut in Dibakar Banerjee’s 2012 hit ‘Shanghai’ and was welcomed by the Indian film industry as one of their own. Since then she has been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and modelled for international brands, as well as appearing in ‘Baahaubali,’ India’s highest-grossing film of all time. Scarlett has joined OnlyFans to interact with her international fan base on a more personal level.

Hi I’m Scarlett Wilson, Bollywood star. I love using OnlyFans as a platform to connect with all of my fans and show them exclusive content from upcoming projects, such as films and photoshoots

David Coleman

David Coleman

David Coleman is a fitness creator from the UK. Going under the name @thepowerathlete online, you can expect to find inspiring fitness content on his OnlyFans.

The OnlyFans platform allows me to provide exclusive content to fans who want to see the behind-the-scenes of my training and support me on my journey. My page shows the hard work and dedication that goes into building the kind of physique required to compete at the highest level in the world. I give my subscribers access to content that doesn’t get posted anywhere else.

Evoni OnlyFans


Evoni is a singer-songwriter in the Atlanta scene. Her first single, Levi, was released in 2017 has amassed over 1 million streams. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength, honing her craft and building her following online. She released her latest EP, Darkest Day in late 2019, a collection of gorgeously brooding R&B songs that appeal to the head as well as the heart. She joined OnlyFans in early 2020 and fans are enthusiastic at the chance to interact more closely with the enigmatic songstress. 

OnlyFans gives me the opportunity to use people’s curiosity to glow. I also appreciate the fans I do have, they’re sweethearts. It’s all love.


Gubba is a full-time Twitch streamer, writer, musician, and now an OnlyFans creator. She has found success on many platforms, in a variety of fields, but she was lacking a space to share a more personal side of herself. She has found this in OnlyFans.

You can find me and my life in a different light compared to what you see on my other platforms.

Watch this video to get to know Gubba a little better:

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