• January 2022 Rising Stars On OnlyFans

January 2022 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

New year, new awesome rising stars! Many influencers and content creators are choosing to join OnlyFans, embracing their passions and growing their fanbase. With the difficulties that recent years have held for many online creators, it’s incredible to see so many of our users flourishing, building relationships, and monetizing their following on OnlyFans already in 2022! Let’s take a look at our January 2022 Rising Stars On OnlyFans.

Lauren On Air

Lauren On Air is a Radio Personality for WMGM ROCKS. Lauren loves using OnlyFans to be her authentic self and give her fans an inside look into her life “off-air”. On her page, Lauren shares music, dancing videos, selfies, and more. Having total control of her content on our platform, Lauren feels like she can truly be herself and show all the sides of her personality; The sassy, the goofy, and the fun!

Speaking about her choice to join OnlyFans, Lauren On Air says:

“I love OnlyFans because it gives me the ability to post whatever content I want, while earning an income. I get to interact with people from all over the world, which is pretty amazing. OnlyFans is a zero judgement zone where I can just be myself. I can provide exclusive content on here unlike other platforms. My life has literally changed from being on here and this is only the beginning!”

Looks By Lyla

If you’d like to explore all things fashion and lifestyle, Lyla’s page is where you need to go! She breaks down her seasonal looks in-depth, diving into the individual clothing items and accessories so you can take inspiration from her signature styles. Lyla also gives you the chance to follow along on her daily lifestyle and advice on keeping up with the latest trends!

Talking about how she’s happy to have signed up to OnlyFans, Looks By Lyla says:

“I love having my platform on OnlyFans because it allows me to dedicate myself fully to my creativity. You’re basically hanging out and exchanging ideas with amazing creators and people from all over the world! I’m so excited to share more content with the OF community in 2022, a community that continues to be incredibly supportive and welcoming.”

Audrey Sweet Black

Audrey Sweet Black is incredibly passionate about vintage fashion and the art form that is French pastry… So she decided to start an OnlyFans account to combine her two favorite passions and monetize her expertise! Audrey’s fashion content showcases awesome retro pieces ranging from 50s diner outfits to 60s housewife looks. Suffice to say, she rocks them all! 

Her niche offers so many opportunities for year-round content, from a heart-shaped multi-tiered pavlova that is perfect for Valentine’s Day to her timeless “bûche de Noël”, you simply can’t miss out on learning how to recreate these for yourself!

Discussing the benefits of using OnlyFans as a content creator, Audrey Sweet Black says:

“I am creative and I am not afraid to work hard to be able to share quality content with my community, it’s even more rewarding when you have the opportunity to make money with your talent. Thanks to OnlyFans for that because it changes everything!”


OneLuvJack is an L.A.-based clothing designer, ready to take you on board his journey creating clothing with a purpose. Alongside his online clothing store, Jack uses OnlyFans to take his fans behind the scenes. Here you can get some insight into his creative process and sneak peeks into new items he is working on. You can also receive tips and tricks, such as how to make a screen for screen printing. This combined with his unseen professional photoshoots and you’ve got a fab creator taking you behind the curtain right into the heart of a fascinating industry!

Speaking about how useful OnlyFans is for him and his business, OneLuvJack said:

“Onlyfans has introduced me to a whole new audience in which is allowing me to grow my brand and spread my message.”

Cody Jay

Certified makeup artist and skincare expert Cody Jay is a great example of a rising star. He’s been working in the beauty industry for over a decade and creates detailed makeup tutorials for all skill levels! Authenticity and inclusivity are super important for Cody, which he displays through his honest product reviews and vast variety of makeup looks. Cody Jay wants to make everyone feel beautiful and has the know-how to accomplish it too! 

Speaking about how OnlyFans has helped him as a content creator, Cody Jay says:

“I love Only Fans because the platform allows me the freedom to connect with my audiences and supporters on more of a more personal level. In addition to the content I create, I’m able to post more personalized videos, photos and messages to really connect with my audience and I feel like that allows more of a connection between myself and my supporters.”

Natasha Sims Fitness 

Natasha Sims Fitness is so passionate about health and well-being. She loves to share her workouts at the gym with her best fans, sharing her techniques and routines. Natasha also takes you along on her daily life, bringing her community together with relatable commentaries. Whether it’s going shopping, working out or photoshoots, Natasha makes you feel like part of the journey. She hopes to inspire people with her fitness lifestyle and help people to feel good about themselves.

Sharing her thoughts on OnlyFans, Natasha Sims Fitness says:

“I’m in love with OnlyFans! I’ve always wanted a way to connect and have real relationships with people through social media and OnlyFans is the absolute best platform for this. I’m able to share my exclusive content I can’t share anywhere else. And I’ve been able to help many of my fans along their fitness journeys which means the world to me!”

Ballet By Heather

The art of dance is a true pleasure and source of creativity for Ballet By Heather. For Heather, the great thing about ballet is that it can be a foundation leading to other styles of dance like jazz, tap, and more. On OnlyFans Heather guides her fans through the steps, pathways, and techniques needed to accomplish their dancing dreams! Heather also updates her fans on her latest projects, auditions, and rehearsals – So you’re always in the loop and get to exclusively experience the journey of a professional dancer with her.

Speaking about using OnlyFans to showcase her passion for dance, Ballet By Heather said:

“I am So happy and grateful to be a part of the OF community! Since joining I have gotten to share the beauty of ballet that I have grown up training in my whole life. Not only that, but also weaving in different genres and how my ballet training sets me up to be a multi-versatile dancer.

Continuing to gain attention daily to my beloved art form and passion means so much to me. I can’t wait to keep growing on this platform and sharing what I hold nearest and dearest to my heart, which will always be dance!”

Who are your favourite January 2022 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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