• January 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

January 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

The start of 2021 has been a weird time, as many of us around the world continue to live in lockdown. However, it’s been a wonderful time for OnlyFans creators to step up content creation on social media. From getting started, to working on content creation goals for 2021, many content creators, including micro-influencers, are posting engaging and entertaining content on OnlyFans. We’re proud to see OnlyFans creators whose accounts are going from strength to strength. Here are the January 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Jess Abran OnlyFans

Jess Abran

Jess Abran is a professional musician, entertainer and self-proclaimed ‘Captain of Content’ from Canada. Having played music since her childhood, the alternative, folk and trip/hop songstress has a string of singles and EPs under her belt, including ‘Sour Cherry’, ‘Floodlights’, ‘Stop Right There’, ‘Lava In December’ and ‘It’s True.’ She also has a love for travel, tattoos and whiskey, and has joined OnlyFans to share her exclusive content and keep her fans entertained.

Speaking about her experience on OnlyFans so far, Jess says:

“If I would have known that I’d have this much engagement through OnlyFans, my only regret is that I wish I started sooner. For the limited amount of time that I’ve been on OnlyFans, I cannot fathom the amount of support I’ve had from this community. I’ve been in the entertainment industry my entire life and growing and engaging your fan base is not typically an easy achievement. [With OnlyFans] I feel as if I have unlocked a new chapter in my career and it’s highly motivating. I cannot wait to keep creating and making exclusive content for my fans. They are a huge part of my driving force.”

Skatin with Will OnlyFans


Skaterrboi is a skater who’s been skateboarding for 16 years. Whether you’re new to this kind of activity or want to up your game, you can check out his skateboarding skills and learn more about his enthusiasm for the sport by subscribing to his OnlyFans account.

Speaking about using OnlyFans to showcase his passion for skateboarding, Will said:

“I used to teach people how to skateboard and it gave me the greatest feeling of satisfaction to see them land a trick. I wanted to share my lifestyle with others who have an interest in action sports. Skateboarding is my way of meditation. Being able to get out and go skate makes me feel so free. Even though it is still misunderstood and looked down upon by some, I will always bring out the light in the sport.”

SweetVenom OnlyFans


For those of you who are looking for top-notch photography inspiration, look no further than SweetVenom. She shares her photography, as well as posting inspirational content that features mindfulness, empowerment, lifestyle and travel.

Talking about her decision to display her photography portfolio on OnlyFans, SweetVenom said:

“As a photographer, OnlyFans has allowed me to continue doing what I love and connect with other creators who share a similar vision. This platform has given me the opportunity as a creative to display not only my portfolio but my personal content as well allowing me to show the world a more well-rounded version of myself.”

Alexandr1aArt OnlyFans


If you’re looking to subscribe to an OnlyFans account that displays pretty cool art, then check out Alexandr1a.Art, who creates fine art that’s ‘made with love.’ She’s also excited to engage with her fans and show off her excellent creations.

Speaking about her recent experience of signing up to OnlyFans to share her exclusive creative content, she says:

“My experience on OnlyFans has been so fulfilling. Having this platform to connect with my fans on a personal level while showcasing my artwork has been a dream come true.”

Ra'Iman OnlyFans


Ra’Iman is the self-titled ‘Picasso of Makeup’ and if you subscribe to her OnlyFans then it’s not hard to see why. Ra’Iman is a super talented creative and professional makeup artist who creates abstract art makeup looks. For outstanding looks and inspiration, check out her page and stay tuned for upcoming virtual masterclasses.

Speaking about her decision to sign up to OnlyFans, Ra’Iman said:

“[I was interested in] changing the narrative. I joined OnlyFans to help introduce a new niche; I am a makeup enthusiast and this platform is untapped for influencers like myself. It has allowed me to grow authentically without algorithm hindrance. I’ve never felt so a part of a family before OnlyFans.”

Who are your favourite January 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section!

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