Comedian Spotlight: Jaclyn Passaro and Stephanie Tejada

Individually, comedians Jaclyn Passaro and Stephanie Tejada are hilarious. But when they combine their comedic talents as the characters Angie and Ratchetta for their OFTV series “A Sociopath and A Psychopath”, they’re unstoppable. We spoke to the pair about their comedy careers, their OnlyFans experiences, and what makes them laugh. Read on for our Comedian Spotlight: Jaclyn Passaro and Stephanie Tejada.

What first drew you to comedy?

STEPHANIE: I’ve always been interested in comedy, and it’s always been a passion of mine. I even used to make my own home videos before social media was a thing. I would just make sketches at home for fun.

I pursued standup about six years ago after doing reality TV. The show I did kind of highlighted me as a comedian. So I figured, “Let’s just keep going because it’s something I’m so passionate about.”

And then OnlyFans came out during the pandemic when all the comedy clubs were closed. So I decided it was time to bring my comedy to the internet, to OnlyFans.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen doing standup?

STEPHANIE: One of the craziest times in my standup career is when I was performing at Flappers and JLo was literally shoulder-to-shoulder with me.

STEPHANIE (contd): And I don’t even know if she stayed and watched the show, but it was definitely JLo and she had on big sunglasses– like in a low key disguise.

But like I heard her voice, and I looked, and I was like “Oh my god. My mother JLo, who’s never met me, is literally like rubbing shoulders with me!”

JACLYN: One time Stephanie and I were actually on the same show at a strip club. And Stephanie was on stage with a stripper behind her. And they weren’t completely naked, but still she’s on stage trying to do comedy with a stripper behind her.

And I remember thinking, “Nobody’s gonna listen to a word that I am saying.” So I just started to do some crowd work. I was talking about astrology and getting some laughs.


JACLYN: …there were a lot of Aries in the room.

How do you handle hecklers?

JACLYN: I actually like getting heckled because I’ve never been heckled in a vicious way where someone’s like, “I hate you, get off the stage.”

I only get heckled when I’m doing well and they want to talk with me. And it’s usually fine because the audience laughs and everyone has fun.

STEPHANIE: Sometimes a heckler can actually help the momentum because if you roast that person– if you make fun of them and you get them laughing and you win over the room from that– it’s really powerful.

What’s the hardest part of being a standup?

STEPHANIE: Sometimes I find myself facing a lot of unwarranted opinions in the comedy industry.


STEPHANIE (contd): Especially from male comedians who say things like, “Oh you should have done this. You should have punched this up.”

And I’m like, “You opened for me, you know? Humble yourself.”

Sometimes you have to just listen to people’s advice and then ignore their opinion. But in your own mind, know that you’re funnier. Know your own truth. Own it.

JACLYN: For me, it was learning how to be around comedians. I don’t have a typical comedian personality.

For example, I don’t hate everyone and hate myself … they literally hate everyone.

And it can be so draining to be around that energy, but I ended up finding friends who did not have that kind of energy.

STEPHANIE: That’s why we don’t date comics.

How did you get started as a comedy creator on OF?

STEPHANIE: With the clubs being closed and everything during the pandemic, I just wanted to stay sharp.

Because at that point, I’d only been doing stand-up for like three years and I didn’t want to stop because of the pandemic.

I wanted to keep trying, so I started sharing comedy on OnlyFans.

The first thing I released on OnlyFans was called “High O’Clock”. It’s similar to the style of The Late Show.

It’s a lot of fun.

Tell us about Angie and Ratchetta, your characters from A Sociopath & A Psychopath.

JACLYN: We definitely realize we’re like a female Beavis and Butt-Head. Because we say things that we think are so intelligent, but are actually really stupid.

STEPHANIE: It’s really stupid.

How do you use OF to engage with your audiences?

JACLYN: One thing that I really like about live streaming on OnlyFans is how it allows you to engage with people really well. So I definitely utilize live streaming to keep my subscribers engaged.

I also use two different OnlyFans profiles– one of them is free and one of them is my VIP.

Obviously I hope my fans will eventually subscribe to my VIP profile, but I just like engaging with them on both.

STEPHANIE: Another thing that’s amazing besides the personal relationships you build with your fans is the support you get. There are people who will watch our other specials, come to our Instagram, and buy merchandise.

OnlyFans is like a legitimate fan club for us.

What’s the best part of being a comedian on OF?

STEPHANIE: Besides immediately monetizing your content with real money, and not sparkles and flowers and things, but actual monetary money? Besides that? (laughs)

OnlyFans gives you the freedom to talk about most topics. As a comedian, you don’t really get censored on OnlyFans.

And the fans know you already, so they’re not just going to hear something you say out of context and be offended.

You can pretty much put anything out there as far as the type of comedy you do.

JACLYN: I think OnlyFans is run so amazingly. Anytime I have a question, it gets answered and I feel OnlyFans is very supportive as a whole.

For example, when I ask new subscribers how they heard about my profile, 95% of the time they tell me, “Oh, OnlyFans recommended you.”


STEPHANIE: There is no community more supportive than OnlyFans.

Do you have any advice for comedians new to OF?

JACLYN: Number one, I would say have two accounts– a free one, and a paid subscription.

I set the cheapest subscription price for my paid profile so fans will be more inclined to tip me or to purchase my pay-per-view content

The other thing is I would say create content for OFTV because that can really help you reach new subscribers. 

Above all, remember to be very engaging with your fans and they will be loyal to you.

STEPHANIE: I love OFTV. Without OFTV, my subscription subscriber count would be half what it is now. 

But my advice is to just find as many ways to be creative on OnlyFans as you can. I’ve started so many comedy projects because of OnlyFans. 

When I first started on OnlyFans, I experimented a lot with different types of content. I started doing my “Freestyle Fridays”.

I started roasting fans. I started making parody songs, doing sketches, doing mini comedy series, talk shows, podcast-type things. 

My OFTV channel is like my Netflix. It’s Steph-flix.

There’s more great comedy on OnlyFans.

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