• Interesting OnlyFans Creators You Wouldn't Expect to Find

Interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans

With half of the world’s population now on social media, the digital world has never been so promising a location for talented people to share their gifts. Due to a change in many creatives’ circumstances, more people than ever have been bringing their expertise online in 2020. This includes an ever-expanding range of creators from all genres joining OnlyFans to share their own distinctive content. 

OnlyFans is known for its incredibly diverse creator community. With an increasing amount of users looking to share their experiences, we have spotlit some creators who have found a really unique niche. Read on to check out some interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans: 

Interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans: Mae Col

Soap Making with Mae Col

Model and small business owner Mae Col is on OnlyFans sharing her beautiful soap creations. She’s showing her fans the processes she uses to make her products and is offering a chance for them to see behind the scenes of how her soap is made. She will take you through her interesting designs and let you in on the ingredients and scents she uses. So if you want to support her business endeavours or catch a peak at her interesting techniques, head over to her profile for more. 

Bathroom renovations with Winni Designs

Looking for rennovation help? Well Winni Designs have joined OnlyFans to share their tips and advice. The business page which is formed by a husband and wife duo, focuses on bathroom renovations of all sizes. They use their fresh perspective to help make ideas a reality. Their OnlyFans is a place to see behind the scenes of their work, where they will also be offering help on everything from how to find the right prices for jobs to creating proposals. They are also doing lots of great giveaways. So if you want to get in the know when it comes to rennovations, head over and join them.

Interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans: Chris Riley

Psychic Readings with Chris Riley

Want to embark on a spiritual journey? Well now you can – celebrity psychic Chris Riley has bought his talents to OnlyFans. Essex born Chris is ‘The UKs best-loved psychic‘ and delivers a range of fulfilling services. From one to one guidance to card readings, he’s giving his subscribers on OnlyFans an inspiring spiritual view into their lives. Here’s what Chris said you can expect from his page:

“If you subscribe to my OnlyFans you’ll receive psychic readings, tarot card guidance and the opportunity to ask questions, and gain insight and clarity into your life, whether it be love, career or your future.”

Photo editing tips from Danny Batista

Full-time professional photographer Danny Batista specialises in a variety of photographic genres. Using tools such as strobes, light modifiers and compositing techniques Danny creates commercial grade images around the world. On his OnlyFans you can learn a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge across all the industries he shoots for. From tutorials on how to edit your vides to techniques behind the camera, he could be the go-to to grow your photography career.

November 2020 Rising Stars Sierra

Business help from Sierra Nicole 

Entrepreneur, finance guru, motivational speaker and real estate investor Sierra Nicole has bought her expertise to OnlyFans. As an owner of several small businesses, she is using her success to help others online. Her page is the only place to find her exclusive content on how to improve you mind, money and business. Here’s what she has to say:

“I love creating content on OnlyFans. This gives me the opportunity to give my audience more personalized content. What sets me apart from the rest is that I’m giving information that took me years to learn, all so that I can see my OnlyFans members succeed. And they get to see a more intimate look at what it’s like to be a full time influencer and entrepreneur, I’m not sugar coating or holding anything back!”

We have many other creators sharing tips on OnlyFans. From expanding your wealth, to music advice, PR help and tips on how you can grow your social media following. Check out this blog for more.

Interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans: Will Estus

Skateboarding tips with Will Estus

As a skateboarder of 16 years, the talented Will Estus has joined OnlyFans to teach others how to skate. You can check out his awesome tricks, learn about his way of life and he’ll even be giving one to one skateboarding guidance to his fans. Here’s what Will has to say:

“I used to teach people how to skateboard and it gave me the greatest feeling of satisfaction to see them land a trick. I wanted to share my lifestyle with others who have an interest in action sports.

Skateboarding is my way of meditation. Being able to get out and go skate makes me feel so free. Even though it is still misunderstood and looked down upon by some, I will always bring out the light in the sport.”

Other interesting creators you might not expect to find on OnlyFans

There are so many other unique creators who have joined OnlyFans to teach, share and explore their worlds. Sara Sofia is a master of 5 languages and is using the platform to teach English, Italian, German and French. You won’t get bored in her lessons as she takes her fans on a cultural journey around the world. Another interesting creator is sneaker drop shipper SneakerGods1k. They are the go-to to get sought after sneakers early. They will teach you how to get the best sneakers, how to resell as well as teaching you how to grow your Instagram. If you enjoy the power of words, you can even join poetry fanatic and vocalist for the band Silent Planet, Garrett Russell. Garrett is reciting poems and lyrics and sharing his readings with his fans. 

But there’s more!

As well as these interesting creators you might not to expect to find on OnlyFans, there are plenty of creators you might be interested in. From beauty and fashion influencers, to gaming and cosplay creators, no matter what you’re in to, you’re sure to find content you’ll love on the platform.

If you are looking for a laugh you can join your favourite comedians and pranksters or listen in on exclusive shows from your favourite podcasters.
If you love your music you are spoilt for choice with many famous faces from rappers such as Swae Lee, rock bands such as The Hara to opera singers such as Camilla Kerslake. Even your favourite DJs have joined to share their best mixes with you. If fitness is your thing, you can find many creators keeping their fans active with sporting faces such as Rugby legend Chris Robshaw and a whole host of MMA fighters.
The list is endless! 

Is there anyone interesting you would love to see join the platform? Let us know in the comments!

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