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How You Can Treat Your Fans This Black Friday

It’s that time of year again where everyone is looking for the best deals, steals and bargains they can find. Black Friday falls on November 27th this year and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. As a day where people shop till they drop, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Sales on Black Friday in 2019 were significantly up from previous years and if we compare a regular Friday to a Black Friday the sales increase by 624%. It’s therefore a great chance for brands and individuals to increase their customer reach. 

With many of us unable to hit the shops due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not treat your fans with exclusive content this year! Read on to learn how you can treat your fans on OnlyFans this Black Friday:

Offer discounts

This is the obvious one. The main reason people love Black Friday is for the sales. Limited time offers are known to improve your chance of gaining new customers, bringing back old ones or letting people test what you have to offer, so they are a great way to get new fans on board.

Adding a discount to your OnlyFans subscription has never been easier, and you can set up an exclusive promotion just for Black Friday. As well as setting the amount and length of subscriptions, you can choose the number of discounted subscriptions available at a certain price so you are in complete control of the promotions you offer on the day. As a creator, you are able to offer a discount from 5% to 100% but if you’re not sure how low to go, the average world discount price on Black Friday is 55%. 

Check out the video below to learn how you can treat your fans on OnlyFans this Black Friday with a discount:

Offer free content

Everyone loves a freebie and as more people are stuck at home, what better way to brighten your fans’ day than giving them free content. If you’re feeling generous, you can even offer free trial links to your OnlyFans page. They are a great way to allow potential new subscribers to check out what your account has to offer. So why not make your profile free for a day to allow viewers to see a sneak peek into your world this Black Friday?

Making your OnlyFans account free is always an option. If you’re not willing to take that leap, however, why not reward your loyal subscribers with some free content? You could drop them a private DM with a new image or video or release some content that is usually pay-to-view.

Many users also offer giveaways, even when it’s not Black Friday. This is a great way to give back to your fans and get them involved in your projects. Winni Designs are even giving away a free bathroom renovation on their OnlyFans! 

co-stream on OnlyFans

Offer a unique experience

As we move closer to Christmas you can use the time of year to offer something special on your OnlyFans page. If you’re a musician you could share a new track or if you’re a chef you could reveal one of your favourite recipes. You could even Go Live and share your top Black Friday finds and tips with your subscribers.
As many of us are experiencing lockdowns, you could use the time of year to bring people together on OnlyFans. Streaming allows you to interact with your fans in real-time and offer them an experience they won’t forget. You can also get your friends involved on OnlyFans with the co-stream feature this Black Friday.

Raise money for charity

It’s not all about bagging a bargain on Black Friday. Many decide to use the day of big spending to invest in something more impactful for individuals in need. On OnlyFans you have the option to donate a percentage of your earnings to charity with our fundraising target feature. See the below video to learn how you can treat your fans this Black Friday by helping others:

Get creative with promotion

Like any campaign, promotion is key. Once you’ve decided your action plan for the day, here comes the important part: letting people know what you have to offer. Promoting on social media platforms and forums will get you a good reach but with a busy day for marketing, it can get pretty crowded. Here are some tips to help you stand out this Black Friday:

  • Prepare your social media profiles- offer a call to action in your bios or pin a tweet that announces your deal
  • Build a sense of urgency- sprinkle scarcity related words such as ‘hurry’ and ‘limited’
  • Plan and schedule your posts to save yourself time before the day (after all, you might want time for your own shopping!)
  • You can offer flash sales in the days leading up to the 27th to excite your subscribers
  • Get creative with your offers, you could play games with your followers to win free content or subscriptions such as ‘spin the wheel’ 

Be treated yourself 

If you are looking for a bargain yourself, why not add your Amazon wish list to your OnlyFans. This way you fans can treat you too when the sales hit the site. The list lets your fans know what you’re eyeing up and it’s a great way of letting people know what you like without them having to ask.

If you are looking for some good deals to treat yourself, many of our creators are also sharing their top finds on OnlyFans. The PlasticBoy is sharing some of his best beauty buys and Willie D is even giving his fans tips on where they can find the best sneakers before anyone else gets their hands on them! And if you plan on buying some fabulous new clothes, check out Jake Flemming who is teaching his fans how to style them together.

Another one to look out for is Cyber Monday. The sales were up last year by 6.9% in the UK alone and is expected to be even higher this year with more people shopping online. This year it falls on the 30th November but you can use any of these ideas to treat your fans all year round.

Are you planning to treat your fans this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments! 

Happy shopping!

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