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How To Use The Welcome Message Feature on OnlyFans

Hello! Greetings! Salutations! Everyone deserves a warm welcome, when you’re a creator on OnlyFans it’s doubly important. You want your fans to feel glad they’ve decided to follow you on our platform and at home within your community. We encourage our users to use a wide range of features to engage with their fans; from quizzes to polls, and stories to fundraising. But what’s an ideal feature to get started with? Well, if you want to make a great first impression with your new fans, why not greet them with a DM as soon as they subscribe to your page! Here, we’ll be taking a look at how to use the welcome message feature on OnlyFans. 

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Where To Find The Welcome Message Settings

To set up an automated message for your new fans, first navigate to the side menu on the left of the screen. Click on ‘More’, next to the three dots icon. This will open up a menu on the far left of your web browser. Here, you can access the same options that were available in the previous menu, but it also opens up additional options. Then click on ‘Settings’, next to the cog icon. 

This will then take you to your settings. Down the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a vertical menu of subheadings, towards the bottom is the ‘Chats‘ option. Selecting this will open the ‘Chats‘ settings window. Here you will see several settings including the ‘Welcome Message‘ subheading and toggle switch.

By default, the welcome message feature is turned off, as denoted by the grey color of the toggle switch. If you have previously entered a welcome message but have it turned off, you will notice that your message and the ‘DELETE’ and ‘EDIT’ buttons are all greyed out.

How To Compose A Welcome Message

Now that you’ve found where to set up a welcome message, it’s time to enable the feature and get composing!

To enable the welcome message feature, simply switch on the toggle next to the heading ‘Send a welcome message to new fans.’

When you enable this for the first time, a drop-down text box will appear with several feature icons at the bottom, this will look similar to the interface you see when composing a post or message. If you have already set up a welcome message before, once the feature is enabled your prior message will turn blue, and the ‘EDIT’ & ‘DELETE’ buttons will become available for use, allowing you to modify your previous message or start from scratch.

You can use the feature icons at the bottom to add media from your device, record a video, record your voice, select content from your Vault, and add a price. Offering this variety means you can customize your welcome message to your heart’s content and provide fans with a really personalized message to get them hooked on your content from day dot!

Being able to add media to your message gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, create something sincere, and reflect the type of content you’ll be sharing on your page. Just think, this welcome message will be the first interaction fans will have with you. So make sure to leave a memorable first impression.

Regardless of whether you decide to add media or not, you will need to add text to your welcome message. Until you do, the save icon will be greyed out. Just like your content, the wording of your message should reflect you as a creator and carry your unique voice, so fans feel like they’re connecting with you on a whole new level. A top tip for welcome messages is to craft them in the first person to ensure they feel personal and authentic, even if they are automated.

Adding a price to your welcome message

To set a price for your welcome message content, click on the dollar tag icon on the right of this row of icons and then select your preferred price and click ‘save.’ The minimum price you can set for this is $3 and the maximum is $50. This creates another opportunity for you to monetize your content. It may also compel you to put more time and quality into the media you chose to add. As the message is automatic, this feature only applies if you are adding media content. You won’t be able to add a price if the welcome message is text only.

What Happens Next?

When you are happy with your welcome message and attachments, simply click ‘save’ underneath the window. Your welcome message will then send automatically as a direct message to each new fan who subscribes. You also have the option to edit the existing welcome message or delete it and create a new one from scratch.

If you turn off the toggle, your message will no longer send but will be stored in your settings in case you change your mind. If you want to start sending the welcome message again, all text and media you previously added will still be there. All you would need to do is re-enable the message using the switch; This makes it very convenient to toggle this feature and not lose any progress.

When fans subscribe to your OnlyFans account, they should feel welcomed and excited to be part of your community. It’s great to have content ready for them to engage with on your page. But a welcome message is the perfect way to greet your new fans via DM as soon as they join. It feels more personal and adds value to the fan experience. The customization this feature offers creates the opportunity to introduce yourself, what content to expect from your page, and encapsulate your unique creator identity. 

Welcome messages can also initiate responses from fans and get the conversation moving. This makes the tool an ideal starting point to build relationships with your fans. We love to see so many of our creators use the welcome message feature to gain and maintain their fanbase, and for fans, it can help start their OnlyFans experience off on the best foot possible. 

Have you used the welcome message feature on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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