• How to use the story feature on OnlyFans

How To Use The Story Feature On OnlyFans

Stories have taken the world of social media by storm. And for good reason! Stories allow a creator to reach their fans almost instantly with candid and spontaneous content. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use the story feature on OnlyFans.

Why Use The Story Feature On OnlyFans?

By now, most of us had the experience of watching story after story only to look up and realize hours have gone by. Why is that? What kind of content works best as a story as opposed to a traditional post, or even a live stream? Let’s break it down!

  • IMMEDIACY: Stories are the perfect way to capture and share life’s most unusual moments as they happen. Put another way: stories work best for content that feels special, spontaneous, and less-curated than a post.
  • EPHEMERAL: Ephemeral is a beautiful word that simply means “temporary.” Because stories are only visible for 24 hours after being posted (unless you add it to your highlights), there’s a built-in sense of urgency to watch them or risk missing out on a big moment!
  • RELEVANT: Because stories are essentially quick and temporary broadcasts to your fans, they’re great for sharing time-sensitive content. For example, you can use them to remind fans of a major live event that’s approaching or even share your thoughts on current events.
  • ATTENTION-GRABBING: There’s a reason stories appear outside your usual OnlyFans feed. To your subscribers, they represent something special to check out. Like an alert. Letting fans tune into these important updates will help strengthen your relationship!
  • FUN: Because stories are quick, temporary, and outside your feed, they’re a great way to show off your silly side.

How To Use The Story Feature On OnlyFans

One of the best parts of using the story feature on OnlyFans is how incredibly simple it is.

  1. Go to your OnlyFans homepage.
  2. Click ‘Add to story’ at the top of your timeline.
  3. Upload your story content.
  4. Congratulations. You’ve just posted a story to OnlyFans!

Add to story OnlyFans

Save stories on OnlyFans

Stories on OnlyFans last a maximum of 24 hours before they disappear from the top of the feed. Your past stories will be stored in the ‘Story archive’. You can also save and categorize your story content in your highlights reel! Just select ‘Create highlight’, then ‘Add to highlight.’ 

As you might expect, your fans have the option to like or direct message you directly through your story. But unlike other social media platforms, OnlyFans allows fans to tip directly on your story.

Who said a spur-of-the-moment post couldn’t be lucrative?

That’s really all there is to know. Like every other OnlyFans feature, stories are there to help you connect more meaningfully with your fans. Try posting some, if you haven’t yet. You’ll be glad you did!

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