How To Use The Quiz Feature On OnlyFans

As our platform continues to evolve, we love to give our creators as many tools as possible to connect with their fans. They want to feel part of a community and get to know you better. So how do you build that relationship? At OnlyFans, we’re thrilled to provide a wide range of features to help you on your journey. Whether it’s the polls feature or stories, fundraising, vault, scheduling feature, and more, there’s so much variety to choose from. Our features not only help to organize your content and create a wealth of opportunities for engaging with your fans, but they also help you understand what content your fans want to see. Today, we’ll be taking you through our latest addition, showing you how to use the quiz feature on OnlyFans.

Where to find the quiz feature

Creating a quiz on OnlyFans couldn’t be easier. First, go to your home page. Underneath ‘Compose new post’ you will see a row of icons. Click the ‘more’ icon, symbolized by three dots. This will expand your selection and show the full range of options. Next, to add the quiz, simply click the jigsaw puzzle with the question mark icon. Once you’ve done this, the quiz window will appear at the top of your screen. Now you’ve got your quiz!

Setting the question

What would a quiz be without a question? In order to set your desired question, simply write this in the body of the post, as you would with a normal text post. You do not need to set the question within the quiz window itself, as this will be posted underneath any text you add.

Why not build your question into an image, video, or even an audio clip? This will grab the attention of your audience and help make the question more personal. To do this, simply add your desired media using one of the various options shown along the bottom of the ‘New Post‘ window. For example, select the microphone icon to ‘Record Voice’ or the video camera icon to ‘Record Video’.

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Quiz duration

So you’ve got your quiz, now it’s time to select your settings. At the top right of the box, you will see the duration of the quiz. This is how long your fans will have to vote their answer on your quiz before the results are revealed. By default, the duration will be set to ‘7 days’.

If you click on the duration, this will bring up a pop-up window where you can select how long fans will have to choose their answer. You can either choose from several pre-set durations or enter a specific number in the box provided. For example, if you create your quiz on a Monday and want to end it by the weekend you can type in ‘5’ into this box. The default selections to choose from are 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days or No limit.

When setting a custom duration, you must only enter the number of days required. The field will not register your input if you attempt to type in ‘Days’ or ‘Weeks’. The maximum time frame you can set for a quiz on OnlyFans is 30 days, so to run a quiz for longer than this you will need to set the duration to No limit and manually end the quiz when you require.

If you choose to set No limit on your quiz, this will be ongoing until you choose to archive or delete it. To end a quiz, click on the three dots on the right of your quiz once it is live, then when prompted click either ‘Archive post’ or ‘Delete post’.

On OnlyFans, you are able to run multiple quizzes on your page at once. This allows you to run larger-scale quizzes with multiple questions, using this to run a ‘Who knows me the best?’ competition to see which fans get the most answers correct!

Quiz options

Now that you’ve set a duration for your quiz, it’s time to set up your all-important answers! In the quiz window, you will see two boxes containing ‘Enter first option‘ and so on, this is where you will enter the answers to your question. The first two boxes auto-generate, however, if you would like to add more answers up to a total of 20, click ‘Add another option’ shown at the bottom of the quiz window. Only one of your options can be the correct answer, so make sure you structure your question and answers clearly.

To select the correct answer, simply click the circle on the left of the correct box. You will see the circle turn green with a tick. This cannot be changed once the post goes live, so make sure it’s the right one.

The flexibility with your quiz topics means you can create a quiz about anything you like. This gives you a great opportunity to embrace your niche. You could use this to test the knowledge of your fans and see how well they know the topic too, or even build anticipation for upcoming content by seeing if they can guess what it will be! This makes the feature a fab marketing opportunity for your page and diversifies how you can communicate & interact with your fans. Why not create a quiz spanning several posts, and perhaps incentivize your fans with a prize for the winner!

Posting your Quiz

Once you have filled in your quiz question, answers, and set your duration, it’s finally time to post your quiz. Simply press ‘Post’ in the top right of the ‘New Post’ window.

Quiz Results

Once your quiz is live, it’s time to think about what you can do with the results! On the right-hand side of each answer, you will be able to see the number of fans that have voted for that option. At the bottom of your answers, you’ll be able to view how many fans in total have responded to the quiz. Next to this, you will see how many days remain until the quiz is due to end, unless you have selected ‘No limit’. You can view your post statistics at the bottom of your quiz like you would for a standard post.

In order to view more in-depth statistics on the results of the quiz, you can click on the ‘x answers’ text at the bottom of the window, doing so will bring up a pop-up window displaying all participants, as well as which specific users answered correctly and incorrectly.

Sending messages to all quiz participants

To send a message to all quiz participants, simply select the speech bubble icon, which will take you to the ‘New Message’ window. This will pre-select all quiz participants as recipients of the message. This may come in handy if you are using the quiz to promote new content, for example, you could directly message them the content with a price attached at the end of the quiz duration.

Adding quiz participants to lists

Alternatively, you can use the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner to add all quiz participants to a new or existing list, useful if you are building a list of people who answered your quiz to send targeted content in the future.

Finally, you can use the three horizontal dots next to each user to take specific actions such as adding them to a list. This is especially usesul when running a competition based on the results of your quiz. For example, you could ask a difficult question that only your top fans would know the answer to. Those who answer correctly could either be added to an existing VIP list, or a new list where you send them some free exclusive content.

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Pinning the quiz to your profile page

One way you can increase the amount of fans that see your quiz is by pinning the post to your feed. This means it will appear at the very top of your page, even once other new content is posted. Once the quiz is live, simply click on the three dots on the right and select ‘Pin to your profile.’ This makes it convenient for fans who may have missed the post in their home feed; it also increases the opportunity for you to gain higher metrics on the post.

Depending on your privacy settings, it could be the first thing potential new fans see on your page. So, this can be a great tool to show newcomers your personality, and how you like to interact with your fans regularly. Pinning the post could be additionally useful for a quiz with no time limit set. Because this guarantees that the post won’t get hidden by new content you add to your page in the future.

We highly recommend all creators try and use the quiz feature on OnlyFans. It’s a great way to have fun with your fans and can be an excellent way to build anticipation for future content or run exciting competitions that reward your most loyal supporters. The possibilities are endless, and only you hold all the answers!

Have you used the quiz feature on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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