• How To Use The Poll Feature on OnlyFans

How To Use The Poll Feature on OnlyFans

As a content creator on OnlyFans, one of your goals is to connect with your fans on a whole new level and make them feel valued. At OnlyFans, we want to give creators more avenues to express themselves and communicate. So how do you make your fans feel special? How do you assure them that they’re part of your community and contributing? Well, the poll feature on OnlyFans is a fantastic way to receive accurate feedback. But how can you use it effectively? We’ve got you covered. In this handy guide, we’ll be exploring the poll feature, and how you can get the most out of it.

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Where to find the poll feature on OnlyFans

To create a poll, go to your home page. Underneath ‘Compose new post’ you will see a row of icons. Click the three dots, titled ‘more’ when you hover over the icon. This will expand your selection. Then, you need to click the horizontal graph that says ‘Add poll’ when you hover on it. Once you’ve done this, a box will appear at the top of your screen. Now you’ve got your poll!

Poll duration

Poll duration

When creating a poll, you will see the poll duration on the top right of the box. This is how long your fans will have to vote on your chosen topic. The selection you can choose from is 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days or no limit. If there is no limit on your poll, this will be ongoing until you choose to archive or delete it. You can do this by clicking on the three dots on the right of your poll once it is live and click ‘Archive post’ or ‘Delete post.’ You can also have more than one poll running at a time, if you prefer. The duration selection can be super helpful when it comes to planning content. You can content plan further ahead, a week or a month down the line. As for the ‘no time limit’ poll, you could use this effectively as an ongoing indication for how fans are feeling about a particular topic. You may find the same results changing over time, which means that you receive invaluable feedback.

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Poll options

The flexibility with polls means you can create a poll for any topic you like. This gives you complete freedom to ask your fans anything. You can give them a selection of new content ideas so that you can view the most popular option. You could create a poll in preparation for a live stream discussion. You could use the poll to suggests topics or questions for the live stream too.

Perhaps you’re considering incorporating a new genre into your content. Clear communication with your fans would be critical in any such changes. After all, what are their thoughts on this? A poll is a perfect way to find out. This could be so helpful to indicate what content should take priority. It’s also a great way to build up hype for upcoming content, giving your fans something specific to look forward to. You can ask them what time of day is their preference for you to upload content. The most votes could mean the highest level of traffic on your profile at a specific time. All these things add up to make your fans feel more valued, and it shows that you’re taking their feedback on board, so you can provide them with a top-tier experience.

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Post statistics

Post statistics allow you to dive deep into your poll results. Is there more traffic on certain polls depending on the topic? This can tell you so much about your fans, and what they love about your content. Poll statistics can tell you where your fans are based in the world, and this allows you to tailor your content accordingly. You can view common patterns regarding the times and places from where your fans are voting, and you can see if some of your top fans are engaging more than others. The poll metrics can be incredibly useful to demonstrate what your fans are responding to on your page, and what they want to see in the future. The poll statistics can help you identify trends effectively.

The flip side to this is that it can also just be a great way to engage and make conversation with your fans and build up your community. Connecting with fans on a deeper level is why they follow your page, and the poll statistics can provide great insight.

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See what your fans voted for

Being able to see specifically what options your fans voted for in a poll can be invaluable. Knowing who your top fans are, and noting their opinions in your polls, can have a direct influence on potential future contributions. It can also create more opportunities for direct messages. If one user is always the first to vote on your polls, you can personally thank them for their engagement. This insight, and the opportunity it creates, can make a fan’s day – and keep them following your page long-term. That’s an important goal for any content creator to have, and the poll feature on OnlyFans can help you get there. 
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How to caption your poll

Every poll you create needs to be attached to a post. Like any post, this can contain whatever you choose. There are two main approaches you might consider when writing a post to go with your poll. You can ask a direct question, and with the poll feature, you can provide multiple choices for fans to answer the question. Alternatively, you can make it more conversational and explain the reason for the poll.

On a more conversational post and poll, you can ask your fans for their thoughts. With the ability for fans to comment underneath a poll, this approach would be perfectly suited if you’re looking for more detailed replies from your fans and can be very effective. After all, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of the poll and plan your content strategy accordingly.

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Pin the poll to your profile page

To maximise traffic on your polls, you can pin these posts, so they appear at the top of your page. Once a post is live, simply click on the three dots on the right and select ‘Pin to your profile.’ This makes it super easy for fans to find the polls and increase the opportunity of voting. This could be useful for polls with no time limit set. By pinning the poll to the top of your OnlyFans page, your fans will have a clear opportunity to vote on an option. This is one of the easiest ways for you to find out what and how your fans are responding to your profile at any given time.

We encourage all creators to utilise the poll feature on OnlyFans. It’s an incredible way to receive crystal clear feedback from your fans regarding past, present and future content. It enhances your engagement, builds hype for the future of your page, and is another great way to connect with your fans on a whole new level.

Do you use the poll feature on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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