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How To Use The Expiration Period Feature On OnlyFans

As an influencer, it’s important to consider your global audience. While many of your fans may be based in the same country as you, it’s worth considering your reach across the world. With features such as scheduling and going live, we at OnlyFans offer a huge selection of tools to help you achieve this. But what if you want to maximise your online traffic in a short amount of time? How do you create a sense of urgency to attract your fans to new content quickly? Here, we’ll be taking a look at how to use the expiration period feature on OnlyFans. 

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Where To Find The Feature 

In order to add an expiry to your new content, go to your home page. Underneath ‘Compose new post’ you will see a row of icons. Click the three dots, titled ‘more’ when you hover over the icon. This will expand your selection. Then, you need to click the hourglass icon that says ‘Expiration period’ when you hover on it. Once you’ve done this, a window will appear where you can set a timeframe before your new post will expire. 

expiration blog imagery

Post Duration 

In this window, you will see that the post is automatically set to ‘No limit.’ Underneath this tab you will see a handful of suggested timeframes you could apply to your post: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 30 days. If you click on any of these, the box above will automatically fill with your selected preference. 

You can also enter an amount manually in this same box. For example, if you think 3 days is not enough time but 7 days is too long, you can simply enter a number in between, such as 5 days. You don’t need to type the word ‘days’ manually. You can just enter your desired number and click ‘save’ at the bottom right of this window. 

The minimum amount of time you can select for an expiration period is 1 day, and the maximum is 30 days. If you try to enter an amount higher or lower than this, the box will appear red and you will not be able to save the chosen period. 

What Happens Next

When you have selected your expiration period, and clicked ‘save,’ the window will close. You can then see your saved preference at the top of your post, with a new hourglass icon and your desired period stated along this same row. To edit this, please click on anywhere along this new row and the window will appear again. If you change your mind and don’t want your new post to expire, simply click on the cross on the far right of this row and the expiration period will disappear. 

Once your timeframe for expiry is saved, you can then compose your new post as normal. You can apply this in conjunction with almost any kind of post. So, you can still ‘Add media,’ ‘Record video’ etc. The only difference is you will not be able to add a ‘Post price.’ Therefore, if you are looking to create a pay per view post, you won’t be able to apply the expiration period feature to the same post. 

When you are happy with your new content, please click ‘post’ in the top right hand corner. After this, the post will be live, and you will be able to see the expiration period under the three dots icon on the right of your post. As this is short term content, you may want to consider pinning this post to your profile, so it’s the first post fans see on your page. To do this, click on the three dots and select ‘Pin to your profile page.’ This will help maximise the amount of engagement fans will have while this post is live. 

Why Use This Feature

The expiration period feature is a great way to create short term content and maximise your online traffic. It can create an urgency for fans and a fear of missing out. Your fans follow you because they love your content. So, if you promote your account with content that is only available for a specific period of time, this feature can allow you to boost your engagement. It encourages fans to keep coming back regularly, which is crucial to gain and maintain your following. 

This feature can inspire you to tease upcoming projects, experiment with new content styles, and incorporate more down to earth posts on your page. While it’s great to show edited and highly polished content, this is a perfect opportunity to show fans a more authentic side to you. It also means you can post content quicker. 

There are so many upsides to using the expiration period feature on OnlyFans. It’s versatility, it’s simplicity to use, and all the benefits it can have for you and your fans. So what are you waiting for! 

Have you used the expiration period feature? What’s been your best use case? Let us know in the comments. 

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