• How to use OnlyFans for tutorials

How to use OnlyFans for tutorials

The online space has become an incredible tool for those looking to learn and evolve new talents. As people spend more time at home, increasing numbers of individuals are using that time to enhance their skill sets online. OnlyFans is a space that has allowed creators of all genres to share their knowledge and teach others who are looking to expand upon their abilities.

Through offering tutorials, demos and masterclasses, creators have not only been able to monetise their talents but coach their fans on a more personal level. Whether you are a chef showing off your top techniques, a beauty expert sharing makeup how-tos, or have a completely unique expertise to teach, there are many ways to use OnlyFans to show your fans how you do things best. So if you’re looking to share your skills, here are some tips on how to use OnlyFans for tutorials.

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Ask your fans what they want to learn

Before considering using OnlyFans for tutorials, it’s essential to ask yourself what content will be valuable to your fans. More importantly, you can ask them what they want to see from you!

Using the ‘poll’ feature is an invaluable way to understand what your fans want to be taught, and it’s an easy way for them to provide feedback. This can give you an insight into how you can help guide them. You may also prefer to ask your fans one-on-one what they want to see next, particularly if you have more of a niche audience who want detailed instructions. 

Real-time tutorials 

There is no better way to teach and learn than in real-time. On OnlyFans, you can live stream your tutorials as a great way to get your fans engaged with what you are teaching. The ability for them to be able to leave comments and even send you tips can provide instant feedback on where to take the instructions. 

Using OnlyFans for tutorials allows you to reach people from all around the world much more easily. To make sure your fans can make your live masterclasses, check your page statistics to find out where they are from and therefore what timezones will be best for them. For those who can’t attend or want to rewatch your tutorials, you can always save the stream to your feed or upload it later using the ‘vault’ feature. That way, your invaluable and informative sessions are never lost.

Making your knowledge pay

There are many ways to monetise your content on OnlyFans and unlike other social platforms, you don’t need to rely on advertising. As well as having a subscription price to access your content, there are multiple ways your tutorials can provide an income. Many creators chose to ‘lock’ their best how-to content as pay-to-view posts or messages. That way, those who really want to view and learn from the content can unlock it for a fee.

Having a good structure for your tutorials can help entice your fans and keep them engaged. For example, you could share some basic tutorials for free and then offer more advanced instructions for a cost. This way your fans will know what they can expect and you can make your hard work pay off. If you’re super busy practising your skills yourself, you can even schedule your posts in advance so your fans know when to expect the next tutorial.

Getting personal

If you have loyal fans who are wanting to know even more information, then why not coach them one-on-one? On OnlyFans, you have the unique opportunity to create connections with those who want to get hold of your knowledge and tutor them. Providing personalised advice via direct messages will be invaluable to your fans, can help build relationships and you might even learn from them too!

A great way to keep track of these fans is to use the ‘lists’ feature. This can help you take note of those who want to be part of your masterclasses so you can offer special tutorials just for them. 

Creators using OnlyFans for Tutorials

With such a diverse range of creators on OnlyFans, many are already using the platform as a place to teach their skills. You can find beauty creators such as The Plastic Boy and Skin X Beauty sharing their step-by-step makeup and skincare regimes, whilst Verona Buzaku‘s tutorials are showing her fans how to recreate the looks of famous faces. Several talented musicians are also using the space to instruct their fans, including DJ Avi Sic who is offering DJ tutorials to help them with their mixes. If you are looking to up your cooking skills, you can find Dine with Viii sharing her best recipes and Chef Shawn Wilder using tutorials to show off his top kitchen techniques.

There are also a whole host of fitness creators coaching their fans on the platform, but did you know you can also learn extreme sports? Nic Rapa is teaching his fans wakeboarding, whilst Skaterrboi is using tutorials to help his fans master skateboarding tricks. You can even learn fashion design through Owen Rogers’ tutorials or master the game of chess with Olivia Knight – the possibilities are endless!

So, if you are ready to create your tutorials on OnlyFans and want them to stand out, then check out these tips for creating video content.

Are you using OnlyFans for tutorials? Let us know in the comments! 

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