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How to Make Your Content Pay & Keep the Subscribers Coming

As an influencer, you’ve got to where you are because your fans like you, and because they value your content. The extent of your influence is going to be measured in three main ways 1. by the number of genuine fans you accumulated, 2. by their engagement in your content and 3. by the brands who want to tap into your influence and sponsor you to feature, endorse or campaign on their behalf. That much is true.

Building your career as a social media influencer is a skill that takes time, effort and an investment in content, and when you get it right, it can be financially rewarding. OnlyFans is proven to add a second, and even more lucrative dimension to your business as an influencer. You only need to read the experience of Jem Wolfie to see how OnlyFans enhances fan relationships whilst accelerating your income. And if Jem generating over 10,000 fans in her first month with earnings in excess of $100,000 (£80k) doesn’t convince you…well!


The idea is pretty simple. Your fans value your content so create an OnlyFans account, set the subscription price you want to charge your fans and typically 1%-5% of your fans will subscribe to see your content on OnlyFans. The best bit is you retain 80% of your subscription income, and OnlyFans retains 20%. But here’s the key. You now need to think about how you can add value to your content now fans are paying for it. It’s not simply a question of doing the same content you post on mainstream platforms and expecting fans to pay for it. The way to successfully attract and retain your subscribers is to create exclusives, extend your content and generally add-value to what you’re already doing.

The first thing to think about is what are you already giving away freely that has an inherent value? For example. If you’re a makeup artist and posting full tutorials, why not rescale your free content and offer exclusive, and more in-depth, tutorials for subscribers? If you’re a personal trainer, post a part-work out and invite your fans to subscribe for a more personalised routine? You can also think about exclusive videos, images and content that doesn’t go out on other social platforms.


Getting your content plan for subscribers right is important, so your fans continue to feel inspired by your mainstream content, but they also feel part of an exclusive club where they get to experience you in a different way. It has to add value to their lives and make them feel they’re getting great value for money too! As a content creator, this shouldn’t be too hard. It just requires a little forward thinking, planning and execution. You certainly don’t have to reinvent yourself, create a new social persona or go in an entirely different direction. That would be missing the point. Remember always that your fans love you just the way you are, but on OnlyFans you give them a little more of what they love for a small monthly subscription.


Consider this too. Building an exclusive subscriber community on OnlyFans can also enhance your commercial relationship with sponsors and brands that you’re an ambassador for. Just imagine. You work with a brand and create content and campaigns for your mainstream social platforms. But as an added-value proposition, you offer an extension of the campaign exclusively to your OnlyFans community. This gives you the opportunity to create multi-dimensional campaigns to a free-to-view audience and to your OnlyFans community, who are effectively a paid for audience. This could come in the form of teaser campaigns and full-story continuations on OnlyFans. You could also work with brands on competitions, giveaways and incentives exclusively for subscriber too. Strategic thinking and a little creatively will inevitably attract more subscribers and income, and in turn, you’re offering something new and different to brands looking for originality as they tap into your influence. Sound exciting?


Whether across your mainstream social landscape or on OnlyFans, content is king. If you want advice on how to develop your content plan and create exclusives based on your genre, we can help with that too. Our aim is shared; we want to help you create a highly successful influencer business and in the process build OnlyFans as the No.1 influencer platform.

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Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

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