How To Gain and Maintain Your Fans

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By Ewan

Three of the most common questions that content creators and influencers ask when setting up an OnlyFans account is how do you get subscribers, how do you retain them and how do you not upset your existing fanbase. This blog addresses these questions and gives you some simple tips to help you manage your fans across the transition period from a free fan to a subscriber.

As an established content creator or influencer you are skilled in creating content that has mass appeal and as a result you have generated a following of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of fans. This is a huge achievement bearing in mind the number of active content creators and influencers present today. Instagram alone now has over 1 billion monthly active users, with 60% logging in and generating 3.5 billion likes every day; so the competition for attention is vast. (source:

Setting up an OnlyFans account is a simple process but generating a healthy and regular income from OnlyFans takes a little bit more strategic thinking. Once your OnlyFans account is live and you receive your unique URL link and have uploaded some content; simply publishing your link across your mainstream social media channels will generate subscribers from your loyal fan base, who are keen to see your content.  But if they log on and see exactly the same content as your mainstream content then they will likely feel a little upset and probably unsubscribe next month. This may also have a knock on impact as a fan of yours, which is not ideal. Therefore, whilst considering your OnlyFans launch, think about the ‘exclusive’ content that you will be offering your subscribers.

One of the most popular ways to launch your OnlyFans account is in the form of a teaser post and/or story on your mainstream channels. By creating a teaser, your fans will know exactly what type of content to expect and therefore will subscribe to access it. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you could show a snippet of a new workout session you have created and ask your fans to subscribe to access the full session exclusively available on your OnlyFans page. Alternatively, if you are a Guitar Tutor, you can show you fans how to play the chorus of a current popular hit song and ask them to subscribe to access how to play the full song as an extended tutorial.

The idea of a teaser is simple but effective and you don’t risk upsetting your fans as they are subscribing to access the particular content promoted.

Exclusive Content is Key

Exclusive content is the key to success on OnlyFans. Once you have gained subscribers to your OnlyFans account then in order to retain them, keep them engaged and subscribing month after month, you need to publish regular exclusive content.

As the content creator, you will have an acute understanding of exactly what content your fans like most and how often they expect to see it. OnlyFans is no different in this aspect. You do not have to increase the frequency or provide content that you are not comfortable creating just because you now have fans subscribing. Your exclusive content should be an exclusive extension of your mainstream content, but and most importantly, content that will never be available to your mainstream audience.

This content can include:

  • Behind the scenes footage/ images
  • Extended educational tutorials
  • A day in the life
  • Full workout videos
  • In depth travel reviews
  • Extended beauty tutorials
  • Extended product reviews

No matter what exclusive content you create, you need to continue to promote this content via your mainstream channels in order to inform your subscribers who have not already accessed it, that new exclusive content is available. Also by doing this, it will tempt your other fans to subscribe to see what they are missing, therefore growing your subscriber base and income.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the OnlyFans Basket

It is important not to switch all your focus to creating your exclusive content for OnlyFans and make your current mainstream social media channels just a conduit for promotion. Getting the balance right by maintaining your current mainstream content for existing fans is vital, as not everyone is able to subscribe. OnlyFans was designed to give you the ability to earn regular incomes from the exclusive content you create, which comes from your fans who are willing to subscribe to view it. Therefore, the more fans and followers you continue to get on your mainstream channels, inevitably enhances the opportunity to gain more subscribers…so these channels and fans must not be neglected.

In summary, before embarking on your OnlyFans journey, consider and plan your content strategy. You need to continue to produce regular mainstream content for your mainstream social media channels, whilst creating exclusive content for your OnlyFans subscribers, with some teaser and promotional content to highlight your exclusive content. If you can manage this then not only will you be keeping all your fans happy across all your platforms, but you will be generating a healthy monthly income to support you as the content creator.

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