• How to create mood-boosting content

How to create mood-boosting content

It’s that time of year when the New Year celebrations have faded and the nights are colder for most of those in the northern hemisphere. As more of us are spending more time online, finding content that can boost your mood and inspire you is more important than ever. So if you’re looking to cheer your fans up and ignite the spark this January, here are some tips on how to create mood-boosting content on OnlyFans. 

Write and speak with high energy

Energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude can go a long way in keeping your fans interested in you and your content. Although it’s not always possible to showcase high energy all of the time, we sometimes need to remind ourselves to focus on the positives. Showing your fans’ enthusiasm and passion for what you do will keep them wanting to check-in. After all, who doesn’t want to follow someone who puts a smile on their face? Through written words in your captions or how you speak about your niche, keeping high energy is a great way to ensure you can create mood-boosting content for your fans. You could talk about how far you’ve come or how excited you are for your next project and if you show true passion your fans will want to come along on the ride with you.


Make your content POP 

As people scroll through their feed, they want to see content that makes them stop and smile. Creating content that is aesthetically pleasing not only makes your page look more satisfying but can actually boost your fans’ mood! It has been proven that bright and vibrant colours can make you happier, so it’s worth a few extra tweaks to make sure your photos are pleasant to the eye. This can come from creating content in brighter light as well as using editing techniques. If you are looking for some photo editing help, check out this blog for some tips and tricks.

Inspire your fans

Chances are your fans already look up to you (they are your fans after all), so what better way to boost your fans’ mood than inspiring them? No matter what genre or interests you have, you have the chance to show them how to make dreams a reality and you could ignite a fire in someone to do something great. Think about what inspires you and use it to help them feel positive. You can then tap into your interests and what led you to them, whether that be through showcasing your story or giving tips for reaching goals and improving wellbeing. Content that entertains, educates, or improves people’s lives is all inspirational and can help offer new perspectives. You could post quotes from your idols, provide motivational videos or start a discussion around what energises you. It’s also known that inspirational content receives higher engagement, so whether you have inspiring artwork and music, can offer wellness advice or can simply showcase your growth, your passion will translate and provide value for both you and your fans.

Show your appreciation 

A simple thank you can go a long way in boosting someone’s mood as it makes them feel appreciated. Expressing gratitude for your fans not only shows your appreciation but can strengthen your relationship with them. You can let your fans know what they mean to you and highlight when and how they help boost your mood too.

If you wanted to really show your appreciation you can offer them a pleasant surprise through some free personalised content in their inbox or by offering a chance for them to hear a new song or see a new recipe before anyone else. By using creative ways to make your fans feel special, you are sure to create mood-boosting content when doing so. You could even offer them a discount on their next months’ subscription to show your gratitude. 

OnlyFans also has a feature that allows you to ‘congratulate’ your top fans. At the start of each month, anyone who is within the top 1-5% of your subscribers can receive a congratulatory message. You can turn this option on in your settings

Story Feature

Be authentic 

Authenticity makes people smile and as lines of reality are increasingly blurred on social media, being authentic can really make you stand out. Your followers will engage with content they feel personally connected to or inspired by, so allowing your personality to shine through your content is key. From friendly selfies to utilising the stories feature, showcasing your day-to-day life as raw and real can help fans feel part of the action. Don’t underestimate the ‘aww’ factor as everyone loves to see something cute, whether that be a personal and uplifting moment or loveable photos of your furry friends. Another great way to be authentic is to connect with your fans in real-time. Through live-streams, you can add that personal touch that can boost your fans’ mood. Add the high energy we spoke about earlier and you can really create mood-boosting content that is also a personal experience that your fans will appreciate. 

Offer support 

No matter what your niche or profession, chances are you have some tools you can use to offer your fans advice and assistance. Many OnlyFans creators use the platform to provide tips and training to their fans, whether that be through tutorials and training, to simply offering them advice and connecting through direct messages. Fitness creator Julian Shaw is offering one-on-one fitness and wellness coaching, whilst Sierra Nicole is giving her fans her inside tips on all things business and finance. There is no better way to boost someone’s mood by helping them accomplish something, so support your fans and let them know your messages are open for a chat!

Whilst we are on the topic of support, why not cheer up your fellow creators by cross-collaborating or offering them promotion on your page? Stephen Voyce offers ‘shout-outs’ to other creators every Friday on his profile and it’s a great way to give your fans something new whilst helping you create new connections.

You can even use OnlyFans as a platform to support charities of your choice, so you can get your fans involved and boost the mood of those who really need it.

We hope these tips will help you create mood-boosting content to keep your fans happy. For some more content ideas for 2021 check out this blog. Do you have any inspirational ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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