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How Musicians Can Monetise Their Following

In recent years, the music industry has changed beyond recognition. In 2018, physical CD revenue was down 10.1% on the previous year, and download revenue decreased by 21.2%, according to the IFPI Global Music Report. For most musicians, making a living from music sales alone is simply not a reality. 

This can sound very doom and gloom but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As the old business model breaks down, musicians are finding new income sources which allow for both stability and creative freedom. In the old days, the gatekeepers reigned supreme. If you wanted to record an album you had to get record labels, managers, publicists, tour bookers and their ilk to believe in you and these gatekeepers expected a degree of creative control in return for their investment. Today, you can do it all yourself. Your fans can fund your music directly with no middle man taking your money or telling you what to do. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and membership sites like Patreon and OnlyFans are allowing fans to fund the music, paving the way for artists to be more independent and creative than ever before.

OnlyFans is a subscription site that enables content creators to monetise their influence and many musicians are finding success and artistic freedom on the platform. Here are three ways musicians can monetise their following.

Exclusive Content

Some fans will go to your show, buy your CD, maybe follow you on Twitter, and that’s all they want from you. Others want more. They want exclusive insights into your creative process and content that casual fans don’t have access to. As a musician you are well placed to provide this by documenting the things you would be doing anyway – photos and videos of you rehearsing, in the studio, or backstage at a gig. You can have fun expanding your musicianship by livestreaming performances in your living room and recording covers or short compositions that only your subscribers on OnlyFans get to see. The clue is in the name.

Crucially, your content doesn’t have to be professionally filmed and you don’t need expensive equipment to get started. We have found that the OnlyFans community respond to authenticity and talent, even if it doesn’t come with fancy lighting. If you want to be mobile, OnlyFans can be optimised to your smartphone as well.

Lifestyle Content

Many fans aren’t just interested in your music, they’re interested in you! OnlyFans allows you to show your audience that you are more than just your music. Beauty tutorials, workout routines, recipes, product reviews or even just selfies – anything that is compatible with your brand is a way to connect with your fans and make money.

The music industry is characterised by periods of intense activity followed by downtime while you wait for the next tour or the next album to be released. By creating lifestyle content, you can make this downtime productive and earn a steady income, instead of sitting on your laurels worrying your fans will forget about you. It can be a fun change of pace as well.

Communication and Loyalty

Again, every type of fan, even the most casual, has a part to play in your music. You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, because not every fan will want the level of connection subscription sites like OnlyFans can provide. However, the music industry is waking up to the value of superfans – a core group of dedicated fans who are willing to give more for a closer relationship with their favourite artist. OnlyFans not only allows you to generate revenue from these superfans but also connect with them and build loyalty as well. You can chat in real time on livestreams and private messaging options allow you to communicate directly, all while staying safe and in control.

It’s superfans who will show up to your concerts again and again, buy your next album, share your music with their friends and donate to your crowdfunding campaign. OnlyFans allows you to consolidate the most loyal part of your fanbase by providing opportunities for the kind of deep connection that benefits both them and you.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

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