• How Lindsey Pelas Creates Incredible Content

How Lindsey Pelas Creates Incredible Content

Lindsey Pelas refers to herself as a “Louisiana girl in Hollywood,” but between her multiple TV roles, features in Maxim and GQ, and 13 million+ social media followers, Lindsey Pelas is a star. Since joining OnlyFans, Lindsey has become one of the well-known glamor models working today. Why is she so successful? Easy. Lindsey Pelas creates incredible content.

When we spoke with Lindsey, she was already in the middle of planning her content for 2023. She let us in on her OnlyFans experience, her creative process, and the advice she has for new creators.  

Can you tell us why you decided to join OnlyFans?

I became interested in OnlyFans when some of my favorite friends and role models joined the site! I’ve always admired creators like Ana Cheri and Arianny Celeste. They have great style and content. So I thought, “whatever they are doing has to be cool!”

And it turns out, OnlyFans is super cool!

Lindsey Pelas looking on to camera

What is your creative process when it comes to making content?

I love having a vision in mind and executing that vision. I have explored so much in terms of styling, production, editing, that I am confident I could outperform a handful of major magazines in terms of quality and photoshoot execution. 

This past year alone I’ve shot in mountains, deserts, beaches, gone sci-fi, western, you name it, I’ve shot it. The shoot I’m planning right now was inspired by my recent trip to Rome. I don’t want to give too much away though!

Has being on OnlyFans changed the way you create?

In a lot of ways OnlyFans has provided me with proof of concept. I think a career in glamor modeling can easily be denounced or taken lightly (although glamor often has a huge role in the marketing of many industries).   

It’s been nice to have a place to monetize my own creativity. I love being able to connect with my followers, directly!

Which OnlyFans features do you find yourself using the most?

I love to livestream, and I love a mass DM! It’s definitely a dopamine hit to press “send” on a message that feels so personal to so many people.

Can we expect any collaborations from you soon?

I love collaborating with people I know! One of my besties is a touring burlesque dancer, Delilah Dubois, and we’ve always hoped to do a pin-up shoot together.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new creator, what would it be?

My advice is to have a “why” with anything you do. If you have a good “why”, make all your decisions around it. It’s a fun platform and I think you’ll enjoy a place to freely express yourself!

You’re already planning content for 2023. Can you let us know what’s coming?

I’ve got a few acting projects coming out that I’m really excited about. I think fans are going to enjoy 18 and Over, and my new series Paper Empire

Soon enough I’ll be releasing my podcast and my 2023 calendar. I’ve also got a few magazine shoots in the works! So there will be lots of behind-the-scenes and extras on my OnlyFans!

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