• How creators can use FOMO to their advantage

How Creators Can Use FOMO to Their Advantage

That feeling when your friends are on a night out and you’re at home with a cold. Or when you’re working and you know your partner is still in bed. Even before social media, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was a familiar emotion. Now social media allows you to see your colleague’s world tour in real-time, FOMO is pretty much universal.

When harnessed for marketing purposes, FOMO can be a powerful tool. According to a study by Broadband Choices, the average Brit will spend £22,270 due to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The financial implications of this are huge for anyone trying to sell anything, and that includes OnlyFans creators.

Harnessing the Power of FOMO

There are two elements to FOMO: exclusivity and urgency. Exclusivity as in, “I want this product that not everyone can have,” and urgency as in, “This thing will only be available for a limited time, I want to get it while I can.”

The OnlyFans platform is all about exclusivity and urgency, so if you want to utilise FOMO you’ve come to the right place. For exclusivity, the clue is in the name: onlyfans. Subscribers to our creators aren’t casually interested; they’re the superfans who want the content not everyone gets to see. On top of that, we have many handy features that utilise a sense of urgency. Here’s how creators can harness the power of FOMO to improve their fan’s satisfaction level and their bottom line.


When a non-subscriber clicks on an OnlyFans profile, they’ll see a profile picture and a cover photo, much like Twitter, but they won’t be able to see any posts. This can feel like a tease. The sense that you can almost see that content, but not quite. The knowledge that others can see that content… if someone is interested in that creator already it’s enough to put their FOMO into overdrive.

So by creating an OnlyFans, you’re harnessing the power of FOMO already but there’s so much more you can do. To start with, it’s a good strategy to save a proportion of your content for OnlyFans and not post it elsewhere. After all your subscribers are paying for your content, they deserve this exclusivity, right?

You can make use of your other social media to spread the word. For example, you could post a teaser trailer of a video to your Twitter and Instagram and then save the full version for your OnlyFans. Once they’ve subscribed to your OnlyFans to see this exclusive content, they’ve crossed the line from a casual fan to a superfan.

Strengthening Fan Relationships

When you’ve welcomed your fans into the OnlyFans fold, you can use the feeling of exclusivity that comes with the platform to consolidate these relationships. One of the best ways to do this is through our messaging features. As well as general messaging, we offer a send-to-all feature and Pay Per View messaging. Send-to-all simply means that you can send a message to all of your users at the same time, a great time saver. PPV messaging is a way to share content in a message and get paid for it – you attach your media and name your price. The people who choose to view your PPV will have the satisfaction of knowing that only some subscribers will choose to do so, making them feel even more special.


Another way to strengthen fan relationships while making an income is through tipping. On OnlyFans, you can tip on posts, through messages and on streams. One reason people tip creators is because they want your acknowledgement, so be sure to send a thank you message or give a shout out to your tippers! Some creators combine tipping with custom content by putting a tip menu as their pinned post. A tip menu is a list of rewards a creator will provide for a certain tip. If your content is easily translatable into this formula, this can be a winning strategy.


OnlyFans has some great features to utilise a sense of urgency such as the option to set an expiration date on every post. Your content can be visible for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days or have no limit. The sense of urgency engendered by these limited-time-only posts can be very powerful. Your fans will be more eager to consume the content because they know it will soon be gone. And it gives them the incentive to keep checking your OnlyFans regularly so they don’t miss out on limited-time-only content.

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Don’t miss out

OnlyFans creators can use FOMO to their advantage by harnessing feelings of exclusivity and urgency in current and potential subscribers. These strategies will improve your bottom line, but they will also, more importantly, strengthen your relationship with your fans. The best way to get the most out of OnlyFans is to make it feel like a community rather than a transaction.

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