How Chefs Can Monetize Their Following on OnlyFans

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By Alex

Calling all chefs! Time to cook up that fanbase and connect with your fans like never before.

Food is something the whole world can relate to, and since the Food Network debuted in 1993, popular cooking shows such as ‘Masterchef’ and ‘The Great British Bake Off’ have been showcasing the global love for consuming tasty food-related content.

With online platforms now allowing chefs to get creative with inspiring food content, 98% of chefs now understand the value of social media as a tool, according to a UK-based survey. The rise of ‘food porn’ has been exceptional, boosting the reach for celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and growing entire careers for food-bloggers such as Deliciously Ella.

So whether nutritious healthy recipes or indulgent sweet treats are your thing, consumers are always on the hunt to devour new mouth-watering content. We all appreciate the time and thought it takes to cook and capture tasty recipes, and OnlyFans can provide chefs and foodies with a platform on which they can now monetize their fanbase and earn what those delicious dishes deserve.

Go Behind the Scenes

The phrase “you eat with your eyes” has never been truer than in the social media era.  Gone are the days where we relied on searching through heavy cookbooks, now consumers head online, eager to find new recipes and follow their favorite culinary experts.

As a subscription-based service, on OnlyFans you can provide content to those who are truly interested in what you have to say (or cook) which provides chefs with an exclusive connection to fans that you won’t find anywhere else. So whether it be new restaurant reveals, menu sneak peaks or behind the scenes kitchen footage, you can develop closer relationships with your best customers on OnlyFans.

Go Exclusive – PPV Posts and Messages

On OnlyFans it’s never been easier to be in total control of your own content. What better way to reveal those secret ingredients that make a dish so special than to disclose it to fans who can’t resist?

Using pay-per-view messaging you can monetize your best gourmet secrets, saving them for those who really want to be in the know. A PPV is exactly what it sounds like: content that you share, via message, that your fans pay to view. On a free account, you can also have PPV posts on your feed that are ‘locked’ until your fans pay to reveal it! So whether BBQ or baking is your specialty, OnlyFans provides a safe space to share your must-try recipes with your biggest fans.

On other social platforms, it can become tricky for chefs to make clear to viewers what content is paid-for promotional material. But with OnlyFans, Chefs can be their authentic selves in a place where they are connecting with their most valuable customers.

Go Live – Stream

In today’s society,  you no longer need Michelin stars to have your own online TV show, with many food fanatics taking to digital spaces to cook up a storm. Live shows continue to grow in popularity, and since the recent coronavirus pandemic, the boom in home cooking and baking has never been larger. Chefs have taken their shows online, providing an insight into their culinary worlds at home. Chefs can now monetise these shows on OnlyFans, providing an income that may have dropped with restaurants being closed.

On OnlyFans you can Go Live and interact with your foodie fans in real-time. Streaming to your subscribers provides an exclusive feel for both chefs and their biggest fans, where users can even tip you during your live stream if they are impressed with your gourmet tricks.

You can also upload your live videos for your fans to view later, so they can re-watch the stream whilst attempting to replicate that new recipe.

Go Live Together – Co-Stream

As a chef, often you work as a team in the kitchen. On OnlyFans you can co-stream with another creator so your sous chef can join you from the comfort of their own home. Why not spice up the competition and perform alongside other chefs in a ‘cook-off’ style setting? We know there can’t be “too many cooks”, so you can show off whose souffle is the real winner.

OnlyFans Foodies

On OnlyFans, we have lots of chefs already utilizing the platform to share their most delicious food content. Sneaky Eats is showing off his best cooking techniques to his fans, Megan is sharing some of her favorite food to eat, whilst you can find Will Eatz showcasing the ins and outs of great meals at home. Celebrity Chef Jonathan Phang, who hosts his own show on Food Network UK can also be found blending his love of good food with humor.

Incorporating their personalities into their cooking, engaging with fans, and developing customer relationships, the creative freedom is endless for chefs on OnlyFans. So what are you waiting for, get your cook on and sign up to OnlyFans to experience the delights for yourself.

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