• How can I protect my online identity as an OnlyFans content creator?

How Can I Protect My Online Identity As An OnlyFans Content Creator?

At OnlyFans, making sure our creators feel safe, supported, and comfortable while using the platform is the foundation of our entire business. If you’re considering starting an OnlyFans, you may be asking yourself, “How can I protect my online identity as an OnlyFans content creator? And can I still earn money on OnlyFans if I hide my identity?” 

The short answer is: yes. You can 100% earn money on OnlyFans while protecting your online identity. And, we’ve got some great ideas on how to protect your online identity as an OnlyFans creator.

Use A Stage Name

You can always do what famous artists, actors, and musicians have done forever: use a stage name!

Aside from keeping your personal identity a secret, picking a good stage name can be a lot of fun and be beneficial to your career in the long run. 

Consider the following:

  • If you have a common name, or you share a name with someone who’s famous, a stage name can help you stand out from the crowd!
  • Stage names allow you to build an entirely new identity that better represents you and your creativity. Why be another Alex when you can be Axel, or Mr. A, or Simon St. John?
  • Stage names can potentially make it easier for you to promote your brand! Wouldn’t you rather click on Simon St. John’s Seven-Minute Shred than Alex’s Exercise Routine?

M Romeo Larmond OnlyFans

Don’t Post Any Personal or Revealing Information

A huge part of keeping our OnlyFans community safe is making sure everyone on the platform is who they say they are. But we don’t give that sensitive information out to anyone, and we don’t expect you to either! 

Be conscious of what you post to your OnlyFans account, and certainly don’t post things like your personal email or phone number. Those are no-brainers. But also consider hiding less obvious details about yourself as well. 

We’re talking about your location (such as city, state, or even country), employment information, or specific details about your history and background. Feel free to be vague! Instead of posting specifics in your bio like Manhattan lawyer by day, Brooklyn burlesque dancer by night, try something like Off the clock and ready to rock the east coast!

Shroud Yourself In Mystery

Some OnlyFans creators are even more cautious still! We’ve seen plenty of successful accounts where creators hide their faces or other recognizable features like tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, etc. This could be a good excuse to start your wig collection! 

Make Your OnlyFans Account Private

Another way to protect your online identity as an OnlyFans content creator is to make your OnlyFans account private. Going private means you choose exactly who can and can’t see your content, view your interactions with fans and other creators, or even be able to tell that you’re online.

Take time to explore the host of powerful security features we offer creators like you to help keep your account private and your content protected. For example, you can disable ‘Show activity status’ or block and restrict certain users from engaging with your posts. You can even prevent viewers from sending you a DM. 

In order to fully enable private mode, head to your ‘Settings’, click ‘Privacy and safety’, and enable ‘Fully private mode.’

We’ve Got Your Back

At OnlyFans, we respect your privacy and we’re committed to protecting your data. Our key priority is to ensure the safety of all users on the platform. We do this in a number of ways, which includes age and identity checks, and safeguarding our systems to protect personal data. 

We also offer the option of two-step authentication on your account, so that your account has additional protection and can’t easily be accessed.

You can enable two-step authentication in ‘Settings’ and you can authenticate using the Authenticator app or via SMS. These features allow you extra protection over your identity.

To learn more about everything we’re doing to keep the entire OnlyFans community safe, head over to our Safety and Transparency Center.

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