• How actors use OnlyFans

How Actors Use OnlyFans

An acting career works a little differently to the careers of other creatives. While a musician or artist might use their work to express the depths of their own personalities, actors play a role. As most OnlyFans creators have an individualised personal brand and put out their original content, it might not be immediately obvious how actors use OnlyFans. But look closer, think strategically and there are many ways OnlyFans can benefit actors, both personally and professionally. 

Katy Coffey

Katy Coffey

An example of actors thriving on OnlyFans is Manchester-based actor and singer Katy Coffey. Coffey has been working professionally as an actress since she was eleven years old. She spent November performing in a stage production and is also working on a film. “I really enjoy being on the site and I’m so glad I joined,” she told OnlyFans. 

Branch out

Actors typically have a lot of transferable skills that they don’t often get to show on-screen. Many actors, like Katy Coffey, are wonderful singers and dancers. OnlyFans is a platform where you can showcase these talents, whether it be modelling, music, or podcasting. 

Appearance counts in this industry and so many actors are in great shape and really know their fitness. OnlyFans is a wonderful place to post fitness content and your fans will love getting to know another side of you. 

Original acting content

Of course, there is also massive potential for original acting content on OnlyFans. Short skits, vlogs, even a one-man show. You can give these away for free on YouTube, but if you want to get paid for them, OnlyFans is a great platform. If you’re a fan of improvisation, you could stream your improv show using OnlyFan’s Go Live feature and then opt to keep it on your profile as regular video content.

Control your income (and your schedule)

There’s no denying it: even for successful actors, income and work levels can fluctuate. On OnlyFans, you set a monthly subscription price for your fans to pay to see your content. This gives you a predictable income every month. For those times when you are time rich and cash poor, you can always put the extra effort into earning more on OnlyFans through Pay Per View messages or similiar. 

Crowdfund an independent project

After years on set or the stage watching directors, producers and screenwriters work, you start to form opinions about how it’s done. It’s a known career trajectory for actors to take a turn in the director’s seat. When the time comes, you’re going to need to finance your project and crowdfunding can be a great option. You can use OnlyFans by itself or in tandem with other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter to give your project the best chance for success. 

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