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Holly Hagan Talks OnlyFans “I made thousands in a day”

Who is Holly Hagan?

Reality TV star Holly Hagan rose to prominence on MTV series Geordie Shore. The longest standing member of the series, appearing in more episodes than any other cast member. She was able to grow a following away from the show, through modelling, other shows, and even releasing an autobiography. After appearing on Geordie Shore, Holly became a person of notoriety, and soon found herself modelling for magazines like, FHM. She was able to diversify her audience, and use this to grow a pretty sizeable following, 3.7 million on Instagram, and 1.7 million on Twitter. This was transferred to her OnlyFans page relatively quickly and easily.

Success on OnlyFans

Holly began using OnlyFans and was able to make an instant impact. Due to her following, and exposure, she was able to gain a large number of fans/ subscribers. She was able to create this following for herself, which in turn garnered a good income, atop of the money generated through other ventures.

Holly stated in an interview that, “Honestly when I first signed up to it, I made thousands in a day – it was mental”

Without giving out the specific details of her earnings, it is quite clear to see the success she was having on the site, and the simplicity of it all.

Although Holly states, “I don’t really post on OnlyFans anymore”. A decent income is still being generated from her page. As well as this, she has been able to maintain a large following.

Holly Hagan’s OnlyFans Experience

Prior to joining OnlyFans, Holly Hagan had been prominent in the glamour modelling scene. She was able to use her experience in this field to transfer this content from magazine shoots to her personal OnlyFans page. Posting content from lingerie to some topless imagery, she never really strayed away from the glamour aesthetic. Sticking to this style of content, she was able to keep the following she had already made through her prior modelling career.

Holly has not uploaded content she would not openly pose for away from the site, so has stuck purely to the content that she is comfortable with. Holly was able to create her large following through posting the content she wanted to. This has given complete control over how she earns her money in the site. Holly’s perception of the site, and respect for the simplicity is apparent. In an interview Holly stated,

“Anyone would be stupid not to sign up to OnlyFans.”

Holly has shown support for the site, and support for anyone wishing to give it a go.

Zahida Allen & Sean Pratt

Taking a leaf out of Holly Hagans book, fellow reality stars, Zahida Allen and Sean Pratt have been able to create a following and an income on OnlyFans. Both Zahida and Sean appeared on MTV series Ex on the Beach. Zahida was also a cast member of Geordie Shore. Consistently posting and promoting their profiles has allowed them create traffic to their OnlyFans pages. The success that can be had on the site for similar stars is great, and ever-growing. The way in which Holly Hagan was able to create an income, and then both Sean Pratt and Zahida Allen is enough to influence anyone.

Due to their appearances on TV, it was incredibly easy for both Sean and Zahida to initially gain fans on their OnlyFans pages. And with the success of people like Holly Hagan, why wouldn’t they want to give the site a try. They had previously become people of interest, and this creates a certain level of intrigue from their fans. Fans always want to have a more personal relationship with the people they follow, and OnlyFans has allowed this.

From Magazines to Online

As shown from Holly Hagans success, OnlyFans offers a great opportunity for models from the glamour industry. Holly consistently used the site to upload content, very similar to that, that she was posing for in magazines. Holly herself has said,

“The thing is the glamour mags are gone now and these girls need somewhere else to make money and it is the perfect platform.”

Obviously impressed by the site and what it offers, Holly has shown support and encouragement for other models to give the site a go. Hopefully, Holly is able to continue to grow her following, and continues to enjoy the site. In her current position, there is no telling how well or how far she could take this.

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