Grossest Challenges from The Quiet Games by Amouranth

By OFTV Editor

November 29, 2023

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Nursing homes may not immediately scream “wild and entertaining”, but in Amouranth’s hit series, The Quiet Games, she’s redefining expectations. In this reality competition released on OFTV, five contestants battle through uncomfortable and downright disgusting challenges for cash prizes. With all four binge-worthy episodes now streaming, we’ve ranked the grossest challenges from The Quiet Games by Amouranth.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

#4  Mayo Fondue

E1: The Senior Center | Watch on OFTV

Kicking off our list of the grossest challenges from The Quiet Games: Mayo Fondue.

Mayonnaise, already a divisive condiment, becomes the focal point in this challenge where Cherie Deville, Eva Elfie, Kazumi, and Emma Magnolia dip perfectly good food into a flowing tower of creamy mayo.

Despite initial shock at the cascading mayo, the competitors dive in. Although Eva has a brief moment of gagging, all participants manage to down their portions. Their reward for completing the challenge? An additional $1,000.

But was it was worth it? We’ll let you decide.

#3  Dust Buster

E4: “Suck This!” | Watch on OFTV

Ever wonder what it’s like inside a vacuum bag? Neither do we, now that Emma Magnolia has demonstrated the Dust Buster challenge for us.

In this challenge, Emma essentially becomes a vacuum bag via a clear astronaut helmet and two hoses.

What will Emma be vacuuming? An endless pile of dirt.

Emma stays brave as an onslaught of dirt pours into her face and mouth. Even as clumps of dirt get stuck in her teeth.

For her bravery, Emma wins $750 for her team. Maybe she’ll use some of that money for a spa day. She’s earned it.

#2  Potty Punch

E2: “This Thing’s Clogged!” | Watch on OFTV

Unfortunately for Dan Dangler, she’s the unlucky one selected for a gag-worthy challenge called Potty Punch.

To win, Dan must fish out a cup of mystery lemonade from a toilet bowl, drink it, and then flush the toilet.

How does Amouranth even think of these things?

The toilet is wheeled out, and regardless of what that yellow mystery liquid actually is, it’s hard to watch. And even harder to drink, apparently. Dan really struggles to swallow it.

With Nala holding her hair back, Dan manages to finish off the yellow drink and adds another $1,000 to her team’s total.

#1  Buggs

E3: Bingo Night | Watch on OFTV

The Quiet Games has probably ruined the game of hopscotch for all of us forever. It definitely has for Riley Reid during Buggs: the grossest challenge on our list.

Riley is forced to put on boots filled with a “mystery mix” of mealworms and other unspeakable ingredients, before playing a round of hopscotch. Squish.

Inside the boots is a combination of stomach-churning textures, live insects, general wetness, and putrid colors.

But without hesitation, Riley slips into her bug-infested boots and is off hopping like a pro.

Kudos to Riley for not only bringing home $750 for her team, but for earning the top spot on our countdown.

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