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Gamers of OnlyFans

Gamers of OnlyFans are going strong. So much so that it’s strange to think that, only five years ago, watching video game streamers was a fringe pursuit.

Today live streaming is one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. It was twitch that brought streaming into the mainstream. Introduced in 2011 with a focus on video game content, twitch grew exponentially and was acquired by Amazon in August 2014 for US$970 million (£787 million). Although the content on twitch has diversified recently to include IRL (in-real-life) streaming, the site maintains a strong core of video game streamers who are just as popular as ever.

Streamers who have gained a following on twitch sometimes find themselves looking for a way to branch out and earn more from their influence. Since our launch in 2016, many gamers have found a second home on OnlyFans. Here are three gamers of OnlyFans who are prospering on the site.


Streaming with the username Blondie, Shannon is a gamer and Intelligence Analyst.

“My first introduction to gaming was playing Pokémon Red on the original Game Boy. Gaming then became a passion of mine and a major part of my life. I started playing World of Warcraft and eventually immersed myself in the Call of Duty community where I began competing and attending events. What I love most about gaming is the community of friends you can build from all over the world. I also am a very competitive person and love the competitive aspect of a lot of games.”

On Twitch, Shannon built up a loyal following with her gaming skills. She uses OnlyFans to showcase different types of content and connect with her superfans on a deeper level. 

“On my OnlyFans you can expect exclusive pictures and videos that I don’t post on my other social media platforms as well as cosplay content. I also love the ability to message my subscribers and genuinely would like to get to know them better, so subscribers can sometimes expect random messages just checking in to see how their day is going.”

Blondie Gamers of OnlyFands

Erica Fett

Erica Fett is a model, cosplayer and gamer. She favours XB1 and PC gaming and currently is playing Hearthstone and Call of Duty. 

“What I like about being a gamer is that you can immerse yourself into another world! I’ve been into gaming since I was little. My first (and favourite) systems were the SNES and Sega. My OnlyFans will have everything from sexy lingerie, professional modeling shots, to erotic cosplay! I post a nice mixture of sexy and playful!”

Erica Fett Gamer


Cady streams under the name Fandy and is a full-time streamer. She’s a lifelong gamer and her favourite games are World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance.

“I got into gaming when I was very young. My family would do things like Dungeons and Dragons for family gaming nights, and my grandpa and I would play MMOs together since he lived across the country. It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and has been a big part of my life. Being able to stream and monetize something I love has changed my life and given me opportunities I couldn’t dream of. My OnlyFans page is a place where people can message me and see me on a much more personal level.”

These gamers of OnlyFans are using the service to diversify their content and build deeper fan relationships, all while making money. If you’re a gamer, maybe it’s time to consider how much you could earn on OnlyFans

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