• 5 Free OnlyFans Accounts To Follow August 2022

Free OnlyFans Accounts To Follow August 2022

Need more OnlyFans in your life? Looking for creators you’ll get hooked on instantly? Well, if you’re looking to mix up who you follow on OnlyFans without breaking the bank, we got you! Here are five free OnlyFans accounts to follow in August 2022.

Cerissa Sustainable

Cerissa is a holistic health expert who focuses on healthy vegan eating. She shares recipes, Monday meditations, tips on healthy foods and the kinds of energy they provide, all while giving an exclusive look into her exciting life. If you want to improve your gut health and lower that cholesterol, or just want some ideas for dinner, head on over to Cerissa’s OnlyFans page. She’ll help teach you how to become a better you!

Cerissa says that the key success on OnlyFans is to:

“Surround yourself with creative friends and mentors. You will learn a lot faster and a lot quicker if you have like-minded creative people around you who could teach you along the way.”

Jamie Shriner

Jamie Shriner is a comedian, singer-songwriter and all-round funny gal. Based out of Chicago, Jamie’s comedy is silly, but relatable, often poking fun at issues we all deal with on a daily basis. Her videos usually have a tinge of cynicism while she smiles directly down the barrel as she makes light of her own anxiety in that “the-world-is-burning-so-all-we-can-do-is-laugh” way.

Make sure to give her a follow and check out her tour dates. She could be headlining a comedy club near you!

“I bet you’re wondering from looking at me, did you get bullied in high school? And the answer is: yes, yes I sure did. But now? Now I just get bullied everyday by men on the internet.”

Life of Alex James

Alex James leads a fabulous life filled with exciting parties, stunning beach days, and high-end fashion. On his OnlyFans, Life of Alex James, Alex takes fans behind the scenes for an exclusive look at what makes him tick. He’ll even help you style your next outfit since he regularly posts pictures of his fits and where he snatched them. In no time you’ll be turning heads in your fancy new threads!

Alex doles out the helpful fashion and shopping tips by the dozen:

“So I use consignment shopping as a tool for both buying and selling designer things. That way I can constantly be updating my wardrobe without totally breaking the bank.”


If you want to get your mind and body right, then UberDad’s account is required viewing. UberDad, aka Steven Bechtold, has everything you need to transform your entire look and approach to life. On his OnlyFans page, Steven gets into the nitty gritty of everything– from meal prep, to good sources of protein, to self-care hacks, to inspirational messages. The guy is like a ripped Buddha with a friendly smile and a bubbling personality! 

UberDad brings the chill vibes so you can be your best self:

“This is a mental reset. It’s actually a breathing practice that is going to help you calm down, get more in the moment, reduce anxiety, and kind of grab the handles on your emotions and on your brain.”

Pilates by Sophia

Rippling biceps and whey protein might not be your thing. Maybe you’re looking for a more relaxed path towards building up your core. If that’s the case, then you should check out Pilates by Sophia’s OnlyFans. You’ll find yoga and pilates workouts that you can seamlessly add to your daily routine! 

Sophia is a wellness expert who provides workouts for all experience levels with modifications for the more advanced pilates pro to the beginner looking to dip a toe in. She prioritizes core strength and flexibility when it comes to what she features on her account, and she believes balancing both are key to a healthy lifestyle.

Sophia knows what it takes to make it through each day with a smile on your face:

“You need to stay positive every single day because life gets rough. And honestly? Just keeping a positive mindset can make all the difference in the world for how happy you are.

What are your favorite free OnlyFans accounts that you subscribe to? Let us know in the comments!

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