• fitness creators to help you stay active during lockdown

Fitness Creators to Help You Stay Active During Lockdown

As winter looms in the northern hemisphere, many countries are seeing Coronavirus cases rise again after a respite over the summer. With much of Europe tightening restrictions, fewer people will be able to hit the gym, leading to worries about a drop in fitness levels. But just because you’re spending more time at home, doesn’t mean you have to lose your gains. Many athletes and personal trainers are bringing their practice online, creating content that empowers you to work out from your living room. Here are six awesome fitness creators to help you stay active during the lockdown.


KBSteve is known online as a first-rate kettlebell coach! However his top lockdown fitness tip has nothing to do with kettlebells, and it’s simpler than you might expect.

He says:

“My lockdown fitness secret is L.I.S.S. or “low intensity steady state cardio,” otherwise known as walking! You’d be surprised at how many calories you can burn on an hour or even two hour walk. L.I.S.S. has all sorts of added benefits such as its very mentally approachable on a daily basis, for most people it keeps your heart rate in a zone where you’re burning purely fat and not sacrificing muscle, and finally its a great way to escape being inside during lockdown and still safely socially distance. Enjoy!”

Ana Cheri

As an athlete, fitness influencer, and owner of an activewear brand, Ana Cheri knows a few things about working out! Ana wants you to know the importance of positivity, routine and that she’s here to help you achieve your goals.

She says:

“In this crazy time it might be hard to find motivation, but let me help you with your fitness journey, now is the perfect time to join me and work on that body. In a time like this I find comfort in my fitness routine and knowing I can help other people, because we are all in this together Positivity can help with motivation, let me be both for you.”

Chris Robshaw

Chris Robshaw

Legendary British Rugby player and former England captain Chris Robshaw has wowed fans on the pitch for over a decade. Now he’s going to be sharing the secrets to his success on OnlyFans.

Talking about sharing his fitness tips on OnlyFans during the lockdown, Chris Robshaw says:

“I have really enjoyed my early experiences on OnlyFans. It’s been great to share some of my fitness tricks and traits I have picked up over the many years playing and training in a professional rugby environment.”

Julian Shaw

Julian Shaw

Sometimes, restrictions can be opportunities in disguise. Actor and fitness influencer Julian Shaw has top tips to help you make the most out of lockdown, with emphasis on fun and wellness.

He says:

“I’ve loved showing my followers how they can not only maintain, but actually make GAINS, in lockdown. I’m helping people re-frame this time as an opportunity to reconnect with their health, wellness and true desires. The 1:1 messaging I offer, along with follow-along workouts, makes the process of staying in shape easy and FUN!”

Julian’s top fitness tip:

“Break up your space! Don’t just work out anywhere – have a designated area, even if it’s just a corner in your living room! This helps when it comes time to mentally flick the switch and make the most of your home workout.”

Fitness creators to help you stay active Alex Mara

Alex Mara

Fitness instructor, nutritionist and model Alex Mara knows it’s been tough, but wants to empower you to take control of your life in the last stretch of 2020.

To help inspire her fans to stay fit during the lockdown, Alex Mara says:

“I know we all have a lot going on but right now, it is a pivotal moment. We’re all entering the most challenging part of the year for ourselves, the world, and in fitness. You will always be hit with a million distractions… obligations… and reasons to fall of track. No matter what has happened in years past, YOU are in control of what happens this year! You can either choose to use these next quarantine days to progress towards your goals while becoming the person you want to be… or not. I know which one I am choosing. You either win or you learn.”

Fitness creators to help you stay active Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens‘ OnlyFans page is all about fitness, motivation and travel. The latter might not be on the cards for most of us right now, but Daniel has some wonderful tips on how to stay motivated and healthy.

Talking about the fitness tricks that have helped him during the lockdown, Daniel Stevens says:

“Lockdown has tested all of us. It hasn’t been easy, and if anything, it’s been very trying. But I am a firm believer that positivity goes a long way. If you’re struggling to keep up with your fitness goals with the closure of gyms and lockdown, try adding in some variety. Walking, running, cycling, anything to help keep you on track for your goals. Use this time to focus on other fitness related activities outside of the conventional gym.”

For me personally, cycling has been my focus during lockdown. I used the time wisely to keep focused on a new goal, which I knew would help aid in all my fitness goals. It worked so well, that I built my cardiovascular base up enough to get back into racing once lockdown ended! 

Variety is the spice of life. Don’t lose hope with the current affairs of the world, make the best of it!”

Fitness creators to help you stay active in lockdown and beyond!

Is there a fitness creator that has really helped you stay active during the lockdown? Or maybe you have a top tip that you would like to share. Let us know in the comments!

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