February 2022 Rising Stars On OnlyFans

The opportunity to make your influence pay is at the heart of our platform. Starting with a micro-following and growing exponentially is something we love to see; and so many of our creators are doing just that. Using our wide variety of features, our creators have been able to gain and maintain their fanbase, with total creative freedom. Our influencers have created a space for themselves to embrace their passion, connect with their fans and monetise their creativity. If you are looking to find some great examples of our up-and-coming creators, look no further! Here are the February 2022 rising stars on OnlyFans. 

Move With Rose blog imagery

Move With Rose

Rose believes movement is medicine, and her OnlyFans is dedicated to that philosophy. It can help improve your mental health, body and soul. She uses Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and so much more. Rose embraces our platform to be her authentic self and spread positivity. 

Speaking about her time on OnlyFans, Rose says:

“I love OF because of all the amazing opportunities it has given me to teach Qi Gong and breath work to people. It motivates me to get up and do the work myself in order to get better and gain more insight. It’s such a great platform with Amazing content creators and I’m proud to be apart of it. Thank you OF.”

Beats By Lex

Lex loves to use OnlyFans to document her music journey, share exclusive content with her fans and tease upcoming projects. She can take you behind the scenes of her creative process, showing the equipment she uses, fun facts about music history, different roles in the music industry and so much more.

Detailing her time on OnlyFans, Lex says: 

“OnlyFans has given me an opportunity to connect my creative side to a community I would not reached have without! I get to be my full creative authentic self! Thank you OnlyFans!”

Nicolas VTO blog imagery

Nicolas VTO

If you enjoy make up, cosplay, pop culture, manga and everything in-between, check out Nicolas. He has so many creative make up looks, with an attention to detail that is so realistic. From Spiderman to Voldemort and Squid Game to Aladdin, Nicolas showcases a huge variety of iconic looks. 

Talking about how much he loves make up and OnlyFans, Nicolas says:

“Makeup is not just powder and lipstick. It’s art. It’s a passion ! But above all it is a way of expressing my creativity. OnlyFans gives me the keys to express myself.”

Chess With Olivia blog imagery

Chess With Olivia

Olivia is a great chess player, and uses the board game to create a stronger connection with her fans. While advocating the fun and strategy to be had with chess, she also plays chess on live streams against her fans. This is a great way for her followers to feel connected with her and be part of a shared experience. 

Discussing what OnlyFans has done for her, Olivia says: 

“OnlyFans has given me the opportunity to turn a hobby into a legitimate career. I am able to share the game of chess in a way unlike I am able to do on any other platform!”

Digital Tem

Digital Tem is a French Digital Jedi, helping French and international businesses develop their brand. He specialises in branding and website development, web design and social media development. Digital Tem is here on OnlyFans to offer business advice and useful tips and tricks for anyone looking to build their business. 

Speaking about the benefits of OnlyFans, Digital Tem says:

“On OnlyFans I can connect myself and help to ambitious people who want to develop their brands online. Thanks to the platform, I can offer them like nowhere else a proximity with my audience and offer tailor-made services directly on the platform. No need to come to my agency now to become an Digital Jedi! Rendez-vous on OnlyFans.”

Who are your favourite February 2022 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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